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Energy shots ... pros and cons?

One of my friends started taking these 5-Hour Energy shots, not often, but on occasion for an energy boost to power him through long meeting days. I took notice of these appearing more at stores and know little about them.

They are sugar free, have major amount of B-vitamins and, according to the FAQ, are vegan-friendly.

Does anyone know anything about these, or other energy shots? Tried them? Pros and cons?

Hrm. I always thought those weren't vegan. Good to know.
I've never had one though, so idk. haha.


I tried something like that one time. Tasted awful, like a liquefied B complex pill.

I'd sooner just eat something.


I've never had one of these shots either. I always assumed that they tested extensively on animals or something. I think someone just told me that once about energy drinks...?

My little brother says your whole body goes hot for a few seconds. I'd sooner brew some expresso than drink an energy drink, but I'd be lying if I said I haven't ever been tempted. It'd be nice to get rid of that drowsy edge in the middle of the night while writing a paper.


I've had them when I'm drive all day (~8+ hours).  I still get tired, but not disastrously tired.  I guess they work?  A good night's sleep and iced tea do the same thing for me.  I kind of like getting 234,985,730,948,570,394% of my B vitamins, though.


A friend of mine used those until he had some weird reaction to it, tachycardia, dyspnea. Bad. Then there was the guy that came into our ER DOA - his history was staying awake for way too long and using energy shots to do so.

Two bits of anecdotal evidence certainly aren't condemning of all energy shots, but I won't be using them anytime soon, or ever.

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