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What's your cholesterol?

I was just wondering what everyone's cholesterol levels are since we're such a healthy bunch.

I'm not vegan, and mine is 115/55. It's not high... but I know I should stop eating ice cream and cheese. What's yours?

hi guys, maybe you could answer a question for me:

so i just moved and am going to a new doctor who actually gave me a copy of my lab results (cool). everything is fine except my cholesterol seems out of wack. my total is 106 which is low, but LDL "bad" is 398 (ref <117) and HDL "good" is 27 (ref >40). i've been eating mostly vegan the past few years (but became fully vegan a couple months ago! after these tests were done)

do you guys think this is cause for concern? my dr seemed to freak a little at the word "vegan" and prescribed me a multivitamin (i never filled the script since i take a reg multivitamin) so i'm not keen to talk to her about it. i am planning to start omega 3 dha supplement soon so maybe that will help?



My total cholesterol was last measured at 155, HDL at 62.  I dont know my LDL.  My doctor said this was "awesome".  I eat a very clean pure vegan diet, exercise daily, and do not smoke.  There is not a history of cholesterol problems in my family though either so that helps, although I am in permanent surgical menopause and have been hypothyroid for 22 years which raises my risk slightly, and am also recovering from anorexia nervosa. 



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