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Handmade vegan soap

I just got some handmade vegan soap from the "Sugar Loaf Festival" ( a traveling juried arts/crafts festival).  I bought two bars of soap 1.) Belly Dancer-smells soooo good, it has cocoa butter, saponified, olive coconut, palm kernel and essential oils, and 2.) Tea tree oil and a vegan organic make up remover and facial cleanser. I'm pretty excited to use them, yay!

I know a girl who makes soaps and they rule! I've found some awesome handmade soaps... the only problem is that they can get pretty expensive! The best one I've ever used is a pomegranate-oatmeal soap, but the best scent I've ever used was LEMONGRASS!!


There's a shop by my house that sells homemade soaps - they're $5 a bar, but totally worth it!  She makes a lilac soap that's truly husband likes the coffee one....

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