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The official (vegan, packaged) veggie/bean/soy meatless review! (to be updated)

Veggie/bean/soy products
A taste above
Thai Peanut Coconut Sauce with Veggie Chicken and Vermicelli Noodle

Tuscan Marinara Sauce with Veggie Chicken and Penne Pasta

Zesty BBQ with Veggie Beef and Rice

Alexia foods
Hashed browns

Mushroom bites
Tasty! They are so cute...little fried balls of mushroom. Great flavor. (AC)
Oven crinkles
Crinkly fries! Yum. (AC)
Oven crinkles onion and garlic

Oven crinkles salt and pepper

Oven fries olive oil and sea salt

Oven fries olive oil, rosemary, and garlic
Delicious!  The rosemary and garlic give these fries such great flavor. (willwolf)
Oven reds olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, and pesto

Potato nuggets
Tots! They do have a semi-oniony flavor from the seasoned salt, but very good. (AC)
Sweet potato fries

Sweet potato fries spicy

Waffle fries
These are awesome!  I didn't realize they were on this list - I would have reviewed them a lot sooner!  We get the big bags from Costco, which are sort of dangerous...  They have the perfect amount of seasoning, and bake up nice and crispy.  I like to bake them until the edges just start to brown. (vegrunski)
Yukon gold

Yukon gold julienne fries

Amy's kitchen
Asian meals-Asian noodle stir-fry
I love this stuff, i can only find it at my HFS sometimes, so its a good treat every now adn then (sarah)
Kinda mushy for my taste (loopers)
I like this, it has a good flavor but nothing too over-the-top. Good noodles/veggie combo. (Meggs)
Asian meals-Thai stir fry
Ok, not really worth it. There's only a little bit of tofu; most of the vegetables are peppers and onions, like 3 pieces of lil broccoli. The sauce is mostly coconut milk + herbs (not spicy, not very 'curry'). It tasted fine, but for the price, not worth it if you have other options. (fb)
Bowl-Baked ziti
This is pretty good and you can't even tell it's gluten free with the rice noodles. I like the peas added in and the cheese is good. Wish there was more of the cheese actually. If I need a comfort food, I will go for this frozen meal. (krista)
Bowl-Brown rice and vegetables
This is one of my favorite Amys meals, its simple and very good! (sarah)
I keep this in the freezer in case I don’t have anything else to eat- filling and tasty. (Meggs)
I bought this today for lack of time to cook.  It was pretty good.  I added some spices because I thought the ones in there were kind of weird, but overall it was good and very filling.  I would buy it again if I really needed the convenience. (KMK)
this is kinda bland but great when a little braggs is added. for me it was an old stand by when i was tired but i didnt want to eat something fake. i would guess this is decently healthy and pretty filling too although i often have a side sald with it.  kind of pricey though and you could easily buy some frozen brown rice and frozen veggies for cheaper add some tofu and make a huge batch and it would end up being much cheaper. (brittanihill)
Bowl-Brown rice and vegetables light sodium
Same as it’s full-sodium counterpart, but I can add more low-sodium soy sauce to this one (Meggs)
Bowl-Brown rice, black-eyed peas, and veggies
I like this the most of the Amy’s bowls. It has more flavor, to me, because of the black eyed peas. (Meggs)
Very good! Nice change from the tofu rice bowls. Definitely worth a try. (sarah)
It was ok. (monkey7)
Bowl-Light and lean sweet and sour

More flavorful than the brown rice veggie bowl! (Meggs)
Breakfast-Apple toaster pops

Breakfast-Strawberry toaster pops
Ugh. Gross! They don't toast quite properly (they stay pasty pale, and are sorta pasty), whether toasted from frozen or defrosted first. The strawberry jam in the center is nothing special. Gross. (fb)
Breakfast-Cream of rice hot cereal bowl

Breakfast-Multi grain hot cereal bowl
I thought this was bland even with a little cinnamon and apple. (monkey7)
Breakfast-Rolled oats hot cereal bowl

Breakfast-Steel cut oats hot cereal bowl

Breakfast-Tofu scramble
Is this the one with hash browns and such? If so, YUM, my FAVORITE breakfast ever. (until Loopers cooks for me) (Meggs)
YUM! I've never been a big fan of breakfast foods, but this is amazing. I just microwaved it, but i think it would be extra delicious if you cooked it in a skillet with a little oil (sarah)
Breakfast-Tofu scramble breakfast wrap

Burger-All American veggie burger

Burger-Bistro burger
I want to like these burgers because I love Amy's products...but I can't. They are very mushy (due to the rice) and the flavor is completely nonexistent. I could only taste the condiments and the bun. Ick, I will not be buying these again. (brooke)
it says vegan on back, gluten free!!! (GFVegmom)
Had my BF throw it on the grill, top with a slice of rice chese, and I customized it with a wheat bun, ketchup, mustard, lettuce and a yumy and that hot-off-the-grill flavor! Can't wait to try the other flavors! (iowachick)
Burger-California veggie burger
My second favorite veggie burger.  Same as above though...cook with a little oil in a skillet because microwaving makes it have a strange texture. (mirrya)
Burger-California veggie burger light sodium

Burger-Quarter pound veggie burger
My mother bought them for a family cookout. They are MUCH bigger than most veggie burgers. The texture was almost real, but still okay. Because they're so large, I felt just the same as the rest of my family, although maybe not so meat bloated. (Courth)
Burger-Sonoma veggie burger

Burger-Texas veggie burger
My favorite veggie burger.  Has a slight BBQ flavor which is good.  Definately cook with a little oil in a skillet because microwaving it gives it a weird flavor and texture.  Not unedible but strange. (mirrya)
These are SO FREAKING GOOD. I think they are our favorites. I prepared them in skillet with oil. Great, flavor, texture, everything. Yum!!! (AC)
I was intrigued by these but they ended up tasting like liquid smoke-- bleh (emg)
Eh, wasn't a fan, strange texture. I'd reccomend skillet coking, I did mine in a microwave (sarah)
Burrito-Bean and rice
Good to have around in case of emergency. Good with hot sauce aplenty. (Meggs)
Simple and tasty!  These burritos just contain pinto beans and brown rice with really no veggies, tofu, or sauces. (willwolf)
Good even though it is plain.  Nice snack or meal when you are feeling lazy. (monkey7)
Burrito-Black bean vegetable
I havent had these in a while, i used to live off them though, they're pretty good if you dont eat a million. (sarah)
I used to eat these for lunch all the time. Tasty - but be sure to cook them all the way through. Cold beans = bleh. (narcissus)
I’m a fan of anything new and interesting and fast for breakfast besides cereal and the “usual”- so, this is cool. Not as good as some of the other Amy’s breakfasts though. (Meggs)
Burrito-Gluten free nondairy

Burrito-Indian aloo mattar wrap

Burrito-Indian samosa wrap

Burrito-Indian spinach tofu wrap
yum, yum, yum. (Meggs)
Burrito-Teriyaki wrap

Entrees-Black bean enchilada low sodium
YUMMY OMOMOM (loopers)
Entrees-Black bean vegetable enchilada
Same as above burrito (bean and rice burrito) (Meggs)
I like the sauce that comes with these. For frozen enchiladas, they're pretty good... TJ's does pretty much the exact same thing with less packaging, though. (narcissus)
Entrees-Gluten free dairy free vegetable lasagna
Ugh this is good. It has daiya and it fills that empty place in my heart that has been looking for a good vegan lasagna. Mmm. (sarah)
Entrees-Non dairy rice mac and cheeze
It tastes like...frozen mac and cheese. Which isn't a bad thing. I probably wouldn't have believed it was vegan, if I hadn't read the ingredient list. (IHzero)
is very rich and creamy. I liked it. (jendiggity)
I didn't think I would love it, because I didn't really like Daiya, but I love this. It is exactly like a good frozen mac and cheese. It's creamy, it's rich, it's tasty, no weird flavor. I really enjoyed it. I added some steamed broccoli to mine, and liked it that way. I won't get it often, because I have to order it, but I'd be tempted to get some with every order. I really liked it. (AC)
As my first experience with non-dairy cheese, I was impressed. I'm a cheese addict and it's probably my number 1 thing holding me from cutting out milk. This was creamy and actually tasted like cheese. Now I'll be more inclined to spend money on Daiya and make the complete switch to vegan! (taintedlove)
I like this too.  I ate it on Christmas when I went to eat with my sister during her lunch hour at the hospital. (mirrya)
crack mac. I'm addicted. (minke)
I don't tend to buy cheese alternatives, but when I read your post I thought I'd give this one a try.  I probably won't have this stuff very often, but when I do want some mac 'n cheese, this is the one!  Thanks (all involved) for pointing this one out; I had no idea Amy's had come out with one of these. (leslovesveggies)
The second the flavor of this hit my tongue, I was constipated. That's how much like real mac n cheese it was. Just kidding. But it is very very rich and creamy. It's hard to eat the whole thing in one sitting, but then again not really because that's exactly what I did. I immediately felt diabetes setting in as I finished this. It was great. (fb)
This is so smooth and creamy and has great flavor. If I don't have time to make myself some mac and cheese, I definitely go to this one for a quick meal. You can't tell the noodles are rice either.  (krista)
I bought this when I was feeling super lazy. It tastes so cheesey and not like a vegan/noochy sauce at all. Totally worth the price tag in a pinch. (sb)
Indian meals-Indian mattar tofu
Interesting dish- I’ve never had Indian food before, but this was good. (Meggs)
Indian meals-Indian vegetable korma
I found this to be very tasty...most of the time. There's some kind of spice in it that I encounter occasionally while eating it, that reminds me of soap. It might be cilantro? I'm not sure, but it's the same spice that was in nearly all the food I ate in costa rica. Back on's not spicy, and is mildly sweet...probably a good starter dish if you've never had indian food. (stitches)
Delightful. Everything is well-flavored, contains cashews. The only thing I didn't like is there are some raisins in the korma part. Though the korma is 1/4-1/3 of the whole thing, the other things (rice, dal) were well-flavored too. Too bad they're so expensive, 'cause otherwise I would get this more. Not spicy, but I'm cool with that. (fb)
Kids' meals-Baked ziti kids meal
I had this once, it was cute  Grin, you get a puppy tattoo and everything, it was reallly yummy (sarah)
I bought this once because it was on sale and it was really good! I like the variation of items and I didn’t think it would be enough food, but it was! Like someone said, CUTE TATTOO INCLUDED. (Meggs)
For a kids meal this was good but I would not buy it again.  It was a little bland and the bread was dry. (monkey7)
Have eaten this a few times when I didn't want the whole baked ziti bowl meal and it's pretty good. The broccoli, bread and apple crisp were nice to have to go along with the ziti. I actually wish they would put a bigger piece of the bread in, it's really yummy.  (krista)
Pizza-Gluten free roasted vegetable

Pizza-Rice crust spinach
When I saw "vegan" on the package, I got all happy, especially because there was cheeze on it. It was pricey, but ..well..I was hungry.  I made it the next day, and 1) it was small, 2) it lacked zazz, 3) more cheeze!! It was yummy and quick, but I prefer homemade. (ponycakes)
Pizza-Roasted vegetable
Everyone knows my opinion...i love this stuff! (loopers)
I'm so glad we finally bought one! I've been eying it for a long time (I don't even really know why..), and it's on sale. So, for like $3 less than normal, it's almost worth it! It is very tasty. The crust is great. I liked making it right on the oven rack for a crispier crust. The sauce is fairly sweet, and it does beg for some additions-pineapple, jalapenos, etc., but it's good! (AC)
So expensive, so small, and so...brown.  Why is the sauce brown?  And the veggies are like 1/4 the size they appear on the box.  Once I got over my initial shock at the homely appearance of the pizza, I found it to be very tasty!  I was expecting a traditional tomato pizza sauce--not sure why I still expected that given the color--but this is more like a sweet barbecue sauce.  It could definitely use more veggies on top.  There is a lot of bare sauce.  At almost $9, I found it to be overpriced considering how cheap and easy it would be to put together a similar pizza at home.  But, since the whole idea behind getting a frozen pizza was that I did not have the time, ingredients, nor energy to put together a homemade pizza, I consider this to be a pretty good convenience food! (vegrunski)
Holy shit this is THE BEST PIZZA EVER!!! Doesn't even need fake cheese to be amazing!!! It seems like the sauce is like a sweet onion-y sauce... Got it clearance at Ralph's for $4.50ish probably wouldn't buy it for its normal $10 price tag though unless I wanted to impress someone. (amymylove)
Pizza-Single serve rice crust cheeze
Love this but hate how you have to broil the cheeze. (Meggs)
Pizza-Single serve roasted vegetable
Convenient and enough for one person. (Meggs)
Pocket sandwich-Tofu scramble
Really good and quick.....can get hard if overheated though (loopers)
This hot pocket type thing is orgasmic! I microwaved mine and it was divine, seriously, who needs a breakfast hot pocket filled with nastiness when you can have this vegan goody?! If these weren't so expensive (ehhhh like $3ish), I would buy these puppies by the boatload, for realz. (amymylove)
Pizza-Vegan margherita
Definitely the best vegan frozen pizza I've had. The basil-heavy seasoning is delicious; it has just the right amount of Daiya and a tasty crust that browns up nicely. (veggydog)
Pot pie-Mexican tamale
Tasty, but only as a light meal- doesn’t fill you up for long, but is good! (Meggs)
At 150 calories, I was surprised by how flavorful and filling the little dinner pie was. This delicately-spiced pie is made with organic pinto beans, crushed tomatoes, zucchini and onion and blanketed with a cornmeal polenta. Link below for more info. I hope the other Amy's brand pies are just as good. (Saskia)
Good. The topping stuff is more gelly polenta than masa (which is fine), and the filling is oh so well-seasoned and tasty. Not even frozen food tasty, just regular tasty. Filling for the amount of calories. Would get again. (fb)
Pot pie-Non dairy vegetable
yummy! they need a little salt in my opinion, but im kinda a salt freak. good for a lazy dinner if you can wait for it (takes a while in the oven). (cakes)
These are really yummy, i used to get them all the time (sarah)
Great comfort food. I love the crust and filling inside is pretty good. I just wish they would do more filling but for a frozen pot pie, it's good. (krista)
Pot pie-Shepherds
Again, good taste, but not very filling; small meal. (Meggs)
I love this, mine always explodes in the microwave and overflows some, but its sooooo good. (sarah)
Another one I used to eat for school lunches. Smiley Only trouble is, if you microwave it, you don't get that nice tater crust, but it takes for-freaking-ever in the oven. Microwaving and then finishing in the oven works well enough. (narcissus)
Pot pie-Shepherds light sodium
This was not good.  It lacked flavor. (monkey7)
Soup-Curried lentil

