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Are Lush brand solid perfumes any good?

Okay, I love a lot of Lush's products...particularly the hair-and-bath range. I like the solid shampoo and I also like the idea of solid perfume sticks. However the ones in my local branch don't seem to smell like anything. The last time I was in there, one of the girls put some on a card for me to sniff. I waited till I got home, thinking that maybe with all the smells in the shop I couldn't tell...but they smell like...not very much. Is it because the sticks are standing around uncovered?At those prices, I don't want to just buy some to experiment.

I actually find that the solid Lush perfumes are very pungent, especially my favorite Vanillary. They seem to last well as a solid perfume but if you put a ton on you might find your skin feeling a bit greasy. Overall I do like them and they last quite awhile. Also you don't have a chance of it spilling everywhere!


The ones I have tried so far are very good. Smell great and last a while. My favourite scent is love. Even though they smell strong they don't smell as strong as the sprays but they last a hell of a lot longer.

I highly recommend trying them out.

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