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My recent trip to Chinatown Toronto

I just came back from my trip to Toronto to visit family. I reserved one day for going to Chinatown and came back with tons of vegan goodies from one of the many Chinese grocery stores. Here are the things I got and I will try to leave reviews after I have eaten them! :)

A- Fresh Gluten
Price: $2
B- Fried Tofu, the puffy ball kind it looks like
Price: $1.69
C- Fried Tofu, triangular shaped, looks more dense than B
Price: $1.69
D- Chicken flavored gluten-I'm really excited about this one!
Price: $1.69
E- Duck flavored gluten! I'd like to try it with this recipe:
Price: $1.69
F- Braised gluten...not sure what I'm going to do with this yet.
Price: $1.69
G - Giant container of Whole Wheat Ramen Noodles. I thought these were perfect for packaging up with vegan soup mix.
Price: $2
H-Chocolate Filled Brown Rice Rolls.
♥ Review--MMM these were so good! They are filled with a chocolaty hazelnut like center but completely vegan! And probably semi-good for you too because of the brown rice.
Price: $2
I- Box of Mixed Japanese Mochi, haven't tried yet
J- Mango jelly filled Mochi
♥ Review---These were delicious! On the outside it a very gelatin-like substance simulated by glutinous sticky rice and they are filled with delicious mango jelly. Yum!

K- Compliments Crescent Rolls
-Not from Chinatown, kind of off topic but they carry these in Sobey's in Canada. Review-- They are so good, I baked them around vegan hot dogs like dogs in a blanket and I can't believe they don't have eggs or butter in them because they are so good!

Compliments Cinnamon Buns
Review---Also from Sobey's, these Cinnamon buns are gooey delicious cinnamonness! Also another "I can't believe they're vegan." moment. But they were out of stock when I went to get more so I couldn't buy extras :(((

***COMPLIMENTS brand crescent rolls and cinnamon buns are LOW STOCK ITEMS. I'm telling you, if you're ever in Canada and see these, snatch up all that they have because they are delicious and hard to find!

Amazing deals in Chinatown:

-There was a GIANT half gallon size of tofu for $1.59!!!! I couldn't buy it to carry back with me on the subway or else I would have gotten 20!

-Half gallon of soymilk for $1.50!!!

-Regular sized packages of firm, soft, etc tofu for $.059!!!!

-There was also a box of veggie spring rolls I really wanted to get for $4, it probably had at least 30 in it, but again, TOO HEAVY. :(((


There were also cans of mock meat that I didn't get, including:
Sausage flavored gluten
Abalone flavored gluten
Chop Suey gluten
They just didn't sound tempting to me, but in case anyone likes these foods I figured I would mention it.

About the mochi: I got two kinds that were vegan, there were also many other kinds that were. One brand though, I forget the name but it's packaged in a clear bag, had gelatin so make sure you get the boxed kind! Also there were different flavors of the rice rolls that they had, I think strawberry, vanilla and others.

In the tofu section everything is vegan except the egg tofu, which I thought to be an egg substitute but it actually has eggs in it so watch out for that! There were also tons of packages of braised tofu which I didn't get because I didn't have enough room.

Well, I hope this post was semi-helpful to someone, please comment if you went to Toronto or another Asian market and found any of the things I suggested~! :)

I'm envious of the prices.

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