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Contact lens solution

What does everyone use? I've been using Clear Conscience, but I just can't figure out if it's doing an adequate job. I don't know if it's working the same as say...Renu. Other suggestions?

I haven't bought contact solution in forever.....I'm about to run out of the stuff they always give me a ton of at the eye doctor, so I was wondering the same thing.....I was gonna look at WF next time I go....
Last time I bought any I got a generic brand at the grocery - and it was just fine...I wear disposable contacts though, so I don't really need an awesome solution I guess....


i was wondering about this too. ive heard of people making their own, and i wanna try it, but i'm a bit afraid


oh my, I would not do that!


I use a type that is only like $4, compared to the 7 or 8 dollar RENU.
Not sure if it's vegan friendly, like Clear Conscious...prolly not :(


I use Clear Conscience.  It's actually recommended by my optometrist. 

Really? That's awesome! What does he/she say? All my optometrist said was, "Hm..never heard of that one. Is it approved by the FDA?"


Has anyone used the Clear Conscience for rigid gas permeables (hard lenses)?  I'd have to order a bunch of it to make the shipping cost worth it. 

As an aside, I type notes for an ophthalmologist, more than one on occasion.  They usually recommend whatever product they have samples of on hand or whatever you are already using that works  unless you are having problems with the solution that you are using. 

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