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Trying to lose weight during period..?

I noticed I either gain (yikes!) or have no difference in weight during my period.
I weigh myself once a week to be sure I'm seeing progress... I'm wondering, should the following week be twice the weight loss? Or should I not expect any results? What am I doing wrong?

(I only recently started weighing myself once a week, I used to only do it when I expected to see good results, but now I'm trying to be more strict.. so I never noticed the period-weight problem before.)

Your body retains more water during your period.... The following week will show some weight loss, but it may just be the water/blood weight. Every body is different and every menstruation is different. You're not doing anything wrong, just let your body do what it needs to do and pick up where you left off the week before.


Thanks for the reply hanashi!
I'll try hard not to stress over it. :)
I was just worried I should be losing more when my period ended, and didn't expect to see no progress.
*sigh* Why did I have to be a woman?? Whyyyy? hehe jk!


My pharmacist (a woman) says you can only really trust your scale one week a month, what with retention etc.  ;)

I find it helpful to jot down my weight every week on the calendar. I only weigh once a week: same day of the week, same time of day. For me it's before breakfast on a Saturday morning. (I refuse to weigh my brekky in my tummy!) I have discovered my own body's gain/loss pattern. It's weird, most women gain right before their period and lose right after. I'm the opposite. I lose up to 3 lbs just before it starts, and gain after it's done.
But once you get acquainted with your personal body's rhythm, it's not so upsetting.

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