Soup-Hearty Spanish rice and red bean

Soup-No chicken noodle
I think I had this a few years ago...maybe a bit of a weird flavor/after taste. (AC)
Too oniony for me (and I like onion!) That's one of the reasons I don't like a number of Amy's soups... onion is used as a filler :/ (fb)
Soup-Organic alphabet
This was so much like the alphabet soup of days of yore that I'm tempted to get it again. Tomatoey, almost sweet, noodles! (fb)
Soup-Organic black bean vegetable
This is pretty good, not spectacular...and not something I would really buy..but it tastes good. (AC)
Meh. It's just... okay. It's good, but it's kind of missing something. (narcissus)
Soup-Organic butternut squash low sodium
This was just ok.  I had to doctor it up with sauteed onion and bell pepper, then I probably still used half a box of crackers. (icephrosty)
Soup-Organic chunky vegetable

Soup-Organic fire roasted southwestern vegetable
This was a pretty tasty and substantial veggie soup, but there's a little too much onion flavor for me. (fb)
Soup-Organic lentil
Once again, this is pretty good. It doesn't taste bad, but nothing to spend money on, really. Make your own. (AC)
Soup-Organic lentil low sodium
I liked this better than the butternut but it's so easy to make your own and it will taste a lot fresher.  These cans of soup are pretty $$. (icephrosty)
Soup-Organic lentil vegetable

Soup-Organic lentil vegetable low sodium

Soup-Organic minestrone

Soup-Organic minestrone low sodium

Soup-Organic medium chili

Soup-Organic medium chili light sodium

Soup-Organic medium chili with vegetables

Soup-Organic pasta and 3 bean

Soup-Organic spicy chili
Great spice, but I'm not sold on the tvp - it's a little gritty. (narcissus)
This was ok. It as good for chili dogs. I don't know how much I would want to eat it by itself, and I didn't think it was spicy at all. I'd buy it again for certain things. (AC)
Soup-Organic spicy chili light sodium

Soup-Organic split pea
I quite like this soup, actually. Not the be-all and end-all split pea soup, but good. (narcissus)
I really love this soup.  It's so hearty and delicious. (berryraw)
Soup-Organic split pea low sodium
Eh, not as good as the original, blood-pressure raising one but still tasty. (berryraw)
Soup-Organic Tuscan bean and rice

Soup-Organic vegetable barley

Soup-Southwestern black bean chili
Well, obviously it's no contest between this and a good home-made chili, but this isn't bad. Kinda nice as a bean dip with salsa and guac and olives. (narcissus)
Soup-Thai coconut
This is a decent substitute for tom kha when you can't make it/get it, but I'd only get it if I was really desperate for that dish and couldn't get any coconut milk/lemongrass/etc. There's something sour about it (not in the lemongrass way, more of an added-citric-acid-way) that I don't like. It's a better value to make this soup yourself if possible, and you'll get more mushrooms/tofu that way too! (fb)
Really gross I wouldn't bother trying this one (amymylove)
Whole meal-Black bean enchilada
Just “good”, to me. (Meggs)
This is my favorite Amy's meal.  It was what started an enchilada additcition. (monkey7)
Whole meal-Black bean tamale verde
I like the tamale and the rice. Very filling. (Meggs)
This was pretty good... it's been a long time since I've had a frozen meal. Both the rice and the tamale were pretty saucy, and I think they're just as good as fresh food. It had a nice balance of flavors - salsa verde, spanish rice, black beans/corn. Make sure you prick the tamale itself a few times before heating (not just making a slit in the wrap), otherwise the inside will stay partly frozen. (fb)
I was pretty impressed with it. It was better than any of the other Mexican meals from Amy's I have tried. The only problem was you have to cook it on high power for 4-5 minutes and then on half power for 3-4 minutes. I was making it at work and thought I told the microwave half power but I must not have, because the meal got overcooked. Even though I overcooked it, it was still good. I would definitely eat it again, but make sure I cook it correctly next time. I bet it tastes even better cooked right. (krista)
Whole meal-Roasted vegetable tamale

Annie Chun's
Freshpak noodles-Organic buckwheat soba

Freshpak noodles-Organic chow mein

Freshpak noodles-Organic Japanese style udon

Noodle bowls-Garlic scallion

Noodle bowls-Korean sweet chili

Noodle bowls-Kung pao

Noodle bowls-Peanut sesame

Noodle bowls-Teriyaki

Pot stickers and wontons-Organic shiitake and vegetable potstickers

Pot stickers and wontons-Spicy vegetable mini wontons

Ramen house-Spring vegetable ramen

Soup bowls-Korean kimchi

Soup bowls-Miso
Quite tasty for an instant miso soup!  The broth is nicely flavored and not overly salty.  There are a good amount of noodles.  These would be good for those times when you're feeling under the weather and want some soup but don't feel like making it. (willwolf)
Soup bowls-Udon
This is actually pretty good. It has a nice flavor, it's pretty filling, and the noodles are good. I liked it. (AC)
Arora creations
Bombay pilaf

Chana masala

Dal tadka

Bahama rice burger
Jerkin' spicy

it's soy, wheat & gluten free and made of assorted forms of rice (including something they named 'risofu'), lentils, & beans.  They're good for a quick meal, although i didn't pick up on the mediterranean flavor, still good with ketchup and mustard.  not greasy at all, and tasted just fine out of the microwave.  definitely a good option if you're avoiding soy/wheat/gluten. (propinecone)
My favorite burger alternative so far.  I tried the original and thought it had a nice flavor.  It has a nice texture whether cooked on the stove or microwave.  They are expensive at around $5.00 a box of 4 but it is a nice treat.  They are soy free and gluten free on top of being vegan. (monkey7)
Pineapple mango

Burger-Original vegan
Good ole' Boca burgers! (AC)
I'm not a big fan of this one although I'll eat them.  The flavor/texture is off.  I cook these heavily coated in spices. (mirrya)
While these are the most no-frills of all the "burgers" I've had, these taste really good if you doctor them up with lots of bun veggies (lettuce, tomatoes, pickels and onion) and I also think they taste great with guacamole!! If you don't wan't to buy a pac of these but like a burger once in awhile, Red Robins serves these up real nice! (Cap)
These are all right... I think they do taste similar to real burgers, which is probably why I'm not a huge fan. Make fantastic crumbles for a shepherd's pie though. (fb)
These have to be one of my favorites-- especially crisp-sauteed over salad greens-- yum!-- a la Lady Dragonfly!! (emg)
They're good but a liiiittle bit dry (loopers)
I have never liked these. They taste sort of bland, I feel like I have to pile on the toppings (and the mustard) to make it worth eating. The texture is a little too "close to meat but soggier" for my liking. (jeanacorina)
After much hesitation, I gave soy burgers another shot. After my first bite, I was puzzled- it tasted like a burger. After reassuring myself that it wasn't, I devoured it.. but I still had to double check the package after consumption. I'm glad I have a new, different, healthy option to my limited picky diet. (taintedlove)
I just had to add that I liked these so much that I had a second one for dinner. (taintedlove)
My go to veggie burger (amymylove)
I really like this veggie burger. I have eaten it at a few restaurants (Johnny Rockets and Red Robin) all dressed up and it was awesome! My dad makes them pan fried at home with carmelized onions, lettuce, tomato, ketchup and mustard and they are fantastic (krista)
Burger-Vegan with organic soy
My go-to when i want a real deal ''burger'' on the grill. very tasty! (Brooke)
Yum! I was so glad to have a Boca again (rarely on sale, and our store only has the organic variety). Anyway, really good, but I don't know that I can tell a difference between this, and the regular vegan variety. Makes a great burger, though. (AC)
Chik'n nuggets
These are not as good as the patties. I baked them for longer than stated, but they didn't really get adequately crispy. Fine, but wouldn't bother with them again. (AC)
Chik'n patties-Original
These are my all-time favorite (not so healthy) patties. (AC)
Delicious!!! its kind of hard to believe its soy... and my favorite way to eat: baked in the oven on a toasted hamburger bun, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and vegan mayo. (Brooke)
4.95/5 These have a good flavor and an excellent texture that is very pleasing to my tooth.  These are delish plain or tucked into a dish like Chik'n Parm or Chick'n Catchetorie.  They also make great sandwiches.  The only reason these are not a 5 is that occasionally they will taste slightly chemically or preservative-like.   (Cali)
Fantastic. Not sure how much they taste like chicken, but they're still tasty! (fb)
These are definitely one of the tastier chicken-style patties out there, and they're pretty accessible at most mainstream grocery stores. (willwolf)
I remember Lady Dragonfly RAVING about these and these are damned good!! One of my favorite veggie patties and surprisingly chicken-y from what I can remember from omni days (emg)
I love keeping these in the freezer for emergencies, i feel like these can go in anything. I love the texture! (sarah)
These are really delicious, and how I remember chicken patties tasting. They taste really rich, like they're been fried, I guess? I like these a lot! (veganrun)
I don't usually buy meat substitutes, but I bought them after seeing the reviews here.  Granted I haven't eating chicken in about 10 years, but I actually kept rereading the box as I ate them.  They taste exactly like I remember those cheap packaged chicken patties tasting.  It almost scared me to eat them.  That said, I bought another box today, the spicy ones this time.  My daughter liked them too.  If the nuggests taste the same, they would be good to serve to mixed (i.e. vegan and nonvegan) crowds of kids.  I don't think they'd know the difference. (lbarte)
I love these! I usually eat them when I am in a hurry and need something to eat, but there are times when I just want one because it sounds good. They have good flavor and make a good breaded chicken substitute (krista)
Chik'n patties-Spicy
These are pretty good. The spicy flavor is just a bit odd. (AC)
2/5 The spicy flavor is too spicy and very chemical tasting to me.  I do NOT recommend these. (Cali)
I can't taste a difference between these and the Original... not very spicy, but still good. (fb)
Very good! They were one of my omni-to-veg*n staples! Nothing fancy, just good old spicy chik'n! (jeanacorina)
Not as good as the orginally.  They really aren't spicy per se but have a spicy aftertaste.  Also, they take more chemically than the original ones.  I'd probably like them more if I hadn't tried the original ones first which are much better.  My daugter seemed to like both equally. (lbarte)
I think I've probably had this before, but all the packaged veg chili tastes about the same..meh. (AC)
It's average chili and a bit spicy (i have weak taste buds) but i like that its convinient for a quick meal. i also like to add oyster crackers, raw onions, and a bit of cheeze. (Brooke)
I used to eat these all the time. Great for many dishes! (AC)
A must have freezer-staple for any vegan-- very versatile and great addition to many dishes. (emg)
Wonderful product! great filler for any meat recipe (tacos, lasagna, etc) and i love the single serving packages (Brooke)
I thought these were a bit chewier than the LightLife Smart ground-Original crumbles. They were edible, though, and assisted me in having a sloppy joe for the first time in years. (taintedlove)
These are good for using in recipes where it calls for ground beef, like tacos or spaghetti. It’s good to cook them so they are a little crispy and then they won’t be so rubbery and mushy. (krista)
Crumbles-Ground with natural ingredients

Butler foods
Soy curls
delish!!! I like them better than seitan I've had (which isn't saying toooo much), and most definitely a billion times better than TVP (which I don't really like). I rehydrated them in water, then stir fried them for maybe 15-20 minutes with some green beans. I got them good and crispy. Then, I added the Korean BBQ sauce (amazing), and broccoli. They are chewy, and firm. I really like them. I can see how they would be soggy if you didn't stir fry them first.  (AC)
Holy shit. So awesome! (minke)
These are amazing. Bryanna Clark Grogan advises to keep them in the freezer so they don't go rancid... Amazing as a tuna replacement in AVK's No-Tuna Panini recipe. Kinda like shredded chicken as well. (amymylove)
Soy chorizo
I guess this is fairly new, and their only vegan product. I randomly saw it at the store, and they were all on sale for .99..whatever that means. I only got 2, but hope they still have some next time, because it is really good! I think I might like it better than El Burrito soyrizo. The texture is better, and not so..runny? It has thicker pieces. Looking at the ingredients, I didn't think it would have much spice, so I added some cayenne. It came out with a bit of spice, and is very tasty. I would get this again. The package is less annoying to deal with than the other ones, too. It comes in 1 single roll. (AC)
Good. It's more vinegary than the soy chorizo at TJs, so I use it a little more sparingly, but good. J said he liked it better than non-vegan chorizo. (fb)
Cajun jerquee



Smoked ham

Casbah natural foods
Couscous-Nutted with currants and spice

Couscous-Lemon spinach

Couscous-Roasted garlic and olive oil
This is a good flavored couscous. My dad sent a box to us for my birthday, so I don't know if I would regularly buy it, but it tastes good, it makes quite a bit (could actually be four servings, or 2 really big ones), and it takes 5 minutes. I used vegetable broth instead of water for extra flavor. It's nice and (roasted) garlicky.  (AC)
Couscous-Wild forest mushroom


Couscous-Thai Cuban toasted

Couscous-Wild mushroom toasted




Pilaf-Mint garlic orzo



Pilaf-Saffroned jasmine



Cedar Lake
3 grain pecan patty

Beef mix

Beef strips
Flavor similar to the Worthington loma linda little franks, which is to say, not so great. A salty/tanginess from canning I guess, and otherwise not too similar to meat or other fake meaty things in flavor. The strips are rectangular tubes, so it also doesn't have much of the appearance either... Hm. They're not too cheap (you'd think canned stuff would automatically be cheaper somehow), and I think beef-like seitan can definitely be made better at home. (fb)
Breading meal

Chicken mix

Chikn strips



Chorizo mix

Deli franks

Golden bits

Hostess cuts

Nuti loaf

Quik burger

Sloppy joe

Taco mix

Tasty link


Tofu franks

Tofu links


Vege boloni roll

Vege boloni slices

Vege chikn roll

Vege chikn slices

Vege dogs

Vege salami roll

Vege salami slices

Vege turkey roll

Vege turkey slices
When I first tried this, the texture seemed a bit like firm tofu. After checking the ingredients, that's pretty much the only meat sub not in this, haha. They have a decent texture, taste vaguely lunchmeat-ish (not a really strong turkey taste, but it's sort of there). I'd place this between Tofurky slices and Lightlife Turkey in terms of awesomeness. Tofurky seems more like that better quality lunchmeat, whereas this is more like processed kids' lunchmeat, for which it has a special place in my heart. (fb)
Vegi franks

Vegi scallops

Vegetable pot stickers

Vegetable spring rolls
These are delicious! I was hungry for spring rolls, and these did it. They have a lot of flavor, and the sauce is good. They got perfectly crispy in the oven in the given time. They were an ok deal for 5 spring rolls. I'd get these again. (AC)
Bomb diggity... love them... sauce is yummmm... don't get the egg rolls by mistake! (amymylove)
Nom nom nom!! These are the only brand of spring rolls I have found in stores that I actually like. Well, I LOVE them. I do wish there were less mushrooms though and much more awesome sauce! (taintedlove)
Dixie diners' club
Beef (not!) chunks

Beef (not!) crumblers

Beef (not!) ground

Beef (not!) strips

Burgers 'n' more mix

Caribbean chicken (not!) mix

Chicken (not!) 'n' dumpling mix

Chicken (not!) breast

Chicken (not!) salad mix

Deli style meat (not!) chops

Down home bbq

Flavored and diced chicken (not!)

