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i've been getting a migraine every day for over a month... i don't know why... they come in the afternoon and last all day. right now i am in so much pain.. it hurts around my eyes and high in my cheek bones and every once in a while i get stabbing pains in the back of my head

i'm not at the point yet where i've gotten sick but i'm definately nauseous... but i don't get it because my doctor prescribed me propanolol, and last week (the first week i used it) i didn't have any headaches or if i did just a really slight one that i could ignore. i didnt use it this weekend and got small headaches but now i'm using it again today (1 at 9am and the other at 3pm) and its not working...

does anyone have any experience with this..? :( i dunno what to do for it and its starting to be a real pain in the ass (and head)

It sounds like it could be one "continual" migraine..... Keep taking the Propanolol, from my understanding it takes a bit of time for it to reach the proper level in your blood system to help control the blood pressure again... Unfortunately, it is one of those meds where if/when stop taking it it'll hurt, so they recommend you take it for at least months, if not years/life. Go back to the dr. and (if you're not on anti-depressants) ask for a prescription for "Frova"  (Frovatriptan succinate) 2.5 mg. It is a newer Triptan that lasts 24-36 hrs, vs the 4-6 hrs of the older Triptans like Maxalt and Imitrex. My sister was on the Propanolol (daily)/Maxalt (rescue) combo for 10 years or so, she's managed to ween herself off of the Propanolol successfully and only takes Maxalt when she gets a headache. Imitrex has a great nasal spray also that starts giving me relief in 10 minutes, and will typically knock out a "regular" strength migraine, otherwise, I need to take another dose (normally oral Imitrex at that point) a few hours later......

Hope you feel better soon!!


I have gone through periods where I got them every day for 8 months!  Mine often are hormonal and  are much worse before my period.  Mine are exactly as you describe except for the pain in the back of your head. 

things to try;

snort a few (three or four) grains of cayenne pepper in each nostril.
massage (or place an ice cube in) the soft area between your thumb and pointer finger of your left hand.
drink plenty of liquid as long as you can keep it down.
put a few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball or qtip and rub it on the part of your head that hurts. Start with only a tiny bit to make sure the vapors don't bother you.  The scent will also help your upset stomach.
I have heard that chewing a 1" piece of ginger will alleviate a migraine also...and putting it in tea or juice everyday can be used as a preventative.


ive been getting them lately too, though for me, i think its more to do w/ a vasoconstricting med that i am taking...but OMG you have my sympathies! 
Do you have any neck/ back pain at all? i find that mine are far worse when my back is "oout" (esp the neck area)...i get really tight, and it makes sense that the blood flow is then constricted.

Try to sleep enough too, i find that pure fatigue can really just bring them on.

coffee,aspriin, almonds are all said to help w/ migraines too. I hope you feel better!

btw...what exactly is Propanol? is it used for lowering blood pressure?


it hurts around my eyes and high in my cheek bones and every once in a while i get stabbing pains in the back of my head

That sounds more like sinus headaches versus migraine just from the description of it being by the eye and cheek bones. 

What works for me with migraines is an ice pack and a dark room.  Sorry you're in so much pain!


Sorry to hear your in so much pain.  Sounds like you have what I had just 2 weeks ago.  I just did the transition from eating meat to vegetarian less than a month ago.  I tought I was getting enough iron, until I started getting migraines, I was really tired  too. I got suspitious that maby was was begening to be anemic to I really kicked up my iron intake and in just a couple days the headhaches were gone and a few days after that I felt 100%. 
Hopefully it's just something as simple as that for you too...
Good luck, hope you feel better soon


btw...what exactly is Propanol? is it used for lowering blood pressure?

it's supposed to help for lowering blood pressure, but i don't have that problem. my bp has always been lower than normal. but it's also used for anxiety. my doctor says its what a lot of musician students take before concerts, etc, and its also supposed to help prevent migraines


I sympathize totally with your pain.  I have been plagued with migraines for at least 10 years.  They are especially worse in the summer and if I haven't paced myself to avoid overheating.  Mine do not seem to be hormonal or based on any other kind of logic, and they are severe, making me very nauseated.  I will vomit and have diarrhea with them, as well.  Finally, about a year ago, I finally talked my doctor into putting me on topamax, which is typically for seizure disorder.  It has significantly reduced the attacks. Where I was having 3-4 per week, I may have 2-3 per month or less now.  I have heard lots of people having success using biofeedback techniques if you are into the natural route; I have thought about it, but have never studied it.  Not sure if this helps, but I do KNOW how you feel.


ugh, okay... so they were gone for like a week... and now i'm getting them again... the only thing now is that i'm having issues with circulation and i don' tknow if that has to do with the fact that the medication my doctor gave me is to lower blood pressure... but for example right now my pinky finger is numb, kinda tingly like its half asleep, and when i sleep at night i wake up every 20-30 min or so to move around because my hands fall asleep

has anyone ever had htis problem? i have to email my doctor because i can't keep having these headaches, its getting in the way of my job


bumping this thread because I've been getting a lot of migraines lately, myself.
I did notice that I get them more during my time of the month, and sometimes if I have eaten sugar (if it's small amounts, then no, but if I eat like a cupcake, I tend to get a migraine almost instantly)

I get aura migraines.  About 15 minutes before I get them the right side of my vision goes out pretty much entirely and then I'm smacked with severe nausea and this feeling like I just got run into by a train.  I'm very light and sound sensitive... even someone's breathing sounds SO loud and is painful for me.

Now, like I said, I have noticed patterns with my period and sugar... but are there any ways to prevent them?  Obviously avoid the sugar as much as possible, but I can't really avoid my period.  Do any of you know of any natural remedies that work to either preventing them, or getting rid of them once you have one?

Sometimes if I pass out, I'll wake up and it's gone, but lately that hasn't been the case.  I'll wake up a lot of times, and it's still there, or it will be gone for the first 20 minutes or so after I awake, and then come back.

I have tried over the counter pain meds like Aleve, Excedrin, they do nothing for me, and I despise the idea of taking them anyway.

It might help to know that I am on birth control (Sprintec which is a generic version of Ortho Cyclen)

Suggestions? Anything? thanks in advance!

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