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The official vegan nutrition bar (Luna, Lara, Clif,etc.) review! (to be updated)

Add reviews of energy/nutrition/snack/raw bars, and new bar brands here (or to the individual bar threads). They will be added to the list.

Annie's oat bars

Trail mix

Bio International raw organic food bars
Chocolate chip

Chocolate coconut

Cinnamon raisin

Bora Bora Organic Foods
Island Brazil nut almond

Pacific mango macadamia

Tribal cinnamon oatmeal

Native acai walnut
This was really good.  I like the large pieces of walnuts and it has a nice texture.  They are expensive but not too bad for a splurge. (monkey7)
Tiki blueberry flax

Tropical sesame cranberry

Volcanic chocolate banana

Wild pomegranate pecan
love this!  it has dried cherries in it too and it's soft and chewy kinda like a quaker oat granola bar, but healthy and full of organic ingredients.  looking at the website makes me wanna try all the other flavors too, they look really good. (ppc)
Awesome apricot

Chai with almonds
This was the first and only Bumblebar that I've ever had. I liked it...interesting seedy texture...a little chewy...nice (and surprising) chai flavour. I wouldn't get it all the time, but I liked it. (dannibazaar)
I don't think this tasted much like chai.  It was a sweet, pleasant flavor but I can't place it.  I grabbed one for breakfast while visiting friends and it did the trick.  I'm not a huge fan of the texture though. (icephrosty)
Cherry chocolate
I couldn't really taste either the cherry or the chocolate very strongly - mostly it just tasted like brown rice syrup. It's a very, very sweet bar, and the texture is a bit too toffee-ish for my tastes. It was all right, but not really worth the expense. (narcissus)
Chocolate crisp
This is not the best bar I've ever had.  It didn't totally suck, but I don't think it's worth the money.  It only had a slight hint of chocolate flavor, and it was too sweet and too chewy.  I would try another flavor if someone gave it to me... (icephrosty)
Chunky cherry

Lushus lemon


Original with almonds
Despite the name, these bars do not contain honey and are marked "VEGAN." The bar is just sesame seeds and apparently almond bits (I couldn't see/taste them) and flax seeds all glued together with brown rice syrup with some cinnamon thrown in. Everything is in whole form though, no ground seeds. No matter how much I chewed I was still swallowing lots of whole seeds, which means the nutritional info is bunk because we all know they come out the way they went in! It had a light cinnamon flavor that wasn't bad, but the texture was really offputting and even on sale, they weren't cheap ($1.50). It's just not that interesting or tasty. (rabidchild)
Original with cashew