Gourmet turkey (not!) burgers

Low fat ham (not!)

Meat (not!) loaf mix

Pepper steak potato kit

Roasted beef (not!)

Seitan quick mix

Sloppy joe mix

Soy ball and loaf mix

Soy bbq mix

Soy burger mix

Soy chicken breast

Soy chicken chunk mix

Soy chili mixes

Soy taco mixes

Tenderloin tips 'n mushroom sauce

Veggie ribs mix


Dominex Eggplant
Eggplant cutlets
Delicious!  These make an awesome, quick eggplant parm with a bit of sauce and vegan cheeze, without the fuss of having to bread the eggplant.  I like serving a couple of these alongide pasta, also. (willwolf)
I can't believe I never reviewed these. I think we had them a couple times, and they are good. They are expensive for what you get, and yadayada, but they are tasty, crispy, easy, and make a good meal addition. Great for anything you'd want with fried eggplant. (AC)
These were sooooo delicious.  I thought they were actually a good deal so I guess it depends on where you buy them. I just baked some cutlets in the oven and just enjoyed them plain! So good, no sauce is even needed. (taintedlove)
Vegan burgers
These are good. I cooked them in a skillet, and they are REALLY juicy upon, juice oozing down your hand. However, they have a good eggplant flavor, they aren't heavy, and they are a good size. I like them. (AC)

Don lee farms (Costco)
Veggie Patties
i think these might be only a costco product, but they're really good.  they're made up of shredded veggies - not fake meat-style.  only downside is they're kinda greasy, but i fix that by blotting them with a paper towel. (propinecone)
Dr. McDougall's right foods
Big cup soup-Black bean and lime (gf)
It's good, kind of plain. I would buy these (and the other flavors) when I was away at school. It's only something I'd really buy if I didn't or couldn't cook. (fb)
Big cup soup-"Chicken" ramen
The noodles are kind of weird. They're baked noodles, so they're not like the fried ramen noodles you typically see. Anyway, this wasn't super amazing. I'd rather get the terribly unhealthy fried stuff. The broth's flavor was kind of weird. (fb)
Big cup soup-Curry with brown and wild rice fruited pilaf

Big cup soup-Hot and soup with organic noodles
the broth tastes really awesome but the noodles are kind of whack  (amymylove)
The broth tastes good (though not very "hot") but the baked noodles they put in these are kind of weird. Not delicious chewy noodles, just kinda almost slimey. Egh. (fb)
Big cup soup-Minestrone and pasta
This was pretty good. It's a pretty filling soup, and it's nice to get food groups in one cup. I wasn't expecting to like this, but it's one of my favorites. (fb)
Big cup soup-Miso with organic noodles

Big cup soup-Pad thai with organic noodles (gf)
This was pretty good, sorta pad thai ish (but soupy, and more about lime than other flavors). One of my favorites. (fb)
Big cup soup-Pilaf
Disgusting... no flavor I threw it away (amymylove)
Surprisingly little flavor? Weird. I didn't really like it. (fb)
Big cup soup-Split pea with barley
SPLIT PEA SOUP. I like. (fb)
Big cup soup-Spring onion noodle

Big cup soup-Tamale with baked chips (gf)
This is ok. It has ok flavor, but the texture was kind of weird. I mean, I guess it's what would be expected with the cornmeal, and the chips and stuff.  Just ok. (AC)
I like this one. The cornmeal stuff makes it more interesting than just bean soup. It gives it a gritty texture, though. (fb)
Big cup soup-Tortilla with baked chips (gf)
Pretty similar to the tamale soup, except it's just got the chips and no cornmeal throughout. A bit more tomato-y. It's not bad, but I prefer the tamale one. (fb)
Light sodium soup-"Chiken" noodle

Light sodium soup-Chinese "chicken" noodle

Light sodium soup-Lentil couscous
It was fine. I admit I wasn't expecting much, and I wasn't blown away. Pretty much tastes like it sounds. (fb)
Light sodium soup-Split pea (gf)

Light sodium soup-Tomato basil pasta
This was fine. These are small though, which sucks. It's not much pasta in total. (fb)
Light sodium soup-White bean pasta

Dr. Praeger's
Bombay veggie burgers

California veggie burgers
They are okay. but i would not describe them as a burger. they are made with all natural ingredients with chunks of veggies which i love, but they taste like floured vegetable patties. also they also fall apart very easily! prepare in a skillet. (Brooke)
I really like these; not an attempt at tasting like meat, but has tasty vegetables. They don't fall apart in the skillet, but they will fall apart in the toaster oven if not handled properly. (fb)
Yeah, not very impressive. I think they are too heavily pea-ish. I did mine in the broiler, and one of them fell apart. The broiler is too annoying to deal with to not have something great come out of it. Probably won't get again. (AC)
They taste so-so, but fell apart every time I cooked them.  Will not buy again. (icephrosty)
I just bought these again (years later), and I actually do like them. I cooked them on the stovetop, and they are fragile, but I like the flavor. They held together, but aren't firm. I don't mind the texture too much, but enjoy the flavor. (AC)
These are yummy and a good veggie burger to have when you want an actual veggie patty with vegetables in it. It’s something different than a Boca burger. They do tend to fall apart easy, so you need to be careful when cooking them. (krista)
Texmex veggie burgers
These were different. You have to make sure and bake them correctly (broil), or the texture is a bit off. They taste pretty good, though. (AC)
Pretty much the same as the California... the black beans (etc) don't add too much else to an already tasty patty. (fb)
Italian veggie burgers

Ocean's delight vegan fish patties
When I first tried this, I liked it ok. The texture is not exactly fish like, but not a bad texture. The "skin" crisps up pretty well, and it cooks through well. The flavor is..too strong. It's too fishy. I was ok eating the whole small piece, but afterward..I was P hated it. He only ate one bite, and thought it was gross. It's like if fish wasn't exactly would be fishy. I put the other 2 in the freezer, but don't know if I'll get around to them.. (AC)
Oriental's joy chicken nuggets

Spicy bits vegan beef chunks

Sunshine patties

Edward and Sons
Soup-Japanese restaurant style miso cup

Soup-Organic golden miso cup

Soup-Organic miso cup tofu

Soup-Organic traditional miso cup

Soup-Reduced sodium miso cup

Soup-Seaweed miso cup

El burrito

Soy breakfast sausage


This is one of our favorite things. We buy it whenever it's on sale (and sometimes when it's not). Love it. I think I prefer to eat it on it's own to savor it...but it's great in numerous dishes. I just like to warm it in a skillet..not completely brown it. Yum. (AC)

Elena's specialties (Nate's)
Nate's meatless meatballs-Classic
I had these once before now, and simmered them in sauce. They came out soggy, so I didn't really care for them. I just prepared them in the oven, and added them to the top of pasta, and they are very good. They are very "sausagey" tasting..less like a meat ball, but still good. (AC)
These taste pretty freaking fantastic. My favorite thing to do with them is to make a meatball sandwich. I kind of want this for dinner now. (Courth)
Meh... These are ok, nothing to get your panties wet over but edible. (amymylove)
Nate's meatless meatballs-Savory mushroom
These have a great texture (especially when fried in a pan..). They are crispy, and really seem like they should be excellent, but the flavor is lacking. Even with some salt on top, they need a lot more seasoning, and more salt inside. I didn't really taste mushroom at all. (AC)
Nate's meatless meatballs-Zesty Italian
These are good too, but I really can't tell a difference between the flavors. I ate these in sauce, so maybe I couldn't taste them, but I know the mushroom ones didn't really have much flavor. I enjoy them; it just doesn't matter which flavor I get. I prefer them if they are baked/fried before simmering in sauce. They get nice and crispy/firm. (AC)
really tasty mixed into marinara sauce, they break apart easy into the sauce if you're not gentle, though. (propinecone)
Fantastic foods
"Chicken" noodle soup mix

Falafel mix
This is really good! The best mix I've had. Really easy..obviously. I did the broil method, so I used very little oil, and it only took about 5 minutes. Great for a fast, filling meal! (AC)
Very tasty and great if you're looking to make a 'lazy' dinner as it is really straight-forward and EASY. Turns out like restaurant-quality falafel. Good to impress your mates for a casual Mediterranean mezze spread dinner at home complete with hummus, eggplant dip, tabouli and yogurt-cucumber dip! (emg)
my favoritest falafel mix ever! works well either deep-fried or baked (they're just as good baked). Makes an excellent sandwich filling, and terribly addictive. (fb)
I'm going to go against the general consensus and say I really disliked this. Both Z and I thought it was tasteless, a bit dry and crumbly, and not really worth the price. I've not had other falafel mixes, so I'm just comparing to a fresh homemade falafel, and this is nothing like the falafels in VWAV.  I broiled them, so maybe they're better grilled or fried. I don't think I'm going to be buying this again, especially since homemade falafels freeze really well. (veganrun)
Its not that great. I dont think anything beats having real falafel though (chrissypooh)
Instant black beans

Instant refried beans

Hummus mix
bleegh. I guess if you have no access to chickpeas/premade hummus and must have some, this is ok, but does not hold a candle to the fresh stuff. Kind of grainy. (fb)
Nature's burger
This is actually better than I expected. It was on sale, and I was hungry at the I bought some. Extremely simple to make, and I only had one patty that fell apart at all. I made more patties than it said, and the taste and texture are both good. (AC)
these are practically my omni boyfriend's favorite food. They make no attempt to taste like meat, and are pretty darn good in their own right. They're very oaty/grain-tasting but I usually don't have any issues with them staying together. (fb)
I bought the mix because I thought it would be super simple for a night when I'm in a hurry, and it was! I cooked these on the George Foreman grill, and I let they stay on there for 25 minutes, because I thought the mix was a little mushy. They were pretty fantastic--the inside was still a bit soft, but the outside got this great crispy texture (my bf said it reminded him of the texture of a Boca chicken patty). The taste didn't absolutely blow me away, but for the convenience I still give them 5 stars. I didn't have any problems with them falling apart, even when we were eating them. Maybe next time I'll add some grated carrot to the mix to make it a little less monochromatic. (veganrun)
I'm a bit nostalgic about this -- I ate them all the time when I first became vegetarian as a teenager.  We made them a lot while camping, but I'm pretty sure I ate them at home as well.  I sort of forgot these existed for a while, but now I will definitely be keeping this mix around for quick meals.   Anyway, they were just as I remembered.  Slightly spiced, grain-y, a little mushy, but not in a bad way.  I had a much easier time flipping than I remembered -- maybe I have gained some cooking skills in a decade..? (vegrunski)
Sloppy joe
forgot to review this, too! This is a pretty good mix. I prefer the taco filling, but this is good, too. Made a good, sloppy sandwich. (AC)
Easy to make, tastes good, great with cornbread. (Meggs)
Tabouli salad mix
This was ok. Tabouli is not really my favorite, but I guess this was fine. I think we wasted most of it. I don't think tabouli is that hard to make, and would be much better fresh (AC)
Taco filling
$%#! this makes a lot. Oh, and it's tasty. I had it with pasta and on pizza. Pretty versatile though I wasn't sure if it would be. A decent & cheap meat substitute! (fb)
I forgot to review this! We really like it. It's easy, good, and filling. Definitely versatile. Great for taco type things, on its own, whatever. It's a good convenience food. (AC)
Easy to make, tastes GREAT- nice, subtle spice. (Meggs)
Tofu scrambler

Vegetarian chili
comes together crazy fast and is really good.  it's super hearty with lots of crumbles I know meat eaters that love it. (propinecone)

Field roast
has become a particular love of mine, a restaurant makes a vegan Rueben around here with it.  It's fantastic, though a tad pricey. (crossarmant)
Celebration roast
Similar to the tofurky roast;fantastic! (Finnegan)
I heard these things were waaay more amazing than Tofurky. To me, it's pretty much the same in quality, albeit different. My boyfriend LOVED it though, and normally thinks Tofurky's just "all right". It's pretty small, but it's heavy. Also, we were lazy (we weren't preparing it for an event or anything) and I microwaved it for small intervals rather than the suggested methods - it worked fine! (fb)
THIS I loved. Compared to tofurkey it tasted much more natural--perhaps it was because it was made primarily of grains. Better texture perhaps. I've had it microwaved and I've used the recommended steaming method--both were fantastic. I LOVE it with some mustard and lettuce on a sandwich. (Meat-eating husband didn't get a chance with it.) (caroleena)
super yummy reminds me of meat loaf (amymylove)
Classic meatloaf

Cutlets-Coconut breaded

Cutlets-Chipotle corn

Cutlets-Hazelnut herb
These are amazing.  I could probably eat one cold and still love it.  They're somewhat expensive, but definitely worth the occasional splurge! (icephrosty)
Cutlets-Porcini dijon

Cutlets-Sunflower country-style

Deli slices-Lentil sage
I've tried these once, and they were ok.  I think they'd be better with mashed potatoes, veggies, and gravy, rather than on sandwiches. (willwolf)
Deli slices-Smoked tomato
I've tried 2 of the Field Rost deli slices, and these are my favorite.  They make great panini. (willwolf)
These taste more like sun-dried tomato to me than anything "meaty." That's cool (i like sun-dried tomatoes), but I was expecting meatiness. Not really that strong of a flavor over all. (fb)
Deli slices-Wild mushroom
P seems to really like these, I think they are ok. They are more expensive than the other brands, and you don't get as many. I don't think they have enough flavor, but the texture is interesting. The flavor that they do have is ok. We'll probably try the other flavors. (AC)
Loaves-Lentil sage

