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Hodgson Mill Caraway Rye Bread Mix!!!

Just made their Caraway rye bread mix (by hand, though it has machine directions too) and OMG super yummy.  It even came with everything, including the yeast packet, all I had to add was water and EB.  I'd have taken a picture, but El Hubbito has already been into it!  ;D
I was looking at the ingredient list, and it seemed to be vegan, so I checked...and they put a page right on their site listing all their vegan products!  ;)b  I didn't see it listed here when I did a forum search, so thought I'd share:
I started using their stuff when we lived in NH and even the tiny 4-aisle store here in podunkville carries their stuff, so should be easy to find.  Happy Shopping!!

Thanks for the tip!  I recently acquired a bread machine and I want to make seeded rye bread.  I've been checking stores for caraway seeds and I can't find any.  I hadn't even started looking for the rye flour...  Sounds like I can save myself the trouble!

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