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a good cheese replacement? road's end organic cheese...

Has anyone tried Road's End Organic cheese mix?

I want to get a 1 lb. bag of the cheddar. I love it on their macaroni shells, but how would i be with grilled cheese or with cheese on a sandwich or in an omelet? Has anyone tried it?


i have never tried it, but you might want to check out this thread to see peoples cheese reviews.

personally, i would just make a sauce with nutritional yeast.


the only thing that i have used if for is as a dip for my veggies and in some pasta. I think its groovy stuff for that. but I think I would buch rather just get some nooch and make my own stuff.  When I used it I ended up adding more mustard and other spices to get it the way I like it.


I don't like anything they make.  There are several recipes on here that are much better imo

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