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An amazing product.....

Well after owning it for about 3 years, I opened the box tonight and used it.  It is an Eureka Enivro Multi Steamer.  MODEL 370AE.

I just steamed the crap off my birds cage.  I am setting up the new huge budgie cage but because it sat below the little budgie cage, it was full of...bird poop.  Blasted it all away.

Tomorrow night I will do my parrots cage.  Tried it on a little part of his cage and wow!

No cleaning products needed.  Steam is so hot it kills germs.  Makes wipe up a breeze.

I am going to love it in the kitchen and bathroom as well.  Totally environment friendly.  When I bought it, I took the instructions out of the box.  Where they are I have no idea so I googled the owner's manual. 

If it does for the rest of the house what it did for my budgie cage, I will need no cleaning chemicals or cleaners ever again.

Am totally stoked.  Steam and wipe off. 

BTW, thank you everyone for the wonderful suggestions for budgie names.  You guys gave me so many, I will now have to think again.

I am going to the Adirondacks on Saturday for two weeks so will contemplate names.

I do love Basil, Kiwi and Parsley.  Blueberry is too cute as well.

Now.... I always wanted Isabela to go to Fish Creek.  She never got the chance before she died.  Short of taking some of her ashes up there and I really don't want to break open the sealed urn...any ideas on how to memorialize her there?

All suggestions welcome and appreciated.


P.S.  Tomorrow night, Yellow Bird and his three friends will be in a cage that would happily house at least ten birds. :-)

Happy Canada Day for all the Canadian's out there!

I've been looking at the steamers for a while.  I'm glad to hear they work well.  I don't have ideas about a memorial.


Maybe you can have her image put on a board (they sell ones at craft stores that look like a bisected portion of a tree) It could probally be engraved with a wood burner, or else carved. If you have a program on your computer for simple photoshoping they usually have  feature that turns a photo into a sketch. Do that with one of her photos and then transfer it to the board. Maybe even put an inscription on it and leave it off a trail or someplace she would have liked. If you don't use and laminate on the board it should be pretty earth friendly.

I sometimes write my pets a letter and then bury it. I dunno if thats earth friendly but I do it anyways.


my parents used to have a floor steamer (like a mop) that made mopping a breeze (lord i sound like an infomercial).  they have one of those little robot-floor things now (it creeps me out) so maybe i can steal the floor steamer

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