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Boca burgers and GMO's

Somewhere in all my browsing of recipes on this site, I came across a recipe that called for vegan boca burgers. A poster then stated that boca burgers used GMO soybeans. Wow, I thought, that's not so good. So I went home and looked at the Boca boxes currently living in my freezer and saw the statement non-GMO right on the box. So, I feel better, and figured I'd share this with you if you are inclined to have such things on hand  for a quick meal.

But all soybeans will be GMO soon if they aren't already. Monsanto will see to it. Watch the documentary Food Inc. where they talk about the soybeans. Here is a preview.


Here is an article about a recent Monsanto protest. I agree we should transparency in our food system and know if we are buying GMO products. I would like independent safety testing, but until then I would protest and avoid any GMO seeds and products.

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