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Animal testing on cleaning agents.

Please read the following emails I sent and received and tell me what you all would do regarding verifying no animal testing has been done.

My initial email to Topco (distributor of a variety of store brand grocery products.)
I am interested in purchasing several of your brands of personal and home cleaning agents available to me @ my local grocery store chain.
I would like to know if you engage in animal testing at any time during the research, development and testing process for your products.
Thanks in advance for your attention to my request.

Their initial response.
The products we distribute must meet all government regulations in addition to our own specifications before they can be marketed. Animal testing is not a part of our quality assurance procedures. We aren't aware of any animal testing on any of our products at this time.

My response to their reply.
Thanks for the information.  Sorry to belabor the point, but it sounds as if Topco is simply a packager/distributor.  Is this the case?  If so, do you acquire these products from a variety of manufacturers, including name brand producers and then simply repackage them as the Topco brands?  Is there any way I could find out who the manufacturers from whom you acquire the product are so that I may determine if they do animal testing? 
I do understand your position if you are unable to release proprietary information to the public.  I simply want to use your products but am also vehemently opposed to animal testing.  If I can verify your products aren't animal tested, I'd like to use them.

Their final email to me.
The sources ARE proprietary but to our knowledge are NOT testing on animals and would not ,unless required to do so by regulations. Because we are private label and match the brands as much as possible, the ingredients are already approved for use and we do no innovations that would normally require testing of this nature.

So what do you all think?  It sounds as if they're confirming what I'd already heard, that store brands are normally not tested on animals because they're just trying to duplicate an already existing, popular, name-brand product.

I'm torn as to whether or not I should use these products.  I don't think I can go any further with this company to get the name of their suppliers but I don't want to write off using these products if they aren't being tested on animals.  As we all know, most of the products available in the HFS are very pricey.  While I don't mind paying more if I must, if I can get away with paying a reduced cost and still not harm animals, well, I'm all for it.

What would you suggest?  Does anyone else have any further information that will help me resolve my confusion?


I second baypuppy. There's a good chance that the products aren't tested on animals, but there's also a good chance that they are. Topco probably doesn't ask their suppliers about their ethical standards, other than that their practices are in compliance with the law.

It's a lot cheaper to make cleaning products. There's a bunch of recipes on this site, and recipezaar has a ton, too:

If you're not inclined to make cleaning products, you can purchase Method products at Target. Also, I'm not sure if Simple Green is vegan (I know they don't test on animals), but they are affordable and usually easy to find.


Baypuppy and Issa:

I'm with you and I was thinking it really was a bit of a stretch at best. 

I just miss those scrubbing bubbles and Method has NO scrubbing bubbles!

And as I am inconsistent at best when it comes to cleaning, (actually slovenly would be more the word I'd use) I need all the help I can get.  Vinegar and baking soda just ain't happening for me!


Oh, another thing that works well is that Bon Ami stuff. It's made of minerals (limestone and something else, I think...not totally sure...). You can use it on just about everything. It's super gritty without scratching. You can find it at almost any store:

I bought some a Meijer for about a dollar.


Borax has become a close personal friend of mine!  :)

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