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Beyond T-Shirts: where to find stylish vegan threads that I can actually afford?

Okay, so here's the deal: I've been vegan for about a year. My closet is still full of a lot of nice wool work clothes that I plan on wearing out and I feel no personal qualms about buying and wearing vintage wool, but I don't want to buy any first-hand clothes made with animal products and I'm just not a casual lady. Its been easy to find fabulous shoes (and, I've been not buying leather for years now), bags, and a lot of other things...But, wool, what to do...Where are the cozy sweaters, well-tailored skirts and trousers, made from not-polyester that don't cost an arm and a leg??? Don't even get me started on trying to find a cocktail dress that doesn't look cheap...

So, fabulous vegwebbers, where do you shop?

I don't have an answer, but I just didn't want your post to go un-responded.  Once in a while I find a black cotton business suit and I get sooo excited.  I hate shopping, though, and so when I give presentations I'm often in godawfulugly polyester because that's what I can readily find.  I sparkle like a Twilight vampire.  I wear cargo pants and polos on my regular workdays so I'm really no help when it comes to dressing more formally.  I did a lot of costume design in college (so I have sewing skills) and I have both a sewing machine and serger, so if I really need something un-ugly, I usually design and sew it myself.  I like brushed cotton for suits and rayon for blouses.


hey there, i may be able to help. i dont know how stylish this stuff gets cos im super new to the vegan clothing scene but ive been using this site and they have a great range of vegan stuff, i do think it is mostly footwear but i have just put an order in for my first clothing shipment so i can let you know what sort of quality comes back!! the good thing is that cos its price comparison it has loads of stores in its remit so you do get a good range... hope that helps...
and yeh youre so right, cocktail dress!! what a nightmare!! what do they expect us to do!
makes me want to start my own line!

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