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Leather Shoe Question

So Noah needs a new pair of shoes and I can't tell if some styles are leather or not. I'm looking at some Merrills, and the label does not state "leather" but says "fabric made in China". But then there's a little picture of what appears to be an animal skin underneath. You know that little symbol?
Then I found a pair that was clearly leather, and it did say leather, and had the picture.

The owner had no idea and said something about a synthetic/leather blend?

Can anyone decipher? We would both really like to avoid leather if possible. I just don't know how forthcoming those Made in China labels are.

Maybe I should just get some that are not made in china. Hard to find......hard to pay for. Clearly that would be the right thing to do. Any suggestions on where to get kid's vegan shoes for under $30???

If it doesn't specifically say "synthetic" I would avoid it.  The only vegan shoes for children I've ever seen under $30.00 are those ugly crocs.

You might try the Peta shopping guide if you consider buying online.


You can also google shoe symbols..and you'll find sites with pictures/explanations of those symbols. I've done that before.


target or payless have vegan shoes and theyre cheap.


Payless! I totally forgot about payless! I think there's one around here.
THanks for the suggestions guys....I'll let you know what we find. I think I will pass on the Merrills though.

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