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Male Hair Loss

Hi! My BF is 42 and has been slowly losing his hair (on the crown since he was 32). 

But in the past year he is starting to lose it all on the top of his head as well which we both never noticed before happening. The last year seems pretty sudden and dramatic.

I'm sure its a genetic thing but I was wondering if there are vitamins/minerals anything that might be lacking.

His iron is very good and he eats 99% vegan.  I have been making most of his meals in the past year and taking this kind of personally. ;)

He eats a varied diet. He doesn't drink much soymilk though and has just started taking ground flaxseed.

Any advice?

He's so bummed that he eventually wants to get a hair transplant.  And he has beautiful black hair, I'll still love him bald though!  ;D

Take a look at his mothers' brothers. Did they lose their hair young? If they did, then your BF has inherited that from them. And other than a transplant, I don't think there's anything he can do about it, either through diet or lotions.

I know that guys get really bummed about going bald but I've always thought that a bald head (totally shaved) is sooooo sexy!


Take a look at his mothers' brothers.

I thought it was male pattern baldness (as in, look at his father)....but I'm often wrong, and that would be great news for my brother


Mom had not bros...but mom's dad DID lose his hair .  I knew that already but that maybe.....


Hair, whether a full head or early balding is traced on the mothers side. Fee, that is good news for your brother. Sorry noillusions, it looks like your BF's hair loss is hereditary.


Mom had not bros...but mom's dad DID lose his hair .  I knew that already but that maybe.....

Since baldness or the lack of it is traced through the mother's side, that fact that your BF's maternal grandfather went bald does not suggest that your BF will go bald.  His mother received the relevant genes from her mother, not her father.  Her brothers would have been good evidence, but her father is not.

I would be very surprised if nutrition made much of a difference as to the onset of baldness, but who knows...

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