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Arrowhead Mills cake mix

I bought the Arrowhead Mills Organic Chocolate Cake mix from Whole Foods to make cupcakes for a co-worker's birthday. I read the ingredients and couldn't find any eggs/dairy/other animal products listed. However, when I got home, I looked on the front of the box and next to the little Kosher label, it says "dairy". But seriously, there is no dairy! Could this be there because the recipe calls for milk? I'm so confused. I think I"m going to use it anyway because I don't have time to go back to the store and I seriously think there is no dairy in there.

Also, has anyone used this mix before? What would be the best egg replacer--EnerG, flax, ? I rarely make cake, and if I do, it's carrot cake (but my co-worker hates carrot cake).

Is it processed on shared equipment with dairy?

I think for kosher purposes it has to say kosher dairy if it has even been made on the same equipment.

I think you're right!



Any suggestions of what to use as my egg replacer for a cake mix?


ive not used NRG egg replacer w/ mixes...b/c it says on the box that it doesnt work well w/ them. why that is, i dunno.

but i would try applesauce, myself.


I used EnerG and it turned out great! Amazingly fluffy--just like non-vegan cake!

This is a great cake mix, by the way, for those that want cake and don't want to take the time/buy all the ingredients for cake from scratch.

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