Loaves-Smoked tomato

Loaves-Smoked tomato quarter loaf

Loaves-Wild mushroom

Porcini mushroom gravy

Pretty similar to Tofurky franks in flavor, but I like the Tofurky ones a little better. These don't cook quite as well (heating them up in a pan), and I don't like the packaging here too much. (fb)
I thought these were great.  They cook well on the grill and also saute easily without falling apart.  The taste is spot on, IMHO. (icephrosty)
these were okay... i don't like the texture as much as other veggie sausages... seemed kind of grainy to me but browned nicely in a skillet (amymylove)
These were great!  I ate them plain.  There was a serious abundance of fennel in mine, so if you like fennel, these are your wieners. (ninefatstalks)
For the win. (veggydog)
Sausages-Mexican chipotle
Spicy! And oily. They don't slice as well as the tofurky, but they're very "meaty" anyway. (fb)
These are ok. They are spicy, and they are oily. I guess they are meaty, and more flavorful than Tofurkey, but I won't buy them again. (AC)
Tasty, but a little too oily for me.  I used mine on a taco salad because they felt too "heavy" for anything else. (icephrosty)
WAAAAAYYYYY too spicy, and I like spice! I could hardly enjoy them because they were too spicy. And I couldn't taste Kelsi's Mac and Cheez after eating them!The texture was ok, and I didn't think they were oily like others said, but way too hot. gross.  (L2A)
Super oily, and make a red oily mess on everything they touch.  Spice is a little high.  I like to chop them up into little cubes and put them into moderately-bland, already-prepared stews and chili.  Have not had a meat-eater to try them to gauge their meat-similarities. (ninefatstalks)
Sausages-Smoked apple sage
Has sort of an odd fruit flavor in there that does and doesn't go with some flavors/dishes. In other words, good, but not entirely versatile. (fb)
Not my favorite flavor of the three, but still good.  I liked this kind best on the grill, it went well with grilled corn, bell pepper, and onion.  I had another with pasta and the taste competed too much with my red sauce. (icephrosty)
best field roast sausages. Incredibly delicious, and OMNI-APPROVED. (sb)
Stuffed celebration loaf

Stuffed hazelnut cranberry roast
My new favorite processed "meat". So delicious...has a puff pastry shell that is to die for! We like this better than Tofurkey, and we LOVE Tofurkey! (L2A)
White truffle country pate

Five Star Foodies
Artichoke burgers

Gourmet grillers meatless burgers

Save a chicken salad

Tofu egg salad

Vegetarian gourmet gravy

Vegetarian harvest roast

Vegetarian sloppy joe

Follow your heart
Cary Brown’s country smoked chicken free chicken
This is a lot like the lightlife chicken strips. Salty, chicken-like enough. Nothing amazing texture wise like Gardein or anything. Kind of cute and creepy because it's shaped like a chicken (sorta) (fb)
Heart smart burger

Food for life
Cluckphrey chic-a-roos vegan nuggets
These are just..weird.  The took way longer than the indicated cooking time.  I think the temperature is off, because they didn't start to brown at all until I turned the broiler on high for several minutes.  They are too soft and mushy, and have a weirdly sweet flavor.  My husband said they tasted like chocolate chip cookies..!  I didn't get that particular flavor, but these definitely weren't good. (vegrunski)
Cluckphrey vegan patties
Today for the kids' lunches I made these.  I had never tried them before--just picked them up at Whole Foods--but on the cover they looked similar to the ones we usually eat. I tasted them after heating them up . . . the texture was more stringy--similar to the Gardenburger grilled veggie chick'n patty if you remember that.  I also thought they had a bit of a weird, smokey taste.  Everyone tried them and no one liked them, so I wound up sending in something else for their lunch.  I put two of the patties in the fridge since I couldn't bear to throw them out, so they'll probably sit there for a couple of weeks until I get around to cleaning them out. I don't think I'll be buying these again. (jkl)
I bought a box of these on a whim and I am definitely not a fan.  The texture was very off-putting, they just shred when you bite into them.  I managed to eat all 4 patties by drowning them in tomato sauce, but they weren't very good. (icephrosty)
Frieda's Inc.
I eat very little fake meat b/c its not gluten free but these are!!! Can't wait to try it!!! (GFVegmom)
I swear it is chorizo... Can't tell the difference... Great way to make a quick meal and very good with potatoes and onions added. (amymylove)

BBQ pulled shreds
These tasted kinda funky alone but were decent on a sandwich (amymylove)
These are good in a sandwich with some extra BBQ sauce. I've had them a few times. Pretty good. (Courth)
(It's all good foods veggie pulled chik'n) Meh. This looked, and sounded really good, but it's not that great. The texture is ok, but the bbq is too sweet, and doesn't have much other flavor. So,'s lacking. I won't buy it again. Fb has told me that she thinks this is the same one that TJ's uses. (AC)
The texture was off but it could have been because I microwaved them.  They were not the best I have tasted and I will not buy again. (monkey7)
smelled and looked awesome as well, but I couldn't deal with the taste. How can something look and smell so good, but taste like rubber? Maybe my taste buds just suck. (stitches)
almost inedible to me, too. I had to choke them down on some crackers because the taste was so blatant when on a bun. (cstadt)
BBQ skewers
(It's All Good Foods veggie beef skewers) They were o.k. The flavor was good, sauce was decent, texture was a bit smooshie for my taste. They were sort of like the riblets but a bit softer. Don't know if I would buy it again. (emmzach)
These were pretty good. I re-skewered them with bell peppers and onions, and put some thin BBQ sauce on them while they were grilling. Yum. (courth)
they're so expenisve but it was really good (minke)
These give veg*n products a bad name. These could have been a lot better if maybe the company marinated them or something. The outside was fine after dousing them in some more BBQ sauce, but the insides of every cube were just bland. I'll save my money for Morningstar Farms Hickory BBQ Riblets. (taintedlove)
Burgundy beef trio
I bought this for a night when I didn't have much time. It was surprisingly good and filling for a microwave meal. Would buy again. (courth)
Chick'n fillets

Chick'n marsala

Chick'n strips
(It's all good foods veggie chik'n strips) the texture of these is great, but the taste is more bland than I prefer. They are good for making fajitas and the like. I hear the "beef" strips are also quite good, but have yet to try them... (tino)
Chipotle lime crispy chicken fingers
these are awesome on a salad or in a wrap or dipped in hummus. soooo good a bit spicy... comparable to the quorn ones which makes me dance in happiness cause the quorn ones are not vegan and i missed them. (brittanihill)
They are interesting and good. Not as good as the seven grain, but have an interesting flavor that isn't off putting. They are almost too chicken like! The breading is good. Mine stuck a bit to the pan, but old pan. I wouldn't be against having these again. (AC)
Classic style buffalo wings
They were too hot for me. So after trying to remove some of the sauce, they still weren't spectacular. Bleh. (Courth)
Yeah, these aren't fantastic. The texture is really good, but other than that they are meh. If the sauce was good, I would have wanted more. I didn't even get many spicy bites. The sauce wasn't sticky at all, or deep flavored (like a wing sauce). Won't get these kind again. (AC)
Not bad for a packaged product.  The sauce was spicier then I thought it would be.  The texture is nice but not exactly like meat.  If the sodium wasn't so high I would probably buy them again.  My non-vegan brother tried one and thought they were good. (monkey7)
had a nice mild heat to them--I added my own hot sauce on top because I like them absolutely slathered in buffalo sauce and because I like my mouth to be on fire sometimes. (aggplanta)
so ridiculously in love with the Buffalo wings.  (caison)
They were pretty darn tasty.  The buffalo sauce didn't taste like the bright orange sauce I remember, but it was pretty good- sweet and spicy. I chopped up the 'chicken' and threw it in with my steamed veggies, rice, and sauce.  I hope they go on sale again soon.  Or I hope that I'm not broke forever (Alicepleasance)
Crispy chickn fillets

Herb dijon breasts
(It's all good foods veggie chik'n breasts dijon) BEST CHICK'N EVER! The filet style ones are the best (to me). They have an excellent texture and mild taste, & come with sauces as well. I have tried them with the tomato tuscan marinade, and the herb dijon marinade...both were delicious! Also very easy to make, you only have to cook them for a few minutes before they're ready to eat. If faux meats were cheaper, I'd eat these all the time! (tino)
Homestyle beefless tips
These are good! Probably my second favorite gardein thing. They are seasoned pretty well, but could be versatile. I sauteed them by themselves in oil, and then added the other cooked/sauced stirfry ingredients after. The texture is good, but a bit softer than meat, so it's not gross. Not too soft, though. Good! (AC)
The way I made these and they turned out great was: chopped red and white onion, green pepper.  put that all in a big skillet sauted it for about 10 mins. then i dumped a bottle of that Organicville Original BBQ Sauce in there with some hot sauce(just a lil) and a lil agave as well. I let that simmer on low for about 10-15 mins until the sauce was reduced. It coats over it really well and the tips are more firm as well.  Everyone ate it all up.I think I made about 5 bags total with mixed kale/chard greens and cheesy baked potatoes. (nhyhsh)
I made this as a stirfry as suggested on the back of the package, and it was good. The gardein stuff really does shine when it's stir fried or baked versus cooked in liquid, since the texture is drier here, versus stewing it where it gets all weird and silky. (fb)
Lightly seasoned chik'n scallopini
This is my favorite so far of the gardein/it's all good foods. It's still not excellent, but it's pretty good. I just sauteed it in oil, and had it on a marinara sandwich. The taste is light, but good, and the texture is pretty good. It's not as weird as some of their other products. (AC)
Love these.  They are really tasty and so easy to prepare.  They cost about $5 but you get four servings.  I can't believe how good they are! (iceprosty)
has a nice flavor and goes really nicely with some pasta, olive oil and a little lemon. Toss some steamed asparagus in there and it looks pretty impressive! (aggplanta)
AWESOME! (minke)
I like these. Thin, good texture. I pan-fried them. They're actually pretty similar to one of the May Wah products (chicken patties or something). They're kind of expensive, though, so I probably won't get them again. (fb)
I lied, I got these again. I used them to make fried chicken (cut each thingy in half first, used Vegan Dad recipe for fried chicken ). They were awesome. When gardein is anything but simmered/boiled/stewed, it has this awesome flaky texture, and it had that there. It also stayed pretty moist, and yeah, tasted like chicken. J wanted to go back to the store to get more of this right after, haha. Looks like it might have to be one of those splurge purchases. (fb)
These weren't too exciting, but not bad either. They'd probably be a good base product for more elaborate recipes. (taintedlove)
These are my fav Gardein product and one of my fav meatless products. They are great for using to make lemon chik’n, bbq chik’n or even French Fried onion chik’n (my dad uses Veganaise to stick the French Fried Onion on instead of egg like in the commercial). You can also cut up the chik’n and use it in recipes that call for diced chik’n. They also work great diced up in homemade pot pies. (krista)
Mandarin orange crispy chicken strips
Not my cup of tea. They don't really get crispy or stay that way, and the gardein stuff has too strong of a chicken taste to work with the orange sauce (the sauce was hard to taste). (fb)
This is yummy, especially if you fry it awhile to make it nice and crispy and don’t add the sauce until you are almost done cooking, so it won’t get all absorbed. Nice to make with some rice if you are in the mood for Chinese. (krista)
Santa Fe good stuff

Savory stuffed turk'y with gravy
It's ok. The dry texture of gardein does help it seem like turkey, but the flavor isn't really there. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it's unaltered fake "chicken." The gravy is ok, not amazing. (fb)
Seasoned bites
Meh. Not impressed. The texture is all right (I sauteed them, then added them in a quesadilla), but I wasn't impressed with the flavor, at all. There is a weird taste, and then another weird taste that follows. I won't buy them again. (fb)
Seven grain crispy tenders
THESE ARE SO GOOD. I think they are my favorite meaty product. ..probably even better than our favorite-boca chikn. I baked mine a little too long, but they would have been perfect otherwise. The outside coating is great, great flavor, crispy, and the inside is great. There are 10 (I had 1 extra!), and mine were 3.50 on sale. Not bad in terms of a meal for 2. Love them. Would be great with gravy! (AC)
These are amazing. They're best when baked, but still edible when microwaved. But if you microwave them, they aren't remotely crispy and are best eaten with a fork. The flavor is great though. This is what keeps me going back and trying new Gardein things. (Courth)
easy to heat in the oven and also not bad in the microwave for those nights when you're so starving you can't wait more than three minutes. They were tasty plain but I also liked dipping them in bbq sauce---sort of like when I was a kid and would eat chicken nuggets only healthy! (aggplanta)
the bomb (startaurus)
THESE ARE SUPER!!!! We buy them buy the case! Everyone in my large family love these things. I fry the and bake them never microwaved them.  i could eat them everyday and not get tired of them but I love variety!! (nhyhsh)
They look so pretty, but the taste to me. I might have over cooked them (ok, I did over cook one of them to near blackness) so I'm going to try them again for lunch. (stitches)
meh, but they are good in a pinch (tweety)
super just baked in the oven until no longer greasy. They're good enough to eat plain but I also like to chop them up for quesadillas or nachos. (cstadt)
They are amazing. I like to save my Chipotle Ranch from Veggie Grill and put that in a sandwhich..its goood! (chrissypooh).
These are amazing, and the breading has a nice blend of spices. The only thing that weirded me out a little was when I went to flip them in the toaster oven, the breading had turned all goopy and liquidy... but it crisps up as it finishes cooking. yummers. (sog)
Yes, I agree with everyone else - they are pretty awesome!  I'm usually pretty snobby about fake meaty stuff, but I have to admit, these were quite delicious - I've actually had them twice now.  The worked best on my AirBake sheet, they stuck to my pizza stone which is super weird because nothing has ever stuck to the stone... (erinmonster)
Finally, vegan faux chicken nuggets that both my husband and I like!  These have a good flavor and come out nice and crispy.  I feel like the directions say to cook them a little too long, considering the high temperature (430 degrees F), but I've only made them once so I can't say with certainty yet.  They were great with various dipping sauces (mustard, BBQ sauce). (vegrunski)
I like them. Ate them with barbecue sauce. Crispy, good texture. (fb)
I think I died and went to heaven... THESE.ARE.BOMB... Served them up with some Mc Donald's barbecue sauce that I stole out of my little bro's "happy meal"... These will be one of the things I will be eating in heaven... Try them now, (baked of course)! (amymylove)
These are my fav faux chik’n strips. These are better than the Boca chik’n nuggets. These taste great dipped in Veganaise. (krista)
Sicilian stuffed chicken trio
I thought the sauce was the bet part.  The "meat" was bland but had a nice texture.  It is not very filling on its own and left me hugry an hour later.  One of the better Gardein products I have tried. (monkey7)
Sweet and tangy meatless barbecue wings
YEAH. BARBECUE. I was cautious of this 'cause I didn't like that BBQ pulled chicken, but this is different. The meaty stuff stays dry, and the barbecue sauce seems to be different (not as incredibly sweet). (fb)
This was ok. The "wings" are typical Gardein, which is pretty good, and the sauce is not bad-definitely better than the other BBQ sauce, which was too sweet and strange. I dunno about "tangy." Overall, good/average, not special. (AC)
Teriyaki chickn strips

