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Online food and fitness trackers

Hello, I need to lose weight and am thinking about using one of those online trackers like fitday and dailyplate.  Do any of you use those sites?  How many vegan like items do you find on those sites?  What do you like about them?  What don't you like about them?  Thanks for your opinions! 

If you have an iPhone or iTouch, I suggest the "Lose it" application again and again! (It's free on itunes.. and it's also the most popular app under 'Healthcare & Fitness')

It's convenient (assuming you carry your iphone/itouch around with you) and easy. And it DOES have a lot of vegan items on it! I use it occasionally to check on my diet now; but when I wanted to trim down I used it every day for a couple months and it wasn't too cumbersome.

First, you put in your weight and your goal and it sets the amount of calories for you (I suggest losing no more than a pound a week- it's easier and a lot more fun). It has little pictures to go along with the food so it isn't dull. And it also keeps track of the food you use over and over. Oh, and there is a spot to put in exercise.. yada yada yada

That's my only suggestion really. I tried a year ago and just found it annoying.


I used the DailyPlate for years.  I also lost almost 80 pounds, so I'd say it works pretty well.  I like it.  I liked it better before they changed it, but I still like it well enough.


I like


I also vote for "Lose It", which I currently use on my iTouch.  (I used another similiar program on my Palm years ago, but can't remember the name of it.)

I have great difficulty in regulating my caloric intake, and, as I've gotten older, the weight just seems to pile on.  Using something like "Lose It" is the only way I can lose weight and keep it off.  Once you get into the habit of putting in your foods & exercise each day it isn't difficult at all.

Good luck! :)


I particularly like, just like jacqcote. It's an awesome site with a great forum :-) There's even a vegetarian section in the forum... granted, it's not very active, but we can change that :-D

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