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Kiss My Face cosmetics--vegan?

OK, there may already be a thread about this but I just want to know.
The name of the company makes me laugh because it has to do with a family joke.
I looked at their website...are they vegan? I'm not, as we all know. But I am curious. Are they? They don't actually have the logo, which Lush does on their website.
Are they any good?

They are not all vegan, but they do not test on animals, and many products are vegan. I don't know about all non-vegan ingredients they use, but some items have bees wax and royal jelly (??).

I think the products I've used are fine, but not extraordinary. 


I have to say, I just like the name.
Royal Jelly--ah yes, the biggest lie of the century. Bees produce only enough royal jelly in each hive to feed one larva at a time, the next queen. So no way would they produce enough to make aaaallll the "royal jelly" supplements/beauty products/soaps out there. I don't know what's actually in the muck on the market sold as "royal jelly",  but I'm not planning on using it any time soon.
Reminds me of a hair conditioner in the 1970's that claimed to contain "wild stallion semen." Oh yeah? And Just How did they collect that stuff? It would be hard enough to make a domesticated stallion donate sperm, although I think they have IVF for horses...but just which Hopalong Cassidy is gonna go out on Wild Semen Collection duty?  :-D


I've used their olive oil bar soap for over 15 years.  I love it.  (One variety has honey in it, but it's right there in the name--so easy to spot.)  I love the chamomile, verbena, and lavender scents. 

I've tried other things of theirs, but didn't like them enough to keep buying them.

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