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Stomach Ulcer!!!

Not sure if I'm posting this in the right spot as I haven't been on since the format was changed however I'm having a major issue here with my stomach and I was hoping one of you wise old sages could give me some assistance. I have a stomach ulcer that acts up around midterms and finals religiously. Everything I've read on what I can and can't have is contradictory but mainly things are telling me to stay away from acidic foods like citrus and tomato. I need to know of some stuff I can eat and if anybody has developed a miracle cure for this thing because I'm dying! I can't even keep food down :( And I really like foooooood.

Thank you all!!!

And if this is in the wrong spot could you just redirect me? Thank you :)

I had gastritis when I was in college. It's basically like a stomach ulcer but not as serious. I couldn't eat and was losing weight and the doctor ended up sending me to the hospital where they put a camera down in my stomach to see what was wrong. This was back in the late 90's before I was a vegan and they prescribed me Prevacid which worked miracles. It was like I had a steel stomach and could eat anything. But what caused it was that I was taking ibuprofen too often (daily) and it was basically burning away my stomach lining. I stopped taking ibuprofen and started taking Tylenol and never had any more problems. While spicy foods may irritate your ulcer, you need to figure out what caused it in the first place. I wouldn't know where to begin except to ask your doctor. -Vega Sinclair, Medical Insurance Advisor

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