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Neti Pot Revival

I finally bought a neti regular syringe.  I've read the irrigation doesn't go as far back, but if you can draw it down through your mouth instead it should do.  I like that I don't have to tilt my head.  I'm excited.  I did it twice in a row to practice, but I'll cut back to twice daily until my symptoms improve.  I can breath!

*** Is it safe to add essential oils?  How much?  Which ones?***

I use the same syringe at work when collecting samples.  (They come with the "traveling case" standard.)  So, basically, I just paid $20 for a silicone tip.

The neti pot intrigues me but I've yet to buy one. 


That didn't happen for me.  It might have made me less congested, but I think my hayfever wasn't affected in the least by my neti use.


I love my neti pot!  I have the regular "tea pot" variety. 

I definitely use it when I'm congested - at least twice a day, but more often if I'm really stuffed up.  I don't use the neti pot much when I don't have any symptoms, but I might start using it once a day for the winter as a preventative measure.  If you're feeling congested, there's no reason not to use it as often as you need to, if it helps.  I use my neti pot first thing in the morning when I get up, and then when I start getting ready for bed in the evening.  I've had a cold for the last week, and when it was really bad I was using the neti pot every hour or two.  I've found it's not the best to rinse *just* before going to bed, since there is often increased drainage afterwards and it's annoying to have to blow my nose a bunch of times when I lie down in bed.

I just use plain salt, but if you google "essential oils neti" you'll find some recipes using essential oils.


As somebody that has always had allergies, they are amazing. If I was in an environment that irritates me (severe dust, cigarettes, etc) I will come home and use it. During the cold season I will try to use it daily. It has made a huge improvement in my breathing. They are pretty cheap and definitely worth trying.


Maybe I'll try it before I get symptoms during allergy season.  It took me ages to find the moldy tangerine in my car, so maybe it wasn't working because of my allergen exposure level.


Just be careful to keep these things very clean. Irrigating your sinuses with mold and bacteria is not a good thing.

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