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When will bloating subside?

Hi everyone,

I'm a vegan newbie, having made the switch only a couple of weeks ago.  I went cold turkey after subsiding for years on chocolate, ice cream, refined sugars, and just about every unhealthy food imaginable.  Over the holidays I went to town, eating gobs of meat, breads, refined sugary foods, buttery foods, etc.  You get the picture.

I know making a gradual shift would have probably been the better approach, but unfortunately that's just not how my brain works.

So, I've got tons of gas and bloating which I know is to be expected. I've read about bodies trying to adapt to the new way of eating, especially with more consumption of fiber, both plant and non-plant based.  Because of food sensitivities (e.g., soy), I'm eating mostly whole foods raw and steamed.

So... any insight as to how long this dreaded effect might last?  I know everyone's body is different, but hearing from others would be helpful, especially people who went cold turkey and made a sudden transition from a very bad diet to this wonderful lifestyle. Aside from the bloating, I'm feeling the best I ever have!

Is there a certain protein and fiber ratio I should be shooting for?  Maybe I'm eating too much of a good thing.


I am not sure what kind of vegan diet you switched to - so it's hard to tell. My guess is that it will take a few weeks for your digestive system to adjust to a new way of eating. I follow a 10% of calories from fat, whole food vegan diet. I don't count calories, I don't care about ratios for protein, calcium, and all the other things Americans worry about. I just make sure I get sufficient starch (I like rice, sweet potatoes, pasta) for fullness and sustained energy, and then a mix of vegetables, fruit, and legumes. Simple and easy to follow.


You may want to double check if there is any other reason you would be bloated aside from the food (medications for example).



Try to make juices for lunch.... it will cut the extra fiber. Eat lots of fruit and veg but not too many nuts or beans or cabbage for the first week or two. Anytime u feel bloated I find a good fruit and vefgie juice usually does the trick (homemade that is.... not processed). Fruit is really easy to digest.... try eating an appleabout an hour before a meal.....  slowly add in the beans and nuts and cabbage.... not too muchtoo soon.... I find they all tend to bloat. Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water nd not eaying too many processed foods (for example frozen dinners and oreos tend to bloat as well as lots of pasta or processed wheat products). Im not a dr but this all really helps me and has helped me for years. Good luck! And I thibk sometimes cold turkey is the best thinf for our willpower!


Quitting cold turkey that is!


Maybe you're having too much of non-fermented soya (soy)? A lot of people are experiencing some adverse effects, maybe it just doesn't 'agree' with your body? Try to replace it. Some useful links about soya in one of my recent articles:

Hope you're feeling better soon and good luck on your journey x

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