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New help finding some products

I really need help finding a few different products. I need a D2 supplement, and a good sensitive moisturizer and cleanser. What brands and products have worked for you all? I prefer stuff I can get at brick and mortar stores, but any recommendations would be great.

I'm not sure about the D2 supplement, but for a cleanser & moisturizer I use Clarke's castille soap and Queen Helene cocoa butter. The naturals line from Queen Helene has this statement on their site:

Naturals, the newest addition to the Queen Helene® family, uses organic and Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients, and is proudly the first personal-care line to do so.
Our Naturals products use only vegetarian ingredients and do not contain Parabens, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates, Mineral Oil, Lanolin or Petrolatum. Feel confident that what you put on your body is not only good for you, but also contains ingredients that are good for our planet.

I have fairly sensitive skin too, and these work good for me.


I second the Queen helene cocoa butter, or cocoa butter in general.. Queen Helene is just cheap and very easily available, you can find it in Rite Aid, walgreen's, etc. The plain cocoa stick they sell, applied to clean skin before bedtime, is miraculous.

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