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E3 Live (fresh blue-green algae)!


I started using this product about 6 months ago and it is HANDS DOWN the best food supplement I have ever tried.
It's a FRESH, LIVE, RAW, ORGANIC (VEGAN!) blue green algae that is harvested at Klamath Lake in Oregon. The lake was formed by a volcano, so the algae is full of nutrients from the earth (E3 stands for Earths Essential Elements). It comes frozen (the lake freezes naturally so it does not lose any nutrients in the process) and has NOTHING else's totally pure and every batch is tested for contamination. I like the taste-but for those who don't-you can mix it with juice and hardly notice it at all.

Since I started taking it, I have noticed a dramatic increase in energy, I am more focused, and I just feel better all around. I think it actually  makes me feel the way I am supposed to feel (perhaps I was missing a nutrient in my system before?). It helps to stablize your blood sugar and I've noticed that I crave sugar MUCH less than before (read: handfuls of chocolate chips).  My whole family takes it, including my 2 kids, ages 1 and 8.

It has over 64 vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed because it has live enzymes and amino acids. For vegans its great because it has B12, EFAs,  and protein too!
One serving (about a tablespoon) has as much if not more nutrients than 2 pounds of fresh greens. The greens aren't as nutrient-dense because of depleted soil.

My husband is a high school band director and he started taking it this summer during band camp (hold back the laughter, please). He is always skeptical but he said that this was the first time in 13 years that he had energy left at the end of the camp day (this is after having a lazy summer and then running around a hot field teaching freshman kids how to march). He is hooked! It's not like a caffeine induced energy shakes, jitters or crashes.

SOOOOO the really cool thing about this:  I heard about it from a high school friend of mine (she has worked for the company for 3 or so years) and she got me to order some. After I told her how much I loved it, she asked me if I wanted to be a sales rep in this area! So I decided to do it, although I haven't really done a whole lot (its hard with a baby at home). I did manage to convince one little store to carry it, and it sells like mad! In your area, you might find it in the frozen section of the HFS, or you can order direct from the website. It also comes in capsules and flakes, but I have not tried those and don't know if they are as effective as the fresh-frozen. This NOT a multi-level company or a pyramid scheme (whatever that is). I am just an independent distributor of the product (sales rep).  This means I am allowed to give my friends and family discounts on the product, so if any of you are interested, let me know and I can hook you up!

I have been a member here for a long hopefully you feel you "know" me well enough to know that I am not just on here trying to sell you some crap (although I'd love it if you ordered from me!). The only reason I agreed to be a sales rep is because I believe in the product so much that I figured it be easy to sell it based on my own (and my family's) experience with it. I just wanted to pass along the info to my VW friends. Even if I don't stick with the sales part, I am definitely going to keep taking E3Live on a daily basis.  I forgot one day and I could totally tell a difference in the way I felt!

If you want any more info on the product, visit their website, or PM me with any questions!!!

Here's a few more things about it:

E3Live is a fresh, live, organic blue-green algae (AFA=aphanizomenon) harvested in a freshwater, volcanic  lake in Oregon.

Contains 64 Vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed

Contains EFAs and amino acids required for proper brain function

Has live enzymes to aid digestion and help absorb food nutrients

Helps control symptoms associated with PMS-----I have had absolutely NO cramping, or even moodiness since I started taking this

Stabilizes blood sugar-no more craving sweets for me!

Alkalizes the blood (balances the pH)

Reduces inflammation

Increases energy and mental alertness-BIG TIME!

Boosts Immune System-it knocked out a runny nose and sore throat I had in one day after taking extra doses all day

Improves concentration

Helps with mood swings-Dh noticed that I've been much more pleasant lately ;)

Eliminates toxins and free-radicals in your blood stream (cancer causing pollutants)

Comes in its natural state-fresh and live!

100 % Money back guarantee


PS anyone who comes to VW-fest in Asheville can try it for free!

L2A, can you tell me how much a pound is? I'm making a supergreen drink powder recipe for my new book & this might be an interesting addition!


yes that's pretty much what i did i have them in 2 separate containers... i will let u know how it goes and how my bf feels too

How is it going?  I'm really interested, but I'll have to wait till I have some extra money. 

Honestly I am going through a lot of personal issues right now so I don't think I am a fair judge... I haven't taken it for a few weeks but its frozen (that's how it's supposed to be kept) so I can start taking it again whenever...

What I did notice was great! It boosted my energy for sure... I have to be at work at 5 am usually and instead of being a crabby patty for 2 hours this stuff would lift me right up... the "morning fog" would clear from my head very quickly... I do recommend trying it though... When I get my life in order I will report back


Awe....amy! Chin up!
Commit to it and just start taking it every day. Thaw some out today and start fresh tomorrow!