Original with hazelnut

Original with mixed nuts

Tasty tropical

Clif bar
I likes it. 'Cause I like apricots. (fb)
Apricots, oats, apples, date paste and other delicious flavors packed into this sweet and chewy Clif bar. This bar definitely bumps other Clif bars I've tried off the charts as one of my favorite flavors. (saskia)
Waaay too sweet. Kind of gave me heartburn. (narcissus)
I like apricots, but did not like this. There was nothing special about it, and it tasted fake. One of my least favorites. (AC)
This was alright... kinda blah... won't buy it again (amymylove)
pretty darn tasty.  I'd get it again. (tweedle)
Banana nut bread
Too sweet for me - makes my teeth hurt! And I like banana bread in non-bar-form. (fb)
Meh. I like really bnb, but this just didn't quite do it for me. (veganrun)
Black cherry almond
Honestly, my favourite Clif Bar flavour. The roasted almonds, white chocolate chips, and dried cherries work beautifully together. Sometimes I find they have a bit of a soy-protein taste - bad batch perhaps? Rarely, though. (narcissus)
i thought this was just kinda regular... but the "white chocolate" was a pleasant surprise. (fb)
one of my favorites (chickpea)
I liked it.  Didn't love it.  It had a light cherry flavor.  I didn't taste or otherwise sense the almonds.  This wouldn't be in my main rotation, but I'd buy it again for variation. (hh)
Yum! Big chunks of almond, nice cherry flavour.  Didn't really notice the 'white chocolate' chips. (happypanda)
I thought this was pretty good. Nice flavors. It could use more cherry, but I thought it was tasty. (AC)
One of my favorites. Great flavor and texture. It actually tastes like cherry and almond (unexpected, I know), and not cherry and almond flavoring. (veganrun)
Blueberry crisp
my favorite (chickpea27)
It was a little too dry for me. (caitlyn)
looove... so blueberry. (fb)
I loved it. It was so tasty! (courth)
Everyone knows that the best Clif Bar is Blueberry Crisp, though I've yet to try the white chocolate macadamia. (veganb)
Pretty Good - would buy these occassionally, but there's a missing dimension (hh)
Yummy! My favorite clif bar so far. The blueberry flavor is good, but I could always use more. Good. (AC)
I think this is my absolute favorite. I love the texture, and I think it tastes like a blueberry muffin. It seems a little "lighter" than the chocolate flavors, so I like to eat this when I'm running. (veganrun)
Out of this world! I love this bar it is blueberry perfection (amymylove)
I am so, so surprised that I liked this. Before I had this bar, I never even knew I liked blueberries. I'm not even sure what drew me to it. But it's one of my absolute favourites. (dannibazaar)
Carrot cake
like (saskia)
looove... white chocolate + carrots + spices. These seem to be the most moist clif bars, too. (fb)
pretty good, I liked the flavour and it was filling, but overall it was no comparison to a Larabar.  I guess they're not the same thing so it's not fair to compare, but if I'm going to spend a lot of money on a bar I would pick a Larabar.  Although maybe one of the other 3 Clif bar flavours will blow me away! (happypanda)
Ewewewewew.  This is the only Clif Bar I don't like.  Those little chunks of carrot are just nasty.  I couldn't finish this one.  So gross. (KMK)
Pass (hh)
I liked this one ok. It has a good spice flavor, and I didn't mind the carrots. (AC)
I didn't like the texture of this at all. I don't know if I just had an old bar, but it had some harder bits in it...nothing too hard, but it was just a strange texture variance. Taste was so so. (veganrun)
Reviewing this one again, because it was super flavorful this time around. Spice, carrot, cake. All there. Yum. (AC)
Chocolate almond fudge
The very first Clif bar I ever ate, all the way back in... first grade, I think. I loved it then, no matter how my peers made fun of my 'poopie-looking cookie,' and I still think it's a damn good energy bar. The chocolate taste covers for any off taste of soy protein - it doesn't taste like an energy bar, it tastes like chocolate and almonds. (narcissus)
I really like the softer texture of this one.  Awesome.  The almond flavor is lovely. (KMK)
one of my favorites (chickpea)
I don't like this one, and I'm surprised. It just seemed a little boring, and the texture is a little homogenous. (veganrun)
i tried this years ago and wasnt in love with it, i got it again yesterday and just ate it.. it's not bad, it has a slight coconut taste to me which is odd since theres no coconut in the ingredients list.  i like the almonds and chocolate chips. (ppc)
This reminds me a lot of another one..maybe brownie. It's just kind of the generic clif bar chocolate flavor. "chocolate almond fudge" sounds divine, but this is...not. There's not much going on. (AC)
Just a little meh. I was disappointed. (dannibazaar)
Chocolate brownie
Pretty good, but I can definitely taste the soy protein in this one. (fb)
Just ok.  Kind of a sub-par version of Chocolate Almond fudge to me.  Tastes good but I rarely choose it. (KMK)
Yeah, it's ok. The Z bar is still the best brownie bar. This was is really dense, and an odd color. (AC)
Just ok. (monkey7)
