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I want to know more about where I shop!

Hello to everyone, and thanks for reading.
I have been searching for hours! Maybe you can help. I want a website that explains and evaluates the practices of chain stores. Grocery stores, department stores, clothing. I understand that franchise stores aren't going to have even remotely good rapports, but I want to be able to choose the best.
For example: In my town there are three different grocery stores on my side of town (minus the co-op, which is too expensive for me to shop at exclusively). I know one store to be very fair in hiring practices, another is not. One is good about recycling and encouraging recycling, the others are not. I want to feel good about where I shop, and I think this is the only way. Is there some independent organization conducting this research like those websites that give all that information about charities (

I have a feeling there are more people in the world who are looking for something like this too.
What do you think??

I was also thinking this thread could be a place for us to share what we know about different companies.
I just found this on Target's site:

Go Target!


I agree with you.
but at the same time it hurts me to spend like $100000000 at the farmers market, when I can get the same thing at walmart for a few dollars.
so i pretty much go for the cheapest around
but i would like to know more about where i shop :D

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