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Lyle's Golden syrup vegan?

  I am a baker who also bakes vegan goodies and want to adapt my recipe for ANZAC biscuits. It calls for Lyle's Golden syrup which is popular in Britain but not well known here in the US. It is cane syrup but I don't know anything about how it is processed. Currently, I use evaporated cane juice sugar in my vegan cookies since it does not use the refining process using animal bone char. Does anyone know if the Lyle's syup is okay for vegan baking?

ive never heard of it, but it wouldnt hurt to email the company directly.  they'd know best.

thanks for being so thorough w/ your vegan baking!


Thanks so much for the suggestion. I went to the Lyle's website and their FAQ page says that it is indeed suitable for vegans.


I see a lot of vegan recipes calling for confectioner's sugar but isn't that product just white, refined sugar ground really fine (with cornstarch added to prevent clumping -- folks with corn allergies beware!)? I've seen organic confectioner's sugar in the health food stores but "organic" does not equal "vegan". What's the story?

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