The least favorite bar I've tried. Just...boring. It tasted like some low fat cookie that I tried in the 90s. It's not decadent enough to be tasty, but still enough calories that I'm thinking I'd rather have a cookie. (veganrun)
This was very yum. Especially good when warmed up in the microwave. (dannibazaar)
Chocolate chip
I am always going to microwave my cliff bars from now on. I tried it with the chocolate chip flavor and it was absolutely delicious. It tasted like a freshly baked cookie (anisa)
my first love. It's super tasty hot, cold, long as it's in my mouth.  (courth)
This is the easiest one for me to find, and its real good, so i always grab one at a gas station for long car rides. (undersarah)
pretty good, but there's the protein taste. Better microwaved, for sure. (fb)
I like this one.  It has kind of a cinnamon-y taste that I am fickle about, but it's good. (KMK)
Thumbs Up - knowing me, it's because they tasted sweeter (hh)
Very good.. not artificial-tasting at all. (iowachick)
one of my favorites (chickpea)
It is sweet but there is no more sugar in it then the PB.  Not one I would buy often. (monkey7)
Good flavor, and there's a touch of spice in the background. This one seems a little sweeter than others, but it's good. The chocolate chips taste like good chocolate chips (you know how sometimes packaged items have strange tasting chips). (veganrun)
WOW.  I was really surprised how good this was.  Besides raw Larabars I've never been too into food bars, especially bars that are more like energy bars, but this is GOOD! I've gotten them a few times already in the past week and a half or so, because I can't get enough! (tweedle)
This could be mistaken for a chocolate chip cookie, or more like in-between a chocolate chip cookie and cookie dough! So freakin delicious... Thank you for the reviews on how good it is or I wouldn't have even tried it since I'm not much of a chocolate person... Tied with the Blueberry Crisp flavor! (amymylove)
I'm not impressed with this one, at all. I didn't microwave it, but I don't think it has much flavor at all. It has a tiny bit of chocolate, and a little bit of spice. I wouldn't seek out this flavor. (AC)
This is one of my favourites. It does have a bit of a "nutrition bar" taste to it, but I don't mind so much. It is great when microwave. (dannibazaar)
My favorite, classic and so tasty!  Great warmed up, also. (willwolf)
Chocolate chip peanut crunch
one of my favorites, goes good with bananas (ppc)
One of my favorites.  Chewy and peanut-buttery and awesome. (KMK)
I didn't dislike it or like it.  It had a mild peanut butter taste.  Maybe.  It really didn't taste like anything.  It was generically chewy sweet. (hh)
Soo good! Hard to believe it's vegan! (taintedlove)
This is ok. Not nearly as good as the Z bar one, but ok. Not my favorite. (AC)
I don't like this one that much, but my boyfriend loves it. I think it's a little boring, but I respect the chocolate/pb combo! (veganrun)
I liked this a lot, just as much as the chocolate chip one, really, and it has more protein which is perfect for before or after my workouts. Win! (tweedle)
Good, but I wish it had a more of a peanutty taste. It's just like a chocolate chip clif with a few nuts in it, in my opinion. (dannibazaar)
pretty much the "crunchy peanut butter" but with chocolate chips. pretty good, but not my favorite flavor, despite liking the pb + chocolate combo. (fb)
Coconut chocolate chip
Delicious. It's like I'm not even eating a clifbar. Strong coconut flavor, could probably use a little more chocolate, but eh. Tasty. (fb)
Agree with fb! Very good. Good coconut flavor, maybe a bit of cinnamon? Could use a bit more chocolate, but still very tasty. I would choose this again over others. (AC)
This is about as close as I expect to get to a Girl Scout Samoa cookie without doing a lot of work.  This is arguably the best of the Clif lineup (or at least ties with blueberry).  There's enough of each flavor to be awesome, but not enough chocolate to ruin it. (hh)
Cool mint chocolate
my favorite (caitlyn)
pretty freaking good (courth)
looove- perfect mint/chocolate balance (fb)
Very, very good.  Awesome flavor. (KMK)
Thumbs Up - knowing me, it's because they tasted sweeter (hh)
love it. yum (vabeachraw)
I was dissapointed with this one.  It was not minty enough for me.  Also, the chocolate flavor seemed to be toned down. (monkey7)
This bar beats up Girl Scouts. It's so delicious! Perfect blend of chocolate, mint, and crunchies. Great texture. Top 5 favorite Clif Bars. Take that, Girl Scouts. My snack is vegan! (veganrun)
I'm not a huge mint chocolate person, but this wasn't bad. It has a nice balance, and the chocolate flavor is not weird, like it sometimes is. The icing on top is a nice touch. Not too minty. P loved it, and said it's his favorite. He's a mint chocolate lover. (AC)
One of my favourites. I'm a chocolate-mint junkie (dannibazaar)
Cranberry apple cherry
Not my absolute favourite ever, but very good nonetheless. The apple flavour is great, and complemented well by the cranberry, but I think it's lacking that je ne sais quois... instead of which I find it has a slightly unpleasant edge to its sweetness. (narcissus)
