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Wine: good or bad?

There is research to support wine is beneficial to health, and research that says it increases the incidence of cancer. What the heck?  I'm going to drink it either way, but do you guys feel it releases a multitude of stress in your life, thus making your healthier, or do you feel your body would be better without?

<------ wino

Seriously, I have no concerns regarding my moderate consumption of red wine.  It helps me unwind at the end of the day.


While I don't use wine to induce sleep or relaxation, I do enjoy it with food. Not daily, but when it's a special meal I like a glass or two of wine with it.
I've heard that red wine in particular contains polyphenols etc that are good for you. But I don't really care. If you need a "reason to drink" then you shouldn't do it.
Where I live (S. Europe), wine is food and should be consumed as and with food.
If I want a tot of brandy after a meal, I will drink it. I'm an adult and take responsibility for my own decisions.


I've heard those contradicting stories too. It's just like coffee though, one year it's good for you, the next it's bad for you again! Everything in moderation I say :) Especially cuz I love my wine too!  >:D


One of the main things that's supposed to be awesome in wine is resveratrol, and to have a significant amount, you'd have to drink a lot of wine. And apparently it's not clear if the research they've done on invertebrate animals applies to mammals :/

I always wonder about all these health claims of wine - what about grape juice, raisins, or fresh grapes? Does fermentation create these compounds, or is it just that these effects are advertised for only wine because of the funding/ it's "sexy"?


I'm willing to drink "a significant amount" of wine if it means being healthier!  Faunablues, your probably right that the same benefits could probably come from eating grapes.  I think there are so many studies that attempt to justify drinking so we can keep enjoying it guilt free.  No one has ever said, "that gal's got a raisin problem."  :D


so funny, I was just thinking about this too!! I feel like the minimal benefits of wine - as others said - can be found in other places, and is minimal for the amount of wine you can drink before running into the downsides of toxins on your liver. So I definitely don't drink as much as I used to, and a lot of the time I have just as much fun if I have some other fun drink instead of wine. I'm really into coconut water lately, is that weird??

BUT - the social aspect is really important. coming together with friends, enjoying good conversation... unwinding after a hard day - those things are pretty valuable, although not in the scientific way of thinking. But you can see it in the Blue Zone way of thinking (the research done on some of the healthiest and longest-living cultures).

I don't know, but I figure there's no point in being healthy if you can't have a little fun, so if I feel like having a glass of wine then I go for it! I just don't overdo it ;) And sometimes I have more fun getting together with friends and not feeling hungover, so I try not to feel like I have to drink either.


I vote: "good"


Seriously, I don't drink it for the health benefits. I drink it because it's delicious. If I get some health benefit out of it, then: success!


ha ! the old wine is good for you urban myth perpetrated by (surprise surprise - wine marketing boards worldwide). if you want the health benefits of grapes eat grapes or organic not from concentrate grape juice. there are no studies (peer reviewed or in scholarly periodicals) that i have ever seen demonstrating wine as having superior or altered properties superior to the orginial. alcohol is toxic; but hey thats why we like it. wonder why all little kids like getting dizzy by spinning around or swings or merry go rounds once in a while? altered states: its a universal and existential phenomenological ethos. moderation is likely the key with any mood altering substances (alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate, cocaine, heroin, magic mushrooms etc). well that's my 2 cents. :-)


Everything in moderation. A glass of wine - pub measurement I think - is supposed to be good for you. Wouldn't worry about it too much. As I said - moderation.


 Better without it.  Alcohol is the one toxic substance I can avoid and save money at the same time.  Where buying organic foods costs more.

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