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Has anyone heard of Nancy's Soy Yogurt?

I LOVE this stuff and no one knows about it!! It's the only soy yogurt that I feel really has great ingredients & is super nourishing. It feels like yummy medicine in my tummy. Anyway, I just thought I'd spread the word since hardly anyone is aware of it & sometimes I worry that they'll stop carrying it because of that!! I always keep a supply on hand & just love the ingredients--things like amasake. Plus, it contains no sugar or junk (unlike other brands that will go unmentioned)...

p.s. I swear these guys don't pay me! I just really love it & want to spread the word...

For more info, I just did a blog post on 80 immune-boosting foods (, and here is an excerpt:

5. High Quality soy yogurt: A truly fresh yogurt is wonderful because it nourishes the stomach and rejuvenates the system. However, there’s only one vegan yogurt I can really recommend with a completely clear conscience. And that is Nancy’s soy yogurt. The reason I only like this kind is because not only is it truly vegan (not made with dairy cultures), it’s the only kind made solely with truly nourishing ingredients. I know this is starting to sound like an ad, but I swear this company doesn’t even pay me in coupons! It’s just one of those rare products that makes my body feel supercharged and I want others to know about it too. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find in stores, so you may have to special order it. We buy it buy the case (6 quarts of plain) and use it in everything from smoothies to sauces to just plain with some berries on top.

Healthy Momma used to talk about it all the time. The only kind of Nancy's I can find is dairy based. :(

WildWood is another good brand, as its an all vegan company and not on shared equipment.


I dislike nancy's.


L2A, that's why I always have to special order it. No one carries it. But it's worth it. Really nutritious & very fresh. :)

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