very apple-y. I like this one in that it feels like I'm being healthy but it's still tasty. I'd say the cranberry flavor is pretty mild. (fb)
This one's good. I think the flavors all meld well, and it tastes good. (AC)
Cranberry orange nut bread
good, tastes just how you think it would but didnt blow me away.  (ppc)
This one is really good. I think the flavors are perfect, for what it protests to be. (AC)
I did not like this one.  While I like muffins in this flavor, this does not seem to translate well to the bar form. It seemed to have a weird flavor.  I will not buy this one again. (willwolf)
Crunchy peanut butter
When you eat a pb clif bar and an apple at the same time, it turns into caramel apple in your mouth.  It's good with green apples.. it's good with red apples.. it's pretty much amazing.  I don't know how it works but it's like eating a healthy caramel apple covered in peanuts! (ppc)
my fav (veggiebo)
like (saskia)
meh, I like the other ones better. This, to me, is like the stereotypical clif bar.  (fb)
Plain but reliable.  I would never pick it if it was sitting right next to a Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch though. (KMK)
one of my favorites (chickpea)
One of my favorites. (monkey7)
Again like the brownie: boring! I need some texture and chunks! (veganrun)
I think this delivers, for what it professes to be. It has some crunch (chunks of peanut), and it's definitely peanut buttery. I think it has good flavor, good texture. I liked it. It's probably not a favorite, but it's up there. It's peanut butter. (AC)
My personal favourite. It tastes like you're biting into a big chunk o' peanut butter-y love!  (dannibazaar)
Not bad, kind of tastes a bit sour though. (taintedlove)
Iced gingerbread
excellent! (pixie)
pretty good, but not too gingery. (fb)
Pass - maybe the iced gingerbread in the fall, but not year-round (hh)
Good! Really tasty. The ginger is not very strong, but it goes well with the icing. Near the favorites. (AC)
DELISH! I ordered 2 cases of these from Amazon last fall. I like these in the fall/winter. I don't think I'd eat them in the summer though. I loooove ginger, and this really delivers. There are actually little ginger chunks in the bar! Yesss. (veganrun)
Maple nut
big thumbs up!  i'm not even a huge maple fan either.. i hate those little maple leaf shaped candies *yuck*. but the bars were good (and even better microwaved of course) (ppc)
love it a whole lot (queen bee)
good, but better microwaved (fb)
Yum!! The best Clif bar I have tried so far.  Great maple flavour and nice texture. (happypanda)
Pretty good.  I think the texture of the little walnut things is odd, but in general I like this one.  Good flavor. (KMK)
one of my favorites (chickpea)
This is awesome, and I think it tastes like a maple cookie. This is one I like more in the fall/winter, but that's just me.  (veganrun)
I like this one, as well. The flavor is very mapley, but I do think the texture is a bit weird. I dunno what it is..almost doughy, but with little crunchy bits. It's not bad, but a little off. I really like the flavor, and I'd get it again. (AC)
Oatmeal raisin walnut
pretty awesome. (veganb)
I liked it a lot better than the carrot was like a yummy chewy oatmeal cookie. (happypanda)
Seriously. It tastes like an oatmeal cookie. It's amazing. (narcissus)
I microwaved this for the "oatmeal cookie effect" Eh, I guess it kind of tastes like an oatmeal cookie... with added vitamins and protein. A little too plain for me... needs CHOCOLATE. (fb)
Pretty Good - would buy these occassionally, but there's a missing dimension (hh)
This flavor is really good. It's a very close second to the blueberry crisp. There is a lot of flavor, and it's very similar to the cookie! Yum. (AC)
I used to like this one a lot, then all of a sudden I got tired of it. It's still good, but...a tiny bit too sweet. (veganrun)
Yummy!  So far I haven't found a Clif Bar that I don't like so I don't know how credible my opinion is but I liked this just as much as I like the chocolate chip and choc chip peanut butter crunch, yummers!!! (tweedle)
Really good!  Tastes like a chewy, nutty oatmeal cookie.  The walnuts are my favorite part, I think, and they didn't skimp on them. (willwolf)
Peanut toffee buzz
my fave. to die for (pip)
my fav!! (firefightress)
both the peanut and toffee flavors are pretty mild (fb)
Thumbs Up - knowing me, it's because they tasted sweeter (hh)
not my fav, I thought the "toffee" flavour was pretty artificial.  Also I only bought a Clif bar because they were a dollar cheaper than Larabars (who on earth pays $2.50 for a Larabar???). (happypanda)
I like this one.  I don't know about the "buzz" part (green tea in it is supposed to give you energy, whatever), but it had on ok flavor overall. I agree with happypanda, the toffee flavor is questionable. (KMK)
one of my favorites (chickpea)
This one is tasty. I didn't have any complaints about the flavors -subtle, but balanced. I like the little frosting on top. I thought the toffee flavor was good. (AC)
not bad, but not my favorite.  I'd go for the other peanutty flavors before this one. (tweedle)
Pear apple strudel
I like this one. it's got a creamy/fruity taste to it (fb)
Peppermint stick

