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Sudden Gluten Sensitivity?

I had spaghetti yesterday and spent the entire night sick.  :'( My stomach puffed up like a balloon, I had the worst headache, nausea, and one detail I'll keep to myself. But it's so random, it happened once before with some seitan, but my stomach just puffed up, then if I have PB&J on wheat, nothing. I've just started noticing this within the last few months. What's the deal?

Sadly, maybe seitan is just too much gluten for you to handle.  Perhaps you could try a (veggie)digestive enzyme when you eat it and see if that helps you digest better.  Otherwise you just might have to give it up for awhile.  Sucks when your vegan and you develop a sensitivity to gluten or soy.  Good Luck.


I have a similar problem. If i eat wheat that is consenstrated, i cant eat pasta at all.. i just get a bad stomach. I can eat bread about 3 pieces and i notice nothing. It always depends.
I think it can just happen, i would stay off the pasta, i never really used sietan before so i have had no problems with that.

i stay away from most wheat things, we have rye bread.. though it always seems to have a litle wheat its not the main flour used, all baked goods i use rye, spelt and oats.

I agree to just give it up.. just for a month with no wheat could help too.


I think whole grains are a lot better for the stomach than anything white, but thats just what I have noticed.
If it comes down to it I dont think going gluten free is too hard. Hope you figure it out.


I'm wondering if I don't have enough digestive enzymes. A friend at WF gave me these tums-like tablets, so we'll see. I think I'll lay off the pasta, though.

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