Thai stuffed chicken trio

Tuscan breasts
These come packaged two to a box. About the size of a small chicken breast half each. Lots of tomato sauce in each pouch. The texture and look of these is just like chicken, but the flavor is a bit off. At first bite, there is an odd taste, like of grain maybe, but as it's chewed, the flavor is nice. Oddly, the tomato sauce is quite bland. Probably would be nice with pasta, but I had it by itself with a salad on the side. (teslaca)
I did not like them. They tasted weird and had the consistency of rubber, but that could have been because I cooked them in the microwave. The sauce was gross too. It was all watery and icky. (Courth)
(It's all good foods veggie chik'n breasts Tuscan) Not bad!  It's much less dense than the BOCA and MSF products, which I like.  It's a little bland, though. (mdv)
BEST CHICK'N EVER! The filet style ones are the best (to me). They have an excellent texture and mild taste, & come with sauces as well. I have tried them with the tomato tuscan marinade, and the herb dijon marinade...both were delicious! Also very easy to make, you only have to cook them for a few minutes before they're ready to eat. If faux meats were cheaper, I'd eat these all the time! (tino)
Not very good.  Tasted like tofu with tomato sauce on top.  The texture was surprisingly like real chicken which was slightly disturbing.  I ate it, but I definitely won't buy them again. (erin)
the bomb.  I unthaw them in the microwave and sauté in olive oil for a couple of minutes and throw them on some whole grain bread for a quick dinner when I don't feel like cooking after a 12-hour shift. (tweety)
Turky cutlet

Ultimate beefless burger
amazing, best veggie burger I've ever had. it has this delicious caramelized onion flavor to it and was almost too realistic. (brittanihill)
I wasn't that impressed. It's good, and I don't really have any complaints, but I don't see it as the "ultimate" over some others. It's more meat-like than say Dr. Pragers, but pretty similar to a vegan Boca. It probably does have better flavor, but I wouldn't be tempted to get them often. (AC)
It does taste pretty similar to the Boca burgers, but there's a little something tastier. But, I don't care too much for these types of veggie burgers anyway, so I probably won't get them again. (fb)
Ultimate beefless sliders


Burgers-California burger
I don't know why I never bought these before.....maybe I've never seen them, but they are amazing!  I grilled them when we had people over and everyone devoured them.  They are by far the best veggie burger I've ever had! (erin)
Burgers-Black bean chipotle
One of my favorites! spicy, full of flavor, all natural, full of black beans/corn/veggies. i love to eat them in tacos, taco salad, burritos, on a ciabatta roll, i could even eat them plain! (Brooke)
This is pretty good. Nice change with the black beans if you don't want to eat too much soy (emg)
Tasty tasty! I love to pair these with Tofutti mozzarella slices and sliced avocado (and sometimes a roasted red pepper). An amazing sandwich! (veganrun)
Burgers-Flame grilled

Burgers-Garden vegan

Burgers-Veggie medley
Very good for a veggie burger! (i prefer them over dr. praeger's) and yay for omega 3's! (Brooke)
Specialties-BBQ riblets
I didn't know these are vegan? I used to eat them all the time, and loved them. (AC)
O. M. G. They are so fracking good--the first time I had them though I had to double check they were in fact vegan they tasted so real to me. (Cap)
4.5/5 These like the boca chick patties are perfect in taste and texture.  They have a good tooth to them and are chewy without being arduous to gnaw on.  My only complaint is that I have a hard time finding them in my area. (Cali)
Drool. I wish they sold the barbecue sauce separately; it's the best part. (fb)
Really tasty, great sauce.  I wish more than 2 came in the box.  TJ's stocks these cheaper than most places I've seen. (willwolf)
Cant believe I haven't reviewed these yet. THEY'RE THE BEST POSSIBLE THING IN THE WORLD!!! Buy them!!  (sarah)
I miss these. (sarah)
Specialties-Breaded chik'n
Pretty good, if i remember right they're pretty close to boca chikn patties (sarah)
Specialties-Chik'n grill
I bought these on sale, and they are tasty. P said "tastes like a McDonald's chicken sandwich." That's kinda gross..but they do taste good on a sandwich with cheeze. I won't buy them regular price, but will enjoy the ones I have. I did the skillet method, and melted the cheeze on at the end (with a lid). Worked well. (AC)
I got these the other night because they were on sale and I remembered this quote (above).  They are really good!  These will make a great in between class and work sandwich as they can be cooked up so quickly.  I don't care for cheese so I didn't put any on them.  Just sort of vegged them up with tomatoes, lettuce and onion......wish I had some avocado... (JaneM)
Specialities-Gourmet hula gardensteak

Specialties-Herb crusted cutlet
These breaded chicken-style cutlets are pretty tasty and make a great Chicken Parm!  I don't get them very often, though, as most places don't seem to stock them. (willwolf)
A tender, soy patty breaded with crumbs lightly seasoned with garlic, onion, parsley and other flavors. This cutlet tastes delicious by itself, or blanketed with marinara sauce. Nutritional Information: Each patty is 140 calories, 9 grams of fat, 7 grams of protein and 460 mg ALA(Alpha-linolenic acid), an essential fatty acid and major omega-3 fatty acid important in immunity, vision and cell membranes. (saskia)
i used to LOVE this but havent seen it in years! (propinecone)
Same here. ^  The Boca Chik'n patties taste like the have a similar base with different seasoning.  I'd love to find these again.  They were perfect for cravings for my mother's breaded cube steaks with mashed potatoes. (lbarte)
Specialties-Veggie breakfast sausage
Just saw these at local Whole Foods for first time yesterday. Had one for breakfast today and it was pretty tasty. I used plenty of nonstick spray and let it cook till nice and browned. I really did enjoy them, the taste and texture were both good.  I look forward to using these to make a McD style bagel or muffin sandwich. (airzero)
Garden Goodness
Chick'n breasts lightly seasoned
They look sooo good on the box, and the nutrition info is pretty good. In one "breast" hehe breast..there is 50% of your DV of iron, 27 grams proteins and 160 calories. They have soy protein, beet root fiber, carrot fiber, vital wheat gluten, and soy protein in them. Texture wise they were good. I just pan fried one for a samwich with lettuce, tomato and mayo. Flavor was ok, needed some zazz, but I guess they're supposed to be like regular chicken. They're HUGE! Way thicker than a boca patty. After a while I got creeped out by it, so I gave the last four bites to my little brother, who said it was ok. There were six in the box for $9.60 ish. I'd probably cut them up and use them in stuff next time or maybe grill one and do bbq sauce like it says on the box. (ponycakes)
Go Picnic
Hummus and crackers

St dalfour couscous

St dalfour three beans with sweetcorn

St dalfour whole grain with beans

Sunbutter and crackers

Gluten free hand rolled vegan burrito

Harmony Valley
Hamburger mix

Sausage mix

Health is Wealth
Chicken free buffalo wings

Chicken free nuggets

Chicken free patties
Does not taste like much. (fb)
Healthy choice
All natural-Sweet Asian potstickers
It was better than i thought it would be. And theres tofu in the potstickers! (sarah)
so good....a little sweet, but thats ok. (erinmonster)
Heartline meatless meats
Beef fillet

Chicken fillet

Ground beef

Helen's kitchen
Burritos-Vegetarian ground beef with veggies
Taste was ok Bland not much spice. Also a little dry. The one I tried was cooked on a cast iron fajita pan.  (uzbekjoe)
Entrees-Thai yellow curry with tofu steaks and vegetables over basmati rice
Yummy! The tofu had a good texture and flavor, not what i was expecting. It was wonderful and didn't taste prepackaged at all. (sarah)
Entrees-Thai red curry

Entrees-Hearty bean chili with vegetables and tofu steaks

Entrees-Rotelli primavera

Entrees-Indian curry with tofu steaks over rice

Meat alternatives-Chorizo
This is a new product. Comparable to soyrizo, with good flavor. Soyrizo might be a bit spicier, but there was nothing off putting about this. (AC)
Meat alternatives-Gardensteak tofu steaks

Meat alternatives-Meat free chicken steaks
They were half price so I picked them up. I cooked it in a non-stick pan w/ alittle cooking spray on low heat. They were o.k. A little dry I ate mine with some BBQ sauce to add some flavor. Probably good in a sandwich. You get 4 in a package, good for last minute meals. (emmzach)
Meat alternatives-Vegetarian ground beef

Meat alternatives-BBQ tofu steaks

Heritage health foods
Casserole burger in gravy
It is what it says, a can of goopy fake burger.  It's a blend of gluten and soy proteins.  The label info is converted from metric, because a serving size is 3/5 cup, which has 110 calories, 0 g fat, 3 g carbs, and 11 g protein.  It tastes like standard fake meat, so it wouldn't be good on its own, but the texture is nice - it equally falls apart and is chewy.  It'd be good mixed in a dish like, say, casserole.  The label is truth in advertising.  It was expensive, ~$4.50, but it'd be nice to have a couple on hand in the cupboard. (hh)
Vegan corn dogs
First of all: take that in. Vegan corn dogs. Ok. I baked these (the alternative was microwave, and the baking was the recommended method, so I went with that). They came out kinda hard, but crispy. These actually have a fairly low corn:dog ratio, which I didn't expect because I figured if they went cheap on one thing it would be the meaty stuff. Anyway. The corn part isn't as cakey as I remember regular corn dogs being, but denser. Tasted like corn. The veggie dog isn't one of those solid dogs like Yves or Light Life brands, but a bit... flakier? It was softer, and the meat stuff kind of flakes off as you eat it. Like gardein, but softer. A little sweet, vague hot dog-ish flavor. All in all: CORN DOGS. Not the awesomest it could be, but satisfies. Until I can make my own, I'll be eating these and feeling like 6 years old. (fb)
Vegan jumbo corn dogs
J insisted that we get these, and I figured they would taste exactly the same as the smaller ones. But they didn't? There's more cornbread stuff to this, and the hotdog part is more salty and less sweet. We liked these ones a lot better, and will probably get these ones instead in the future. (fb)
Igreen+ jerky
Go slim with soy steak-Green tea
It tastes chemically, like an over-spray of perfume to your mouth.  I'll be tossing this one. (hh)
Go slim with soy steak-Light very low sodium with tomato sauce
This one tastes unusual because of tomato sauce, but I don't miss the salt.  I like it because its tomato-y sweet and different than all of the other hot and spicy jerky options. (hh)
Go slim with soy steak-Peppered
All the iGreen+ jerky has a sweet undertone, but there are large pepper flakes on this jerky that counterbalances it.  This jerky has a distinct chewy grain and a bold pepper flavor, and is my favorite variety. (hh)
Flaming hot

My fave jerky! The flavor is excellent, and it's chewy, but not too tough. Not too sweet like all the primal strips. I will have to get more of this! (AC)

Teriyaki with sesame

Organic Creamy Butternut Squash
I like this soup. Very much. It's light in calories, delicious like butternut squash. Yep. (fb)
Organic Creamy Broccoli

Creamy Portobello Mushroom
Great as a cream of mushroom soup substitute good just to eat too. (amymylove)
Organic Creamy Potato Leek
really good! i like to add frozen corn (amymylove)
Kind of plain, but I think that's just how "potato leek" stuff is. Ok, but wouldn't buy again. (fb)
Organic Creamy Sweet Corn
mmm corn. (fb)
Organic Creamy Tomato

Organic Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

Organic Creamy Sweet Potato Soup

Organic Creamy Broccoli Soup

Organic Cuban Black Bean
Kind of oddly sweet. I guess I just didn't expect it. I'd rather have my own black bean soup, because I like it more savory than sweet. (fb)
Organic Creamy Sweet Pea

Organic Creamy Acorn Squash and Mango

Organic Fire Roasted Tomato Bisque
Not especially roasted in flavor, but it's a really good tomato soup. Salty! (fb)
Organic Corn Chipotle
pretty good nice and creamy (amymylove)
Organic Creamy Harvest Corn Low Sodium

Organic Creamy Red Bliss Potato and roasted Garlic Low Sodium
Surprisingly peppery, and a bit watery. Ok. (fb)
Organic Creamy Garden Tomato Low Sodium

It's all good foods
Veggie beef skewers
They were o.k. The flavor was good, sauce was decent, texture was a bit smooshie for my taste. They were sort of like the riblets but a bit softer. Don't know if I would buy it again. (emmzach)
Veggie beef strips

Veggie chick'n breasts dijon
BEST CHICK'N EVER! The filet style ones are the best (to me). They have an excellent texture and mild taste, & come with sauces as well. I have tried them with the tomato tuscan marinade, and the herb dijon marinade...both were delicious! Also very easy to make, you only have to cook them for a few minutes before they're ready to eat. If faux meats were cheaper, I'd eat these all the time! (tino)
Veggie chick'n breasts lightly seasoned
the best when lightly sauteed on the stove. I try to keep them moist and add a little balsamic at the end and they're super. (cstadt)
Veggie chick'n breasts Tuscan
Not bad!  It's much less dense than the BOCA and MSF products, which I like.  It's a little bland, though. (mdv)
BEST CHICK'N EVER! The filet style ones are the best (to me). They have an excellent texture and mild taste, & come with sauces as well. I have tried them with the tomato tuscan marinade, and the herb dijon marinade...both were delicious! Also very easy to make, you only have to cook them for a few minutes before they're ready to eat. If faux meats were cheaper, I'd eat these all the time! (tino)
Not very good.  Tasted like tofu with tomato sauce on top.  The texture was surprisingly like real chicken which was slightly disturbing.  I ate it, but I definitely won't buy them again. (erin)
Veggie chick'n filets lemon rub

Veggie chick'n filets Mediterranean

Veggie chick'n satays

Veggie chick'n strips
the texture of these is great, but the taste is more bland than I prefer. They are good for making fajitas and the like. I hear the "beef" strips are also quite good, but have yet to try them... (tino)
Veggie pulled chick'n
Meh. This looked, and sounded really good, but it's not that great. The texture is ok, but the bbq is too sweet, and doesn't have much other flavor. So,'s lacking. I won't buy it again. Fb has told me that she thinks this is the same one that TJ's uses. (AC)
Just Whole Foods
Banger mix