L2A, can you tell me how much a pound is? I'm making a supergreen drink powder recipe for my new book & this might be an interesting addition!

The product I reviewed is actually a frozen product sold by the 16 ounce bottle.
They do have powders and flakes!
The cool thing about ordering powders and flakes is that there is no minimum because it's not shipped frozen...and I can still give you a discount!

I have not tried this one, but others rave about it:

If you have a tax ID  number, and I'm sure you! I could actually set you up as a whole sale account and you could get deep discounts that way.

This one might be good too! It's a big seller.

More Protein than: 2 large boiled eggs (14 grams)
More Iron than: 225 grams of raw spinach
As much Fiber as: 2.5 pieces of whole wheat bread
As much Vitamin D as: (4) 8-oz glasses of milk

that one is out of stock so the price is not listed, but its usually 24 retail and 14.40 whole sale.

Give it a try! It's guaranteed so you've got nothing to lose. Start with a bottle and see what you think!


I'd be interested in finding out what a wholesale price for the powders are... it would just be for my use, though as well as putting a drink mix recipe in my book.


I'm interested in this.  I tried it at the health food store and I love it.  I would like to get and idea of how I could get it wholesale.  I have a healthy biz and this would be a good compliment.


Can you PM me and give me more information about your business?
I can at least offer you 10% off of retail if you want to order 5 bottles (pay for 4, get one free).
Also, tell me what state you live in.



I randomly thought of this the other day. How's it going with everyone?


The BrainON capsules/flakes look amazing and I would love to try it but it is way too expensive for me.

I wish they sold small samples of the dry stuff.


Whats the difference between the E3 and spirulina/ blue green algae?
I have the pure planet and have enjoyed that.

Here's what they say about it:

Believed to have been a staple is the ancient Aztec diet, today Hawaiian Spirulina is considered one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. The highest quality blue-green algae available, Pure Planet Hawaiian Spirulina is grown under the intense tropical sun. Well known as an excellent source of easily digestible protein, our Hawaiian Spirulina contains 100-plus health-promoting nutrients, including vitamin E, vegetarian B12, iron, calcium, protein, vitamins, minerals, all 9 essential amino acids, and chlorophyll. An excellent source of the rare but important fatty acid GLA, Hawaiian Spirulina is also superabundant in antioxidants. No wonder it’s a favorite food of athletes, who use it for bodybuilding, energy and endurance. It is available in powder and tablets. Scientific studies at UC Davis shows that Hawaiian Spirulina may be the most potent immune boosting food ever studied. After only 2 weeks, gamma interferon and interleukin levels increased by up to 10 times. These are essential for the body to battle a wide variety of cellular imbalances.

I am curious about the L3.


E3 is AFA  (100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae). it is a different type of algae than spirulina, although they do boast the same benefits. What makes it different, is that it has never been powdered (heated) so it's in its purest form (it ships frozen). It is harvested in a volcanic lake with about 300 days of sunshine per year, so all of the earth's elements are in it...full force!
Of course all of these companies think theirs is the BEST....but E3 is the only one that comes frozen (which you thaw to a liquid to consume) in its natural state.

I am still offering 10% off to my vegweb family! :)


Just posting to say I have tried E3Live and it is pretty good!  I haven’t been using it that long so I can’t report on any long-term benefits yet, but I do seem to have more mental clarity.  And I love the fact that it is a natural source of B12!!

Downside: Yes, it is expensive.

But after discounts, if you consume 1 tablespoon (.5 oz) per day it works out to roughly $1 a day.  The company recommends you increase your intake (of course!!) but this is not necessary.

Soooo, again, yes it’s expensive, but if you can afford it, give it a try!  It would make a great holiday gift for yourself, or for someone to give to you!  Who doesn’t need a little more mental clarity over the holidays??


This may be a good product for general health, but use caution in relying on it as a B12 source. Most of the "B12" that can be measured is actually pseudo-B12 according to Miyamoto et al (J Agric Food Chem 2006, 54:9604-9607) and the review of B12 sources by Watanabe (Exp Biol & Medicine 2007, 232:1266-1274).

One paper (Baroni et al., Int J Vitam Nutr Res 2009, 79(2):117-123) concludes that Aphanizomenon is a good source of B12 for human nutrition, but they also state that their results are preliminary AND that journal is ranked with an impact factor of 0.74, vs the 2.816 and 2.954 of the journals with the Miyamoto and Watanabe articles. 

from Miyamoto:
"Although the taking of the Aphanizomenon cells may give some health promotion effects for humans, the results presented here strongly suggest that the bacterial cells are not suitable for use as a vitamin B12 source, especially in vegans."



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