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Inka and other coffee substitutes

So in my neverending quest to give up coffee, I stumbled upon "Inka Instant Grain Beverage".  It's made of roasted rye and barley, dissolves easily in water (hot or cold) and can be adjusted to taste.  It's dark and smooth like coffee, without the caffeine or acidity.  It's great stuff and has definitely helped wean me off (/down) on coffee.  And its like $4/canister, so considerably cheaper than coffee too.

Any other coffee substitutes out there that should be had?

I'm with you, trying to give up coffee.  I will have to try the Inka.  I saw a substitute called Teeccino that I have been meaning to try as well.  It looks promising.


And there's more. Just go to Etsy and search "Herbal Coffee."

And I drink this (and it's one of my FAVORITES):
You can steep the same bath of leaves up to 3 times (each time you'll consume less caffeine). I highly recommend this!


We drink Teeccino.  I have used it for about a year and a half because it can be brewed in a normal coffee pot.  I started off slowly (very slowly) replacing some of the regular coffee with the Teeccino.  I was completely coffee-free after about six months.  I also like all the different flavors, but I wouldn't suggest the Chai unless you really cut it with some sort of milk.  It is very spiced, too much to drink black.


I like teecino too. I've had the chai and hazelnut varieties. I've used it both in a coffee maker and brewed it like tea (works both ways). On the package it mentions it not being acidic like coffee (among other things), but it often curdles my soymilk (though not consistently, but neither does coffee). I also prepared some teecino for a Mormon friend (no coffee) and made different types of cafe drinks with it. It has a similar strength to coffee, so it works well.


Thanks for the recommendations!  I'm definitely going to have to try Teecino-- I do miss hazelnut coffee dearly :(  I like having some variety.  Oooh and blended iced hazelnut + almond milk....awesome.

Minke, that Mate tea looks amazing.  I just placed two orders :)  I'll also be checking out the herbal coffees on Etsy when I get my bankroll.  And by bankroll, I mean 'pitiful paycheck'.  I'll report back on those.


I like Pero or Roma for those times when avoiding coffee. Didn't care for Inka at all, oddly enough.

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