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Canned vegan hot dogs- Cedar lake any good?

There's 8 (5 vegan) types with varying levels of seasoning and textures.

I really like linketts by Loma Linda foods but these can be ordered online and are cheaper.

Anyone got a good review? Their website looks like they paid someone to write the reviews, lol. My friend in marketing had a company that asked him to do that, but he declined.

They make other stuff too- I might just order the vegan sample pack (12 cans for $47). Looks like quality stuff

Canned? Probably going to taste like canned dog food, spam, etc. I would stay away from any meat or "meat" in a can, personally.


Yeah, that sounds kind of gross to me too.  Guess it could be good but I don't believe I'd even try it.  Back in my omni days I wouldn't even touch canned meat and hot dogs are/were about the worst too.


i actually really love those!!

we made them for some church last year and had some left over. i ate them all. haha.


i'd try them if they were cheaper, but 4.49 for 10 little 'sausages' is pretty steep. i guess it's convenient that it's shelf-stable though.


I've been eating canned veggie meat my whole life- linketts and big franks by loma linda foods are so tasty, and they're not just little sausages. I'll let you guys know how these turn out because I am going to order some for bbq, camping and light backpacking this summer.

I want to try making some stuff like this to save money.


We've ordered 9 cans and very happy with this product. Deli-franks and Vegi-franks were good while camping, and the chops were tasty too. We bbq'd, stove-topped, and cooked over fire with excellent results. At 20oz / can for <$4, it beats boca or any of the other packaged stuff- which is usually about $4 for 8oz or even less.

Excited to try the other cans soon!

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