Spiced pumpkin pie
I wanted to like this more. I mean, it's good, but the name just sounded so awesome (fb)
I don't really like the texture of this one--it seems overly chewy. It's also not bursting with pumpkin flavor. I did the spiced flavor, but it's totally lacking. I prefer the Gingerbread version much better. (veganrun)
White chocolate macadamia
just ok i think...almost too achingly sweet. (justfair)
macadamia flavor is pretty subtle, so i actually think the luna bar version is better (for once). (fb)
Too sweet.  Tastes good, but as a dessert or something.  (KMK)
one of my favorites (chickpea)
Very sweet. I have these when I want a filling, and healthy-ish dessert. Especially good warmed. (dannibazaar)
It wasn't too sweet for me. The flavor is kind of subtle, but the vanilla, "white chocolate," and a bit of macadamia are all there. I like this one, it's different. (AC)
Super tasty!  This one seems sweeter and less healthy-tasting than most of the other flavors. (willwolf)
My new favorite--we buy these by the case in my house! The white chocolate stays kind of melty at room temperature, and I get so excited when I bite into a piece with a chunk of white chocolate, waiting for me. I looooove these. If I had to pick one bar for the rest of my life, this would be it. (veganrun)

Larabar Cherry pie: The worst bar i have ever eaten i could hardly get it down

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? You must be mistaken. I don't even really care that much for these types of bars, but I thought that one was glorious. What did you not like?


Larabar Cherry pie: The worst bar i have ever eaten i could hardly get it down

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? You must be mistaken. I don't even really care that much for these types of bars, but I thought that one was glorious. What did you not like?

i don't know it tasted like cherryish mush, gross texture :( i was surprised too because everyone raved about it... i have the apple one and peanut butter one still to try... maybe i will like those better?