Burger mix

Falafel mix

Hummus mix

Soup-Carrot and coriander

Soup-Leek and potato

Soup-Tomato and basil

All natural-Black bean mango
does look awful but I love how it tastes.  Yummy.  (tintexas)
I can't believe this is regularly like $4.89!!!! That's crazy. This is the only vegan one our store carries, so it's was my free one. It's so small, and so mediocre! I do not recommend spending all that money on this. I mean, it tastes fine...but it's just...there. (AC)
Not good.  I ended up throwing this out and eating left overs. (monkey7)
This was ok. Not a fan of mango, and overall it was all right and pretty healthy tasting (all those grainssss). I wouldn't get it again, partly for expense and 'cause I make tastier food. (fb)
All natural-Garden vegetable pasta
good, but, not too good (sarah)
All natural-Mayan harvest bake
too spicy (for my taste at least, and i'm a wimp when it comes to spicy foods) (sarah)
I liked this one so much I tried to recrate it at home.  It did not come even close.  It is not too spicy for me.  The only complaint was the cooking time.  The 10 mins. it says to cook it is too long. (monkey7)
All natural-Ranchero beans
too spicy (for my taste at least, and i'm a wimp when it comes to spicy foods) (sarah)
I loved it. (erinmonster)
All natural-Tuscan veggie bake
I don't like this one (tintexas)
my fave out of all 4 (sarah)
Pocket bread sandwich-Veggie medley
Just had one of these for lunch... love!  (pixie)
*drool* I'm in LOVE with these things (sarah)
Pizza-Sicilian veggie
I was impressed - it was rather tasty for a frozen pizza.  I just had to buy it, cause it is a cheeseless pizza.  I ate the leftover pizza cold the next day with some hot sauce on it. (purpledancer)
They carry this at HEB here.  I had it for dinner.  Very  good but not as good as the Amy's cheeseless pizza.  The big advantage for me is that I don't have to go to Whole Food's in San Antonio to buy it! (tintexas)
Ahhhhh. I love kashi so much. Personally i like it more than Amys. I'm downing this thing right now. mmmmmm (sarah)
Burger-Light burgers mushroom

Burger-Light burgers original

Burger-Light burgers veggie

Chick'n-Garlic teriyaki

Chick'n-Orange sesame
It tasted good but was mostly rice.  The picture on the cover showed several chick'n strips but there were hardly any in the package. (JaneM)
Gimme lean-Beef
3/5The texture is acceptable but somehow the flavor just never sits right with me.  I wish I knew why but its very bland and oddly tasting. (Cali)
The texture is ok, but after coming back to this from tofurky products, this tastes chemically (fb)
Not as good as the Smart Ground, but still good to crumble up and use in tacos, spaghetti, lasagna, etc. (krista)
Gimme lean-Sausage But, it has a bit of a different it's a good thing. It's good. Love this. (AC)
4.5/5 The sausage is perfect.  Spicy without being hot, flavorful without overpowering items paired with it. Crumbly without being mushy.  Very edible and enjoyable. (Cali)
The texture is ok, but after coming back to this from tofurky products, this tastes chemically (fb)
Amazing! So yummy as crumbles or patties! (amymylove)
Yum!  Great flavor and perfect for burgers or breakfast. (berryraw)
Good to take and form into patties, fry up and have with pancakes or waffles. I like to take them and dip them in the syrup on my plate.  (krista)
Hot dogs and sausages-Smart bacon
I had to throw this out. i tried frying it, baking it, microwaving it, and it never turned out right. also it tasted like rubbery pepporoni. (Brooke)
tastes ok. Salty, but obviously doesn't cook up like actual bacon because it's practically fat free. (fb)
I think I've given this a fair shot, and I just don't like it.  I'm sad, because this readily available at regular grocery stores.  First I tried microwaving - the directions don't say to microwave, but I always used to microwave the Morningstar Farm's stuff, so I thought I'd give it a shot.  It got rubbery, not crispy.  The flavor is nothing like bacon - more of a salty ham flavor.  Next, I tried them in a pan as indicated on the package.  They burned around the edges and were soft in the middle.  Then, I tried in the microwave again, this time spraying with a little cooking spray (I thought maybe the lack of fat was a problem).  They got..crunchy.  Like eating thin, hard plastic - not crispy like I would want bacon to be.  I will definitely not be buying this again! (vegrunski)
It kinda burnt and that was its only similarity to bacon other than that, crispy cardboard. (amymylove)
Hot dogs and sausages-Smart dogs
I think the flavor is great, but the texture is very chewy. and i like them best on the grill. (Brooke)
Blegh. The only way I can get these edible is by frying them lightly. Even then, not very hotdog-like. (fb)
These hold a soft spot in my heart as my first attempt at fake meat when I became vegetarian. That said, they're great for dogs. I boil a small pot of water, add the dogs, and then turn it off and wait (package directions). This always works well for me. Gentle cooking is important--they overcook easily. (caroleena)
i recently discovered that these are delicious straight from the package, cold.  i used to eat real ones like that when i was a kid (gross, i know) but out of the package with a little ketchup- no bun, these are a great little snack for 45 calories! (propinecone)
These are fine. I guess I like them better than the jumbos..I dunno. I just microwaved them, and packed them in our lunches..and it worked out fine. Nothing special. (AC)
Kinda gummy... Pan fried them in a little oil and they charred up kinda nice... Not bad but not amazing. (amymylove)
They are best made into pigs in a blanket or corn dogs. They are ok cooked and put on a bun.  (krista)
Hot dogs and sausages-Smart dog jumbos
They look a lot like hot dogs.  I don't know what to compare them with as my father swore that his children would never eat anything as discusting as a hot dog.  Swore up and down that hot dogs were filled with vile parts of pigs and were totally unsanitary.  But this didn't have any meat in it and had the little vegan label so I thought "what the hell...let's expand our tastes a bit." OMG....I am in love....put a little mustard and catsup on one and was so happy.  So good I got up in the middle of the night to have another.  I slowly heated the first in a fry pan over low heat and the texture was much better than the second one which I nuked.  The nuked one kinda turned to rubber, but I ate it anyway. (JaneM)
These are all right. I like the Yves ones better. I tried the boiling method, but it didn't seem like they were quite warm enough. Ok, though.  (AC)
Hot dogs and sausages-Smart links breakfast

Hot dogs and sausages-Tofu pups

Ranchero wrap

I got it because I was just too tired to cook after work and I have been curious about it.  My first thougt was there had to be some mix up 'cause it looks and tastes a lot like meat.  But no there is that little vegan symbol on back.  It is a bit expensive IMO.  Close to $4 for a less than a cup.  I liked the vinegary aftertaste.  Probally would get it again if it were on sale. (Jane M)
perfect, the taste and texture is spot on.. it's exactly like the stuff my parents used to make but without the flesh! (propinecone)
Its really good but theres not much in the package but its good to grab for a quick easy meal. (wayneshep)
Smart-Meatless meatballs

Smart-Tex Mex

Smart deli-Bologna
5/5   Ok, you found my vice.  I love this mild, soft and slightly familiar 'meat'.  Its perfect on sandwiches and even eating on crackers. (Cali)
I decided to be adventurous and try this. Granted, I buried it in a sandwich and wasn't brave enough to try on its own, but this seemed all right to me. Added some quick protein to an otherwise lacking sandwich. I was never a fan of lunch meat in my meat eating days though, so it may seem better to others. (taintedlove)
Smart deli-Ham
awesome!  they are super tasty and have a really good texture - not slimy or grey colored which i remember from some other faux meat slices.  i made a sandwich using them for lunch today and liked it so much i had the same thing for dinner. it was really good and hammy but not smokey (im not a huge fan of smokey 'meats' or 'cheeses') so yeah im gonna say it tasted like ham (propinecone)
Really good! We've tried several other hams, but never this brand of slices, and I think they are right up there with the best. Maybe the best ham. They cooked really well inside a grilled sandwich, and the texture was great. They don't smell weird, and I have no complaints about the flavor. I would get this again, and try some of the others. (AC)
Smart deli-Pepperoni
Spicy, not very meaty. However, I always had crappy (real) pepperoni so what can i say? (fb)
Smart deli-Santa Fe chick'n

Smart deli-Turkey
Ok. Liked it at first, but compared to Tofurky, tastes kind of plasticky. (fb)
i tried their "turkey" ones again recently, and though they didn't *exactly* taste like plastic, tofurkey was still way better. ::shrug:: I'm sure they are better now, but I still like the other brands. But, I've never tried their Santa Fe Chicken variety - sounds pretty interesting... (fb)
used to eat these before i found tofurkey. The look and smell always scared my family. They're okay though, and make a decent sandwich. (sarah)
I liked these, but not as much as the ham slices. I'm not really sure if I prefer Tofurkey, but I'd get either. (AC)
Smart ground-Original
Pretty good in dishes that need substance like cincinnati chili. I don't know if I'd use them plain though. (taintedlove)
This is my fav faux beef to use for recipes. It has good flavor and isn’t rubbery or mushy if cooked a little crispy. (krista)
Smart ground-Taco and burrito
4.5/5  LightLife again hits on the perfect flavor, texture and spice to make a perfect faux ground meat.  It goes well in any Mexi dish either as is or with some sauted onions and peppers in the pot.  Delish! (Cali)
Really good to put in anything, good texture!!! (loopers)
I think the name of this has changed to "Mexican style," but it's still really good. It has great texture, and good flavor. I probably won't buy it again, just because it's so unnecessary, but it was good for some soft tacos with beans. (AC)
Smart strips-Chick'n
Pretty good. Works well as a sub. (fb)
creeeeepyy. i used them once in the costco chik'n bake (the first time i made it i used boca patties hehe) and i got so creeped out by them because of the texture that i had to pick them out and feed them to my omni brother. he thought they were chickeny, so i guess theyre a good replacement.. (ponycakes)
Made those buffalo wings out of these.  Those were ok but to tell you the truth when I first tasted them out of the pack I wasn't too keen on them.  My cat really liked them though. (Jane M)
We like these but they're nothing special.  They're good for making chick'n salad sandwiches or stir-frys and omnis like them a lot - even my dad! (berryraw)
Smart strips-Steak

It was good, nice to throw the benefits of flax into some tempeh. (sarah)
Tempeh-Garden veggie
This is my favorite tempeh so far! It even smelled good. I used it for spicy tempeh sushi, so I couldn't really taste it very much, but I'll buy more! Yay for this tempeh. (AC)
Tempeh-Organic soy
The only brand i like to use. it also freezes well! (and only $1.79 at trader joe's) (Brooke)
Tempeh-Smoky strips
I cannot express how much i love this, its my favorite vegan product. i make sure i always have a package in the fridge because its so easy to prepare (no more marinating!) a couple minutes in the skillet and its ready to eat. perfect TLT's! really though, i have turned onivores into loving this tempeh. try it! (Brooke)
Tastes weird if you eat them straight out of the package, but cooks up nicely. Similar to bacon, not exact. (fb)
This product is so so yummy! I love it in a BLT (add avocado and Veganaise). (krista)
Tempeh-Three grain
This is the tempeh i usually use. Its good, though the rice in it is uncooked and depending on how you make it, sometimes you get a crunchy piece of rice (i like this but i guess its a personal preference) (sarah)
Tempeh-Wild rice
I like all the tempehs that Ligthlife makes but this flavor is my favorite one. I like the flavor and texture of the wild rice in it. (krista)
Ling Lings
All natural crispy dumplings-Vegetable

All natural mini spring rolls-Vegetable
they are a bit pricey...sort of.  $5.99 for the 8 spring rolls in the package (which does include sauce).  However, if I bought sping rolls at the local chinese take out they are $1 each and these figure out to 75 cents each and I kind of have my doubts about how vegan the take out ones are.  So I got them.  I was quite happy with them.  They aren't as good as homemade but I really didn't have the time to make any. They could have used a bit more filling but they were ok.  The sauce was much better than I expected.  It had a bit of heat but nowhere overwhelming.  I baked mine and they came out nice and crisp.  There are directions for microwaving but I couldn't see how that would crisp them up any.  At any rate I'd buy them again! (JaneM)
These were on sale, and they are pretty tasty. I baked them as well, I got I'm sure they could have been crispier. I like the sauce, and I like the spring roll flavor. Nothing amazing, but good for spring rolls. I hadn't had any in a long while! I like them. (AC)
Yes!  I love those!  But I let them get really crispy.... (erinmonster)
All natural potstickers-Vegetable
Potstickers! Mmm. I like these just as much as the spring rolls-both great. I didn't let mine get too brown because I didn't want them to stick too much (!!), but I love the flavor. Mine turned out just a bit gummy, but I think that's because I didn't crisp them very much. The dipping sauce is mostly soy sauce, but it works well. I really like these Ling Ling things! (AC)
These are really good pan fried. You can use the sauce provided, which is good (full of sodium though) or use your own sauce. I like to use some kind of sesame ginger sauce with them. Yum! (krista)
All natural spring rolls-Vegetable
I love Ling Lings! I like these spring rolls better than the mini ones, for some reason. I mean, they obviously have more filling..and I think they have different veggies in them?  I dunno, but they're good. I'm glad (because they aren't exactly supremely healthy) that our freezer is so small, or I would have majorly stocked up on Ling Lings things. I'll just wait for the next sale (or not!). These spring rolls are my favorite. (AC)
Lucky foods
Pot stickers
Pretty good. Again, not as good as Ling Lings, but pretty tasty. Good flavor. (AC)
Spring rolls-Chicken flavor
These are ok. The lingling spring rolls are a lot better. These took a really long time to crisp at all, and they never quite got there. There's not enough flavor inside, and I couldn't tell a difference b/w the chicken and original. Won't get them again. (AC)
Spring rolls-Original
These are ok. The lingling spring rolls are a lot better. These took a really long time to crisp at all, and they never quite got there. There's not enough flavor inside, and I couldn't tell a difference b/w the chicken and original. Won't get them again. (AC)
Vegan crab cakes
Making these is stupid easy the recipe is on They're pretty much amazing, and the omni's I've made them for agree. I use a Vegenaise, Wasabi mustard and Sriracha blend for my sauce but I'm sure you talented people can come up with a tastier sauce! Make some crab cakes. Do it. (fivehole)
Vegan ground beef

