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A tiny bit of awesome! Biking!

So, I hated my most recent car. Hated it sooo much. It was too sporty for me, it had sensor lights like crazy that were possessed, it wasn't super great on gas mileage, and it had issues like WOAH.

So, I sold it on Wednesday. I bought a bike Wednesday night. And since then, I've biked everywhere, work, school, bank, grocery store.

Thanks for letting me have my bragging moment, I'm just on a super high right now from it.

Anyone else bike on the regular?

For most of my adult life I've spent all of my summers (and usually spring and fall) going carless, but my bike was stolen this year and I haven't had money to buy a new one. It's amazing how in shape you get when you bike everywhere. Congrats!


yes. i also don't own a car.



here's some more biking stuff:

I bike to work/school (which is the same place), but I don't bike as much since we moved. : \

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