Larabar Cherry pie: The worst bar i have ever eaten i could hardly get it down

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? You must be mistaken. I don't even really care that much for these types of bars, but I thought that one was glorious. What did you not like?

i don't know it tasted like cherryish mush, gross texture :( i was surprised too because everyone raved about it... i have the apple one and peanut butter one still to try... maybe i will like those better?

Hmmm. I dunno..I think the apple pie one had a very similar texture to the cherry, but who knows. I thought they were pretty firm, though? We'll see!


ok! I've had


Chocolate chip peanut
I personally love it... It is the perfect cure to my sweet tooth :)

Berries GoMega
I also love this one... has a sweet and fruity flavor.  I'm a fan

i had not tried odwalla brand; but i read your post tweedle and i decided to go get a box and try them...i love the sweet & salty almond.  since they were on sale for a box of 15 for $6, i decided not to overload and buy the box of berries go mega (6 for $3 i believe) i will try those next probably...

...then again, maybe not; i'm retransitioning to high- raw again, so we'll see.


Luna Bar Dulce de leche: Good but nothing to write home about... smelled delicious though


Odwalla-Chocolate chip peanut

-Just ok. Nothing special, but not bad. The peanut flavor comes through well. Not enough....stuff in it.


Clif-Oatmeal raisin walnut

-This flavor is really good. It's a very close second to the blueberry crisp. There is a lot of flavor, and it's very similar to the cookie! Yum.


Luna bar White chocolate macadamia: So good :)


I got a free gift card from work, so I used some of it to buy every flavor of Luna bar that the store had. I'm slightly addicted to these bars lately. It's neat to try different ones.


Chocolate peppermint stick

-I'm not a huge fan of mint and chocolate, so this is not my favorite, but it's good for what it is. I only had like half a bar in my package! I like that the lunas have the bar, and the coating. Good for chocolate mint. The chocolate is not as chocolatey as it could be.

Lemon zest

-I liked this one. I like lemon, and this is lemony. Sometimes there's not enough lemon flavor in things, and it's bland, but this was flavorful.


tropical fruit larabar - my new favorite larabar, it tastes like pineapple upside down cake.  im not even a fan of coconut, but i really like this, it's not overly sweet like other larabars can be.

cranberry orange seasonal clif bar - good, tastes just how you think it would but didnt blow me away.


tropical fruit larabar - my new favorite larabar, it tastes like pineapple upside down cake.  im not even a fan of coconut, but i really like this, it's not overly sweet like other larabars can be.

sounds amazing! <3


Lunabar-Chocolate raspberry

-P really liked this (Lunas aren't just for women!), and I liked the tastes that I had. I'm not a huge chocolate raspberry fan, but it has good flavor. The chocolate is good, and there's definitely a raspberry flavor.


-I think it does taste kind of s'moresy. It has the graham taste, and chocolate, and a bit of a marshmallow taste (from "marshmallow flavored nuggets"). I was disappointed when I first opened it, because it doesn't look as pretty/tasty as the other lunas, but I really liked it. P liked it, too. It smells really good.

Caramel nut brownie

-This one was meh. It smelled, and looked really good (a nice caramel layer on top), but the caramel flavor didn't really come through, and there weren't enough nuts. The brownie part was like all the other brownie luna/clif bars (inferior to z bar), and just...meh.

Iced oatmeal raisin

-One of the best! The smell of it is glorious, and the taste isn't too far behind. It has a great icing taste, and is quite similar to the cookie. We really liked this one.

Peanut butter cookie

-Eh. It was ok. Nothing special. It tasted like peanut butter, but had a weird other flavor. Not a favorite.

Sunrise-Blueberry bliss

-Weird! This looked like it'd be good. It had the blueberry top, and the icing,'s odd. The blueberry part is kind of like a nutri-grain bar taste, but not as good, and there's a weird aftertaste, and flavor. Won't have this one again.


Odwalla Chocowalla

This one didn't live up to its name for me. It didn't taste chocolaty at all. An occasional chocolate chip was tasted, but almost every bite just tasted like a sweet and tangy fruit bar. Won't be getting this one again. Especially for $1.50 each!