Vegan ground breakfast sausage

Vegan ground chicken

Vegan ground crab

Vegan ground Italian sausage
They had samples at Whole Foods yesterday, so I tried one. It was nicely spiced, saw some fennel seeds in there, which I don't really like, but it wasn't bad. The texture was really good, not mushy or anything. Only thing I didn't care for was it was a little greasy, which could have just been how they prepared it. Also, (and I notice this with a lot of meat subs) it needed salt, but then again I'm pretty into salt. (ponycakes)
I love this stuff.  The flavor and texture are both great.  It's a little sticky to work with when "raw".  I used it to make meatballs and DH said he thought many omnis would easily be fooled (he even wants to try it on his parents!) (icephrosty)
Vegan ground pork

Vegan Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Vegan stuffed holiday roast

May wah
HH010 Vegetarian Bacon. Kind of weird. It's made to look like bacon - pink with an uneven white streak. It's made partly with curdlan (a gel made from bacteria. weird i know, but it's kind of like prepared agar or yam flour stuff), so it has a firm, chewy texture both raw and cooked. It has to be cooked in a substantial amount of grease for a while to get close to crunchy; even then it's still chewy from the curdlan, kind of like really fatty bacon. It has a kind of ham/bacon flavor. Over all, I think it's a better sub than Smart Bacon, but not spot on or anything. Enjoyable, but then the curdlan starts to gross me out...I used this in the BLT Potato Salad from AVK as well as the Western Omelet from AVK. I think it went best in the omelet. (fb)
E011 Vegetarian BBQ Pork Tasty. These are little rectangles that have a somewhat sweet, bbq-type flavor with some five-spice. It's not really in  sauce, but the pieces of 'pork' are flavored themselves. So if you wanted to make, say, bbq pork filling for steam buns, you'd still probably have to make your own sauce. I used it in stir-fry with broccoli and some other vegetables. (fb)
S004 Vegetarian Slice Beef Style. This is basically squarish pieces of flavored TVP (it's dry, doesn't need to be refrigerated). By itself it's a bit bland (but not as bland as plain TVP). I think it really depends on what you rehydrate it; a mix of vegetable broth and soy sauce (or just adding it dry to soup/stew, and then cook) will be a lot better than plain water. It has a good, slightly chewy texture. (fb)
CCC022 Vegetarian Beef Burger This was fine. Pretty similar to the "chicken steak" (below), except colored darker (haha) and thinner. It worked well in a sandwich, but was particularly unique in any way that I'd get it again. (fb)
Black pepper steak
E007 Vegetarian Black Pepper Steak. This doesn't actually need to be combined with anything - it's already in a little sweet/soy/5-spice sauce. But, I used it in cacciatore anyway. It was most delicious. It has a dense texture, kind of like good seitan (but it's soy). Would definitely get again, worth the price.  (fb)
E005 Vegetarian Chicken Roll. A softer version of fake chicken than the Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets, wrapped in yuba "skin." They're not really "rolls" but little 1"x5" logs. The chicken flavor is milder than the nuggets, but is still good and makes a reasonable substitute. I like that it's got "skin." (fb)
E006 Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets. Really good. Has a stringy kind of texture like chicken, tastes mostly like chicken, and comes already in some sauce (sweet/soy/greasiness), which is pretty much how the "chicken" tastes itself. They're not crunchy deep-fried nuggets; they're just torn pieces. (fb)
C008S Vegetarian Chicken Ball Not as good as the 'string meat ball.' These are small, non-breaded nuggets, and the texture is finer than the 'string meat ball,' and there's over all less flavor. It would probably be fine simmered in something with, uh, flavor.
E002 Vegetarian Chicken Steak I used this in the asado recipe in Viva Vegan (it's supposed to be for tempeh, but whatever). It worked well. It has a similar texture to the other products, and is likewise a tad sweet. It's not breaded, it's just patty-shaped fake chicken. I'd get it again. (fb)
Citrus spare ribs
Not too citrusy tasting - more just sweet & sour sauce thing going on - but delicious. I'm glad I don't have easier access to this, otherwise I would gain twenty pounds. (fb)
D002 Vegetarian Grilled Eel. 1/2" thick slabs of "meat" with a layer of nori "skin." heh, pretty cool. it's kind of sweet, sort of like a fishy version of "pork." is it like eel? I don't know, never had it (i'm being really helpful). I made it with tare (eel) sauce (like teriyaki), and also put some in sushi. It's not that noticeable in sushi, but then again I made rolls instead of nigiri. I'd say it's worth it. (fb)
N006 Vegan Sashimi I was afraid. A lot of the fake food is that odd gelatinous seaweed-based stuff, as is this. But! It was actually pretty good. I used it in sushi (yup), and compared to the other 'seafood' stuff, it has more flavor (more salty, seaweed-...y). It's a salmon type of color and has ribbons of whiteness, which I guess is supposed to make it look like real sashimi or something (fb)
CB024 Vegetarian Bar-B-Q Sauce Gizzard. another yam flour type of product. It's not actually in a sauce, but does have some barbecue flavor (i guess it was precooked that way). I used it in a stir-fry and added some liquid smoke and such to make it more 'barbecue flavor.' It's ok, but yam flour things are never my favorite; they're always kind of gummy, and without much flavor. Also, I've never had gizzard. But I've handled them, and the yam-flour type texture is disturbingly similar o_O (fb)
Golden fish steak
Ab006 Vegetarian Golden Fish Steak. Breaded and fried (6) pieces of "fish." The fish itself are thin, pinched-oval slices of wheat protein/soy protein, lined with a thin ring of nori "skin." the texture is pretty soft, like a softer version of the tuna. At first my boyfriend liked it, then he didn't, saying "it tastes too much like fish." Well, there you go. I reheated it on a cast iron with a little bit of oil (to crisp) and served it with tare sauce. As a note, there is some "vegan" fish that was found to be, by some 3rd party, to not actually be vegan through allergen testing (it had dairy protein). This was actually being served at a place I ate (and they didn't know either, because the package didn't indicate any dairy), so I've had it. This stuff looks *very* similar, but is different. The non-vegan stuff is much firmer, like plain old seitan, and this is much softer and sort of has a different flavor. Sure enough, there's non-vegan "fish" stuff on may wah. Just in case anyone else saw that report and was cautious about may wah stuff. (fb)
HH001 Vegan Ham (Original) This works pretty well, kind of has a "ham" taste, but is not as good as some of the other vegan lunchmeat available. Kind of dry, could use a little more flavor. (I think) it's cheaper per oz than other lunchmeats, so... hmm. But with shipping it's not. So there. (fb)
(ham tube) I really like it. It's almost like a honey or maple ham like you'd get from a deli. I used to snack on lunch meat before I went veg, and I can do the same with this. I can just cut some off and eat it, put it in a sandwich, whatever. I've also had it lightly pan fried and it was good. I loooove it. (courth)
Meat balls
C006 Vegetarian String Meat Ball These are large, meatball-sized balls of non-specific "meat." It is stringy (a texture that a lot of the may wah stuff has), and tastes like roasted chicken. I used it in a number of things calling for seitan, and it was best in thai curry. Good, would get again.  (fb)
CB028 Vegan Crystal Meat Ball SO WEIRD. The package (as depicted on vegieworld) doesn't say 'crystal meat ball,' and these aren't balls, but patties. Instead the package says "vegetarian cool round" (what?). The ingredients are equally perplexing; Element meat block? Again comes the powder? Wow. Anyway. What it is: a sort of mochi/agar-textured patty made from yam flour (like Japanese konnyaku or shirataki), and inside are pieces of other vegetarian meat. Is it a version of head cheese? The "meat" inside was vegetarian ham (that's the "element meat block," apparently) as well as TVP-like ground "beef" of some sort. While the concept of this was utterly disturbing to me, J LOVED it. I grilled it on a pan (how does one cook a 'cool round?'), and it does brown & get crisp to a degree. This whole food was quite confusing and entertaining. Unfortunately, because of how much J liked it, I'll probably have to get it again. Wish I took photos of this.  (fb)
C010 Vegetarian Prawns. first time I was using some of these, I microwaved them to defrost. bad idea - they get all gummy and sticky. the next time i let them thaw in the fridge, and the texture was much better - still a little gummy, but firmer. they have a very mild taste, kind of fishy, but that's it. that's really the nature of all the things made from yam flour (a lot of veggie seafood stuff). I used it in sushi (not a fan) and fried rice. I probably wouldn't get it again, but I think it's just not to my taste. Also, there's a different type of vegan shrimp served at a Chinese restaurant I go to that's a lot better. (fb)
Prepared mushroom
C021 Vegetarian Prepared Mushroom. It's not mushroom, but fake meat made from mushroom and soy protein. It's kind of in nugget/piece form without any obvious seasoning. I used it in a savory stir-fry, and it went pretty well. It's got a shredded type of texture, kind of like stringy chicken. It tastes vaguely meat-like (no specific imitation I think). It's good. (fb)
Smoked chicken ham
AA011 Vegan Smoked Chicken Ham. Yeahhh. Tasty. It's a thinner log than some of the other "ham"s sold by May Wah, maybe 3" in diameter. Anyway, it's also got a shredded type of texture, and is a little sweet. I'm not sure if it tastes like chicken but it tastes good! I think it would be good in chicken salad type of things. So far I've used some, cubed, in an 'omelet.'  (fb)
Sweet and sour soybean
C020 Vegetarian Sweet & Sour Soybean. I think this is pretty much the same thing as the "prepared mushroom" (ingredients are very similar), except this has a light, oily, sweet-sour type of coating. But it's not nearly enough to have as a sauce, even if you ate this by itself. I used it in a stir-fry and then added a sweet and sour sauce. I like this better made this way than the "prepared mushroom" made more savory (soy sauce, black soy bean, etc).  (fb)
C019 Vegetarian Tuna (frige). Kind of greasy. It can be torn apart into pieces, kind of like what you'd see in a can of real tuna, but that was too labor intensive, so i just diced it small and added some vegenaise, relish, and a little curry powder. It's very good, kind of sweet/fishy/soft-textured soy protein. I don't know what tuna tastes like, but my boyfriend said it didn't, so oh well. I don't care, it's tasty with mayonnaise and in a sammich. The price isn't *great*, but I'd probably get it again. I also used it in sushi, where it was most excellent. (fb)


Moo moo's vegetarian cuisine
Chipotle black bean burrito

Poblano chick patties

Sweet 'n' spicy curry tofu
I really wanted to lke it because they are a local company and all. The taste was great and the chunks of tofu were nice sized.  However, as much as I like raisens it seemed like there were way to many of least 1/3 to 1/2 a cup in this one serving package!  Could have used some more cabbage and pineapple in there. Wound up using the excess raisens mixed with some leftover rice for breakfast.  Maybe I just got a bad package?  I don't know a bit pricey maybe...about $5 for a one serving package. (JaneM)
Morningstar Farms
Burger-Vegan with organic soy
Very good and comparable to Boca counterpart (emg)
Grillers-Vegan veggie burger

Grillers-Chik'n veggie patties
It tastes like grilled chicken to me, right down to being slightly dry. Really, I lurve them. (courth)
Hickory BBQ riblets
I am so impressed. The perfect balance of spicy & sweet, with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. My only complaint is that they are somewhat expensive and there are only 2 per box. (jeanacorina)
I liked gardenburger better... Still good though. (sarah)
I think I died and went to heaven once I ate one of these (amymylove)
I can't believe I waited 5 years of being meat free to try these. Orgasm in my mouth. Enough said. (taintedlove)
i'm not into faux meat and rarely eat it but i must say...these are bangin'!!! (lalamzo)
am glad Morningstar Farms decided to make these after Gardenburger stopped making them. The sauce is much better than the Gardenburger ones. These are good to have if you need something quick to eat or want to have it to go with other picnic food. (krista)
Meal starters-Chik'n strips
These are great for fajitas! (AC)
4/5  I have been buying these simply for the ease and convenience.  They do have a great taste and go well in dishes but if you boil them too long, say in a soup, they turn stringy and dissolve. (Cali)
Pretty good. (fb)
These didn't have as much as the processed look and feel as the steak strips and were excellent in stir fries and salads  (emg)
my husband and I have eaten these almost 3 times a week for the past three or so years... but it seems they've recently changed the flavor or seasoning of them to something like mesquite or bar-b-que.  While not a bad flavor, I don't feel like eating bar-b-que all the time (and when I did it was easy enough to add some sauce).  Sadly this new seasoning ruins these chik'n strips for several recipes I had. (fritty)
Love these awesome browned up in some oil (amymylove)
Meal starters-Chik'n strips with natural ingredients

Meal starters-Crumbles sausage style
These are great for Italian dishes. (AC)
4.5/5 Very good, tasty and good texture.  I have been putting these in breakfast burritos with tofu and potato. (Cali)
Really strong fennel flavor for me, but otherwise ok in recipes that will cover up that flavor. (fb)
Meal starters-Steak strips
These were some of my favorites. Great for fajitas or stir-fries. (AC)
Unexpected favorite of the bunch. Very salty, though. (fb)
These tasted good yet seemed very processed... (emg)
I did not like these they don't taste "beefy" to me at all not a good flavor (amymylove)
Meal starters-Steak strips with natural ingredients

Sesame chik'n
Pretty good for a frozen meal. The chik’n is Gardein’s for some reason instead of being made by Morningstar Farms themselves. The meal is pretty pricy though so I wouldn’t get often. (krista)
Sweet and sour chik'n
it was ok.... semi filing i guess but too sweet for me and there isnt much of the fake chicken stuff in it.. besides the sweetness its kind of bland and i find i only really enjoy it when i add way too much braggs. i dont buy these often at 4 bucks for a pretty small meal its pretty expensive and not really worth it. (brittanihill)
Not worth it. The vegetables are kind of a weird texture (but I think it's just from freezing), there are a few pieces of the fake chicken. The fake chicken is not particularly tasty, and it has a (formerly crispy?) coating that got very pasty when heated with everything else. It'd be better with no coating, or with the pieces kept separate from the sauce. The sauce is ok. (fb)
Pretty much the same review as the sesame chik’n. I don’t care for peppers but I know that is part of sweet & sour. The peppers didn’t ruin it for me though, I just pick them out. (krista)
Near East
Couscous-Roasted garlic and olive oil
I really like this for a quick side. It has good flavor, and is super fast! (AC)
Couscous-Toasted pine nut
I like this one as well. It's not my favorite, because the pine nuts are kinda mushy, but it's pretty good. (AC)
Couscous-Wild mushroom and herb
I think this one is my favorite. I like the mushrooms and all the flavors (AC)
Wheat couscous-Roasted garlic and olive oil


Rice pilaf-Brown rice pilaf

Rice pilaf-Curry

Rice pilaf-Lentil

Rice pilaf-Long grain and wild rice

Rice pilaf-Long grain and wild rice garlic and herb
This was surprisingly boring. The texture was fine, but it was pretty bland. These things are usually salty, but this was just bland. (AC)
Rice pilaf-Spanish rice
This one is good, too. To this, I added portobella mushroom, red peppers, corn, and zucchini. Nice flavor, easy, and good. (AC)
Perfect (amymylove)
Rice pilaf-Wheat pilaf

