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What If I Need to GAIN Weight?

I know that many people who switch to a vegan diet do so to lose weight, but what if you need to gain weight? I am an underweight 16 year old who has been trying various ways to gain weight in a healthy manner. I absolutely can not eat meat and never really could (my imagination has always been way too strong for that), and I avoid desserts and junk food for health reasons. I really want to become a vegan (I am a vegetarian now), but my father thinks that the only way to gain weight and be healthy is to eat a lot of meat and dairy products. Could veganism possibly help me to gain weight, or is it only useful for losing weight?

  • Eat bread  as in sandwiches, a ton of pasta dishes, bean dips

First, you need to eat a balanced diet. If you are underweight, try incorporating more nut butters, avocados, coconut milk, dried fruits, roasted sesame seeds, etc.  These foods are all good for you but they are "nutrient dense," which I think is the new pc phrase for "fattening" so quantities need to be watched. So instead of a half of avocado, eat the whole thing, or have two handfuls of sesame seeds instead of one.

Peanut butter is used to treat malnourished chidlren in Africa and the Caribbean, so I'm sure an extra spoonful a day will help you out.


Thanks! I will try eating more of those foods to see if they help. :)

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