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Positive Action, Self-Harm Prevention, and Recovery Club!

This is a space for VWers of all walks of life to come and share their experiences as We work toward recovery from self-destructive behaviours, such as eating disorders, substance abuse, and self-injury.
Of course, this thread can't replace the help of medical professionals, but I think a lot of Us would benefit from this little bit of therapy. YOU set goals for Yourself, share Your progress (and setbacks, when/if they happen), and We'll all be here to cheer You on!

This is also a place where You can come when You're tempted to do something self-destructive (like self-injure, binge/purge, get drunk, etc.) and You need some distraction. Even if no one else is online, come and vent and just type away/post pictures/whatever instead of engaging in harmful activity.

Don't be ashamed if You're struggling with meeting Your goals or keeping Yourself out of the cycle of self-harm.... We've all been there, and this isn't a place for judgment. But be ready for advice and maybe even some tough love--We want to see everyone through their struggles, but it's important that We all remain open to absolute honesty and constructive criticism.

So if You're new to this discussion, feel free to share some information about Yourself--however much/little You want--and tell Us what exactly You want to change. We'll help You set up some goals, p'raps give some advice on how to work on them, and cheer You on as You work toward self-betterment.


Sorry to hear that Amy.  From reading your posts around vegweb I would never have guessed.  You seem like such an upbeat sociable person with a great sense of humor and so sensitive to others.  Maybe this place is a respite from real life huh?  I hope things get better for you!

i wear my mask well :)

but really there is just too much toxic stuff going on right now... kinda at the eye of the storm... vegweb and blogging are my little escape from this socal rukus


I'm glad you made a step forward, NB. Even if it seems like a small thing. It's a step in the right direction.

Amy, I know what you mean about wearing the mask. I am also really good at it. I hate when people give me "that look" when they know I'm bummed out or whatever. The first four weeks of my semester were like that because of my huge meltdown last fall. I'm pretty sure word spread through the department's faculty. I could tell. :(

Me? I haven't found any good low-impact exercise. I was starting to feel good for a few days, so I started with a slow jog. I made it less than 1/4 mile before I had to stop because of my damn knee. Also, I'm feeling really stressed right now. Last weekend my car was broken into. The one time I leave everything in my car, it is stolen. In my driveway. In a nice neighborhood. Flute, piccolo, laptop, backpack, all stolen. So now I'm spending a shit ton of time rewriting the papers I was working on. It figures. I don't procrastinate this semester, and yet I still end up scrambling like I have been. Ugh. The temptation to hurt myself is so strong. But I've gone since... September? Yeah. I think it's been since September.


Hang in there courth and NB! School, well state college, was the most stressful 2.5 years of my life it is very hard to balance work, life, school all at once, I do not envy you!

Courth those people should be keeping your issues under wraps or that is seriously against the law. I know how you feel though cause when i go to the doctor i am pretty sure everyone in the office knows or sees on my chart that i have an ED so i always feel kinda awkward but whatever, that's their job!

I am sorry about the theft sitch that really sucks. I guess just don't leave stuff in your car. Though I am a dumbass and do that all the time!

And please courth cut yourself some slack and do not cut (wow that sounded weird)! Is there another way you could relieve the self hatred? Like force yourself to do 100 crunches LOL... Do you have a gym membership?

Love you both <3




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