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Bento Box (laptop lunch box)

I am trying to find ideas for my new bento boxes. I know vegan lunch box has a cook book, but I want to make sure it has more than just kids meals. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

Here is what I was going to make for my first week's lunches:
Pasta/Vegetable Salad
carrots with dip
polenta squares


i just got one like a week ago, and ive been trying new things. i took half a baked sweet poato and scraped the filling out, mixed with steamed broccoli and soy cheese, and put it back in the, i took leftover tofu lasagna......a spinach salad with fruits and vegetables is nice too...sorry if this didnt really help.


The recipes in Vegan Lunch Box by Jennifer McCann are definitely adult-friendly. The things she does for child-appeal can just not be done for an adult. I use her cookbook for a number of recipes and I'm far from being a child anymore (although I like to think at times I'm childlike  :) ). I mentioned on another thread that her Shmoo (her son) is the one who got me to give brussels sprouts a second chance. If a 7-year-old would eat 'em, I figured they must be better than I remembered.  ;D

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