Luna Bars

Berry almond-One of my favorites but it could use a little more almonds.  It is nice because it does not have chocolate or coating one it.

Caramel nut brownie- This is just ok.  It has a fake caramel taste IMO.

Chai tea- More ginger cookie tasting then chai tea but I like it.  It is perfect for when I do have a taste for something with ginger.

Chocolate peppermint stick- Nothing wrong with this one.  Then again, I like the combination of peppermint and chocolate.

Chocolate raspberry-There was just not enough raspberry in this one.  The chocolate was overpower.  Although it is good warmed in the microwave for a few seconds.

Cookies 'n cream delight- This was sweet but good.  It reminds me of oreos.

Dulce de leche-  Another good one.  It has the caramel taste but is better then the caramel nut brownie.

Iced oatmeal raisin- Really good but sweet.

Lemon zest- One of my favorites.  It is a nice change from all the chocolate and caramel.  Nice and refreshing flavor.

Nutz over chocolate- This is good even though it is not as extragent as some of the other flavors. 

Peanut butter cookie- It was good and takes care of the pb cookie craving but could use more peanuts.

S'mores-Almost like the real thing.

Toasted nuts and cranberry- I like this one more then the berry almond because it has a little more flavor.  Another one of my favorites.  Also, it does not have the chocolate or other coatings on it, which I like.

White chocolate macadamia- I am not a big macadamia nut or white chocolate fan.  This one was just okay.  It seemed to be lacking in the white chocolate flavor.  My mom, on the other hand, really likes this one.

Berry pomegranate- Not my favorite.  It has a weird flavor.

Chocolate mint- This taste almost like a thin mint cookie only more cake-y.

Peanut butter chocolate- Not bad, but it is bland and lacks in the chocolate flavor.

Blueberry bliss- Not bad, but it had a fakeness to it.  It is better then the strawberry crumble.

Strawberry crumble-Just ok.  I have only had it a couple of times and do not make an effort to look for it.

Cliff Bars

Crunchy peanut butter- One of my favorites.

Chocolate chip- It is sweet but there is no more sugar in it then the PB.  Not one I would buy often.

Chocolate brownie- Just ok.


Larabar Apple Pie:

Definitely my favorite Larabar.  Tastes surprisingly like apple pie even though there's only a few raw ingredients in it (could easily be homemade, though...)

My boyfriend even really liked this and he HATES nuts, so I think that says a lot :D

Larabar Pecan Pie:
My favorite next to the Apple pie. 

Larabar Cherry Pie:
Hated it.  Way too tart for me.

Larabar Cocoa Mole:
WHO KNEW spicy chocolate was SO good.  I loved it!  I'd eat them more often if they were 100% raw... but boy they are tasty.

Larabar Chocolate Coconut:
Huge fan of this too, if only it were 100% raw!

Larabar Lemon Bar:
Pretty good.  Almost a bit too sweet...but good if you have a sweet tooth!

Larabar Banana Bread:
Delicious, but I like "Go Raw" Banana Bread raw bars better.  which brings me to...

Go Raw Banana Bread:
It's very chewy, not at all like Larabars or Odwallas, etc.  But I love them because they are lower in calories, very filling, 100% raw, and they still have that nice sweet banana flavor.  A bit pricier than the others though.

Pure Wild Blueberry:
I love these, but I'm still a bigger fan of the ChocoTrail Mix ones!

yeah I've been eating a LOT of food bars lately hahaha


Larabar Cherry Pie

Mmm, mmm. This one is great! I love that it's nicely tart and not overly sweet. Tastes very much of cherries. The nuts distract and keep it from tasting just like a cherry pie because of the texture, but this is delicious.


- Apple Pie
This flavor is very sweet and simple, great as a sweet snack!

-Cherry Pie
This is the closest tasting to a candy bar as you can get! Sweet, Tart, and really packs a punch!

