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Natural remedies/diet for Eczema

Hello again!
Here's me poking my nose into a corner of the forums I don't often frequent twice in one day!

I have another friend who has asked me for advice, this time about whether there are dietary changes/additions/supplements/herbs she could take to control eczema.

Does anyone know of any magical eczema healing foods?

My friend has the same problem and she finds relief with good digestive enzymes and HCL, probiotics and a product by Organika called Formula Candida.  I was just reading last night that drinking nettle tea and applying it to the areas is useful too.  She should also try to find the foods she is sensitive too and eliminate those for awhile.


You have to do an elimination diet, which is a huge pain in the ass. For some people, it might be wheat or corn, for others, certain veggies? Eczema is a reaction to something going on in your body, but doctors aren't really sure what. That being said, I've mostly treated mine w/ shea butter, and it has gone done substantially.


For topical help, has she tried a tea tree oil solution, 5-10%? I've never heard of anyone using this on eczema specifically, but it's good for lots of skin issues. Just a (untested!) thought!


I'm thinking the tea tree oil would burn on raw skin.  I might get deperate enough to try that though.  Eating flax helps keep my skin less dry which helps some.  Really the only thing that works for me is to apply good heavy lotion every time I think about it, probably about hourly. 


I have ezcema, FOR SO LONG! Its been much better apart from recently.. my jacket is too warm and its not very breathable.

I did the candidia thing, it helped.. i figured out i think yeast and sugar dont help. I also found this amazing herb ointment.. but its from india.. no idea how to get it.

I generally found hemp oil is good and shea butter are really great, before you get out of the shower put down the temperture to cool the skin and drink a good amonut of water. Also exposing you ezcema to sun and salt water (in the ocean )

I usually get hot really easy and that annoyes  my skin so i try and let me skin breathe more and wear less clothes when i can.

I still have problems, but i use no chemicals in the apartment at all, i am now using soap nuts for washing clothes and having more oils in my diet (hemp, flax seed or omega 3 oils)


this website had some great home remedies for almost everything.

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