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I have a huuuge nail polish addiction. I didn't know until a week ago how harmful it was .  :o  Anywhoo...I found out online that there are some "three free" nail polishes out there! This means, they're free of Toluene, DBP, and Formaldehyde!  :)>>>  I went to Target curious if they had any, and YES! Sally Hansen's nail polishes ( I love the Extreme Wear ones) are "three free" AND the company DOES NOT test on animals!!! Hellooo nail polish! I'll take one in every shade  ;)b  I already bought 3 today! You gotta try em, peeps!

This is great! I will finally put the color back on my pea pickin' hands!  :)>>>
Just a FYI note, though, on sneaky cosmetics companies. I'm sure many of you are already aware of this, but for those of us who need to know these things, I thought I would share this.
I did some consulting for The Body Shop when they first came to the States and found out that they had to be very careful who they bought their ingredients 'from' as well as keeping an eye on their own labs. This is how it worked when I was there: many cosmetic brushes were advertised as no testing on animals, and they didn't test. However, they bought their 'natural brush hair' from places who did test or from farms who killed animals, sometimes even specifically for the cosmetics industry. The Body Shop decided to trace everything they purchase back to it's original source and then to continue to spot check with surprise visits to make sure that  no animals were being harmed there.
For instance, their amazing brushes (everybody loved them) are from horse (pony) hair, but it is purchased from a farms primarily on the east coast, (Virginia, N. Carolina, etc) who raised the little cuties for pets. Even these pet horses and ponies were traced for so many sales annually to see where they actually ended up from there. (The farms supposedly stipulated that they sell only to certain types of customers.)  In the grooming process the horses would lose loose hairs from their tails and manes, though only a little at any one time. The Body Shop paid them to gather the hair at each grooming and to allow them to pick it up when a few bags would get full. (no, there were no black sheep) They contracted with a few places this way and said it worked out well, they had plenty of brush hair and the animals were well kept. They would even do these voluminous reports on farms and they would shadow horses for days to see what life was like for them there. It had to be the Horse Hilton before they would sign with them. :) I don't know about now, but the original owner was quite adamant about this. Thanks for all the tips everybody!

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