- Cashew Cookie
I LOVE the taste of Cashew Butter, and this is like eating a nice Cashew butter sandwich with the crust cut off.

- Pecan Pie
This one was really bland. The pecan flavor DID come through, but it also tasted strongly of dates. Like plopping both in your mouth at once, the flavors didn't really meld.

-Ginger Snap
I'm not a big fan of ginger, so I didn't like it much. It smells great, but tastes like pure seasoned dates with a crunchy almond texture.

- Cinnamon Roll
My least favorite flavor, and definitely the most boring to me. Nothing special, as the cinnamon wasn't very strong.

- Lemon Bar
I'm not a big fan of the lemon flavored items on the market, but this bar was a pleasant surprise! The flavor was very interesting, and kept a smile on my face every bite!

- Banana Bread
Great banana taste with an awesome chewy texture, but doesn't rival an Almond Butter and Banana sandwich by any means. It's great if you don't want the calories, or are in an EXTREME rush to get out the door.

- Key Lime Pie
Very sweet and tropical tasting! Great as a healthy dessert, or a snack when a piece of fruit simply won't cut it. Also loved how the dates didn't interfere with the tropical flavor of the Lime and Coconut Shreds.

- Chocolate Coconut Chew
This flavor is amazing! The chocolate didn't taste bitter at all, and the Coconut kept me interested as it contrasted with the chocolate to make a thoroughly satisfying, and surprisingly filling bar.

- Chocolate
OMG. Tastes just like a brownie! I would say thi rivals the actual pastry, has the same texture and everything!

-German Chocolate Cake
OMFG. I felt like I was in heaven! It's just like eating Chocolate Coconut Icing! And I LOVED the chunks of almond and pecan scattered throughout! Wsn't chewy like the other bars, because like I said, it's like eating Icing/frosting! I'd say this bar is actually BETTER than some other chocolate desserts out there (including the non-vegan ones)! You haven't lived until you've tried it.

I've also recently gotten a hold of the Tropical Fruit Tart and Cocoa Mole flavors, so I'll be uploading reviews of those soon as well.


Sorry for the double post, but I just tried a bunch o' new flavors!

- Cocoa Mole'
Who knew chocolate and chili went together so well? It's like eating a brownie, but with a nice spicy kick that really takes the flavor to a whole new level.

- Coconut Cream Pie
Hands down my FAVORITE non-Jocalat flavor! It tastes just slightly similair to Tropical Fruit Tart, but it has a stronger Coconut essence that I LOVE about this bar! The shreds also add a nice texture to this already amazing bar.

- Tropical Fruit Tart
Tastes like a day at the beach! True to its name, it sure did taste Tropical, like a solid fruit smoothie in bar form. The Pineapple and Orange flavors dominate here, with a slight hint of Coconut and not a trace of dates or nuts were tasteable, but they sure did add a nice texture.

- Peanut Butter and Jelly
Tastes exactly what it sounds like, a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich without the crust! It's such a nostalgic bar, but does not compare with the real thing. Still REALLY good, though!

I actually recieved all the flavors (including Jocalats) in my stocking for Christmas! I plan on trying 'em all!


Sorry for the double post, but I just tried a bunch o' new flavors!

That's not a double post! That's a helpful post. Yay for new flavors!

I'm not even going to add the ones that I got for Christmas to the master review, because I don't think they make them anymore, and they weren't good at all! The brand was ThinkFruit, and I think they still make some types of non-fruit bars (none of which are vegan). We had an apple fruit bar, and a peanut something. Don't buy these!


Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bar - Chocolate and Coconut

This is the second Raw Revolution Bar I've had and I like it very much, just like the other one. The chocolate flavor is of cocoa more than a chocolate bar type of flavor since it's not too sweet. The coconut flavor is nicely subtle and balances well with the cocoa. A great combination of flavors that doesn't taste of fruity sweetness like many bars - a big plus for me. With only a few organic ingredients, and 82.2% of them raw, this is a fantastic product. I'll definitely buy this again.



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