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I just got the results of my last physical back, my fasting glucose was 105!  Above 99 is considered a warning flag.  I was NOT "diagnosed" but this is just the test results. 

I just found this after doing some research online on how to keep myself from getting full blown diabeties:

It is a study showing a unrefined vegan diet helps with type 2 diebeties.

I have to do this, for my son, he needs me, I am all he has.  I wasn't 100% commited to becomming vegan before, now I have a big reason to be, glucose of 105 and cholesterol of 206 is a big reason I think!  I have to change something or I will have serious consequences. 

I am also going to become more commited to excercise as well and loose about 10 lbs. 

Any suggestions for meal plans?  Excercise?  Any suggestions at all to how to stop diebeties before it starts?

I really like this book.  Great information and recipes.


Have you heard of It's a free website that offers calorie counting and has a great community. Try to find an exercise you like or at least can tolerate. My glucose was at 105 also and it's gotten into near normal levels by losing weight. It's not easy but you can do it, just be patient.
Good luck


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