Rice pilaf-Wild mushroom and herb
I enjoyed the convenience of this on a late night (while sick). I added lots of sauteed mushrooms, some tomatoes, and spinach. It wouldn't have been near as good without the added veggies, but it has a nice mushroom/herb mix. (AC)
Java BBQ Tempeh with Quinoa

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Romesco Sauce

Vegan Tuscan Pesto Pasta with Alfredo Sauce

Organic bistro
Pasta puttanesca

Perfected foods vegan jerky bites

Hot wings

Original mesquite

Sweet BBQ

Price chopper
Chikn patty
Must say very delicious I made one for Zippy and tried a piece. (uzbekjoe)
Primal spirit foods inc.
Primal sticks-Pepperoni
Good enough--but not primal strips! (caroleena)
gross - looks like a dog treat and smells like it, too.  i couldnt finish it. (propinecone)
Blehh. Had one bite and couldn't finish it. Too..weird. Sweet and not pepperoni-y. Kellie the dog liked it though (ponycakes)
Kinda spicy, dry, not especially tasty. (fb)
Primal sticks-Smoked
Good enough--but not primal strips! (caroleena)
couldnt finish this one either, nasty. (propinecone)
Meh. Kinda sweet and a little licorice-y. I ate the whole thing because I was hungry, but I think I'll stick with the strips. (ponycakes)
I remembered people didn't really like these, and I thought we had the stick before, but I guess not. I got it because I surprised to find this gigantic primal stick in the grocery store! We thought it was pretty good. It's not really chewy at all, and it is pretty dry, but the flavor is pretty good. Not too sweet/licoricey like a lot of primal strips. I'd get this again. (AC)
Primal strips-Hickory smoked
soy, tougher than the seitan ones (caroleena)
This one is pretty good. Not much different than the others.. (AC)
Very peppery. The soy has a more "shredded" consistency, and I like that. The flavor's pretty good, although I'm a big sick of black pepper by the end of it. (veganrun)
Sweet and smokey. These things are softer than regular jerky, which is ok, just don't expect tough jerky-ness. I like smokey stuff, but I still like the spicy shiitake one better. (fb)
I actually really enjoy this now. Shredded and not too tough. Good flavor. (AC)
Primal strips-Hot and spicy
mushroom, haven't tried this one yet (caroleena)
I LOVE these. I'd had the soy kind before (forget which flavor) and didn't like them. I almost didn't try these because I figured they'd be the same, but gave them a chance since they were mushroom. They're great - tough/chewy, salty, spicy. It's not the type of spicy that stays with you, so I think most people can handle it. (fb)
These are ok. I like the seitan texture a lot better than this mushroom one, and I didn't think it was spicy at all! I don't understand why they have so much licorice in them?! It was too sweet for me. I mean, it tasted fine..just not hot and spicy. (AC)
My favorite PS. It's a bit tougher and more chewy than the others (which I like), and I like the spicy flavor. My boyfriend used to love jerky, and he said this one has the most realistic of textures, if you're into that sort of thing.  (veganrun)
Primal strips-Mesquite lime
seitan, I personally prefer the texture of the seitan ones over the soy (caroleena)
I actually think the seitan ones are weird. The texture is..odd, and they are slimy. I didn't really like the flavor of this one, too sweet once again..and not smoky (mesquitey?) at all. eh (AC)
yum (propinecone)
A long time ago, way back in history (i.e. before the gluten deal) I had one of these and OMG loved it. There's something about the stringy seitan texture that's just so satisfyingly chewy. (narcissus)
I thought this was absolutely disgusting. First, I don't like the seitan textured PS--they seem kind of gummy and gooey. Second, I thought the flavor was downright awful. I won't be eating this one again. However, this is my boyfriend's favorite flavor. (veganrun)
Primal strips-Teriyaki
seitan, I personally prefer the texture of the seitan ones over the soy (caroleena)
I liked the texture of this one a lot better than the mushroom, but still too sweet/licorice-y. Ok, though. Would be good for a trip/camping/hiking. (AC)
yum (propinecone)
This strip was okay, but I really thought that it didn't have a ton of flavor, especially compared to the soy and mushroom strips. I'd eat it again, but it's really not in my favorites category. I don't like it, but I don't dislike it. (veganrun)
Loved it!  I was excited to see they had this at the small lunch place near my office--I just had to try some. Nice teriyaki flavor, chewy but not too tough texture.  Low fat and surprisingly not *too* high in sodium.  I would definitely have it again - hopefully I can find it at a better price somewhere. $1.39 seems a bit steep! (vegrunski)
Wondering if this was a dog treat mislabeled. (taintedlove)
Primal strips-Texas bbq
soy, tougher than the seitan ones (caroleena)
they're meh. The flavoring is good enough (like a sweet/vinegar-y tang) but not as strong as some of the other varieties--I'm wondering if the soy doesn't absorb as well as the seitan. Also, the texture of these is annoying. I can never seem to chew them properly. I feel like I just take all the flavor out leaving a big tangle of soy in my mouth when I'm done. (Too graphic?) (caroleena)
these are our favorite, so far. I like the texture better, and the flavor wasn't too sweet/licorice-y. (AC)
yum (propinecone)
this is the only flavor I've had. I really liked it, and my boyfriend who used to eat real beef jerky all the time really liked it too. (veganrun)
Primal strips-Thai peanut
seitan, I personally prefer the texture of the seitan ones over the soy (caroleena)
one of my favorites. So flavorful, peanut-ty but not overwhelming, with a spicy* kick to them. Good, chewy texture (*I really can't handle spice, so you hot pepper eaters might be a little disappointed. It's delish though.) (caroleena)
I didn't really think this one had much flavor. It was ok.. (AC)
yum yum (propinecone)
I also hated this one. I actually couldn't finish it. The seitan was rubbery, and then the peanut butter sort of just sat on top of it, not integrating into it. I really disliked it. However, my boyfriend loved it. (veganrun)
The seitan is pretty soft, and the thai peanut stuff is pretty strong. Like there's a ton of the thick sauce just lobbed on the seitan. Both delicious and tastes almost like too much. Like I should be diluting the sauce with rice or something. (fb)
Pure Vegetarian
Beef teriyaki

Chicken patties

Sirloin burger

Sliced baked ham
They were too expensive, in my opinion, but the stuff is TASTY. It's probably the closest to real ham flavor I've found and a little extra salt might even make it closer. It makes the best ham and cheese on rye I've made in several years (I used We Can't Say It's Cheese smoked cheddar spread)! (jendiggity)
This was really very good! It's not "meaty," but the flavor was unique and tasty, and it is crispy/firm. It's made with quinoa, millet, and vegetables. I would buy this! (AC)

Redwood Co.

Cheatin-Celebration roast


Cheatin-Garlic sausage




Cheatin-Roast beef

Cheatin-Roast turkey


Vegdeli-Basil and oregano sausages

Vegdeli-Breaded fish style fingers

Vegdeli-Breaded fish style steaks

Vegdeli-Breaded scampi style pieces

Vegdeli-Chicken style pieces



Vegdeli-Organic bio nuggets

Vegdeli-Organic bio curry style sausages

Vegdeli-Organic bio frankfurter style sausages

Vegdeli-Organic bio gyros style sausages

Vegdeli-Organic bio merguez style sausages

Vegdeli-Organic bio schnitzel

Vegdeli-Organic bio rashers


Vegdeli-Sage and marjoram sausages

Vegdeli-Sage and onion slices

Vegdeli-Smoked salmon style pate

Vegdeli-Thai style cakes


Rising moon organics
Primacotta entrees-Lasagna

Primacotta entrees-Manicotti

Primacotta entrees-Shells

Ravioli-Mediterranean garlic and herb

Ravioli-Garlic and roasted veggies
Mmmm. This is probably the best ravioli, that I've tried. Great flavor! Subtle, but very good.  (AC)
Ravioli-Garlic and basil gnocchi
These are weird. I might have cooked them too much, but the texture was awful. The flavor of garlic and basil was good, but the actual gnocci was not good. (AC)
Ravioli-Spinach florentine
Yum! Soy ricotta and spinach! They aren't amazing or anything, but they hit the spot. They are expensive, and there aren't many of them at all (very small portions for 2 people), but I'll enjoy them while they are on sale. I just tossed them with some olive oil. They could maybe just use a little more seasoning in the filling, but still tasty. (AC)
Ravioli-Artichoke and olive
These are great, too! They are artichokey, and olivey, and a bit garlicky. I can very much taste the olive and artichoke. This is extra good, because I don't feel like I want to eat a billion of them; I'm actually satisfied with the half package (which is about 10). (AC)
Ravioli-Butternut squash

Rossini's Gourmet-Vegan cheese pizza (made with Daiya)

Rossini’s Gourmet-Vegan Cheese Pizza with Italian Sausage
GOOD! The cheese gets very melty. The crust is decent. It sort of reminded me of skating rink pizza, but in a good way. I think I would add some other toppings to it if I ordered it again, but honestly I think I can make a pizza just as good at home. It was a nice treat, though! (jendiggity)
Yum. This was my first good Daiya experience. I think the recommended 450 is a bit too hot for my oven, because the crust browned, and cheese got past just melty. Everyone about this pizza is really good. It's not tastes pretty much like a regular frozen pizza, but that's a pretty tasty thing sometimes. I think it could use more sausage, because the sausage didn't add a whole lot, but it was tasty enough.If I was to get one again, I'd choose the regular cheese. The crust is good, sauce is good. (AC)
Rossini's Gourmet-Vegan Pepperoni Pizza

Smoked tofu jerky

Sol Cuisine
Burger-Falafel and sauce


Burger-Spicy bean
Too spicy for me! I can't really taste anything, except the heat. Not my cup of tea, but I'm sure if you love spicy things (and they're really not that hot, just for me they are), then you'll probably love these. (Laura)


Sol-ground original


Sophie's Kitchen
Vegan breaded fish fillet

Vegan breaded shrimp
Tasty. Seems like other fake shrimp I've had (but breaded). We ate it with sweet chili sauce. (fb)
Pretty good, I guess. Nice alternative to "chik'n".. Pretty much tastes how I recall shrimp being. (taintedlove)
Vegan calamari
Interesting. I guess it is kinda like calamari..the pieces are pretty big, and it's very chewy. The flavor is just slightly fishyish. Not something I'd get again, but interesting. Not gross. (AC)
Vegan prawn

Vegan shrimp

Vegan squid ring

Soy boy
Meat alternatives-Breakfast links

Meat alternatives-Okara courage burger

Meat alternatives-Not dog

Meat alternatives-Vegetarian franks

Ravioli-Original tofu
Very basic raviolli. Tastes like I remember cheese raviolli to taste. A little bland but good with sauce. They were 3.99 at Whole Foods which was a little pricey, but you get 3.5 servings per package. (emmzach)


Tempeh-Organic 5 grain

Tempeh-Organic soy



Amazing! Love it. (happypanda)
Burger-Tofu herbs and Spice

Burger-Baked ganmo

Burger-Baked miso

Burger-Baked teriyaki

Burger-Baked tofu

Burger-Baked tofu herbs and spice

Shefu tofu-BBQ tofu bites
closest thing to real meatballs ill ever get.the package is deceiving though  the center of the package is hollow so it looks like you are getting more than you are. (gabrielurmen)
Shefu tofu-Lightly seasoned tofu bites

Shefu tofu-Southern style tofu slices

Shefu tofu-Tofu veggie patty with dill

Shefu tofu-Tofu veggie patty with mushrooms

Specialty-Pinto burger

Specialty-Vege pate

Super fu-Nutty patty
Amazing! Love it. (happypanda)


StarLite Cuisine
Rolled tacos-Chipotle chicken style
Yummy!! I have a feeling all of these are really great. The taquitos are smaller (corn tortillas) and crispier, and these rolled tacos are "jumbo" (flour tortillas), but still crispy. This flavor is very smoky. I love the flavor and texture. I warmed them in the oven. (AC)
My god, every one of their products is tasty. This is not very spicy, though it has a little of that smoky chipotle flavor. (fb)
Rolled tacos-Garlic chicken style
Yep, good. It's amazing how they all taste so different, but so good. These taste different than the Santa Fe ones, but good on their own right. (AC)
Also tasty. Not super garlicky, but more juicy than the others? These things are delicious. (fb)
Rolled tacos-Santa Fe chicken style
Another one that's really good! I just love, love the flavor of these. I'm glad they aren't on sale all the time...
(kinda) (AC)
Really tasty!  These are great dipped in taco sauce/salsa, Tofutti sour cream, and guacamole.  I just wish these weren't so pricey; they're usually $5-6, and I never find them on sale. (willwolf)
YEAH. These greasy delights are filled with chicken-like goodness. Notably, the tortilla itself is good as well. J hates bell pepper usually, but loved these anyway. I think we're gonna try the other flavors... (fb)
Taquitos-Meatless chicken style
Yep, good. These are very chicken-like. They don't have a lot of additional flavoring, but they somehow just taste like chicken....but not in a gross way. These are somewhere in the middle, in terms of rating. (AC)
Taquitos-Original beef style
Best flavor so far! These are sooo tasty. They pretty much taste exactly like how I remember regular taquitos tasting. They are superb. I didn't want them to end! (AC)
Also delicious, tastes very beefy. I might actually like this better than the santa fe chicken ones, not sure. Also, the taquitos aren't THAT different in size than the rolled tacos. (fb)
Taquitos-Soy chorizo and black bean style
These are really good! I was very pleased. You get 8/box, and they aren't the healthiest things ever, but I love trying new things like this. These are really tasty. I think the chorizo is better than soyrizo, but I don't know what kind it is. Very flavorful. I used the pan method, and they were taking forever to thoroughly heat, and still stayed a bit cool in the middle, but I didn't mind. I can't wait to try another flavor while they are on sale! (AC)
Least favorite, but still good. Their chorizo stuff has more of a cumin flavor? huh. (fb)
Stonewall's jerquee
Cajun bacon
Ordered about a billion of these online when I had money :p Cajun bacon wasn't really bacon-y, but it was really good. The pieces were kinda chewy and like..weird texture, but not unpleasant. A little spicy for me, but I'm a huge spicy wimp. Good snack! (ponycakes)
Country bacon
Eh. It's still like partially hydrated TVP with salt, except it's smoky. I like this a little better, but tbh I'm probably not going to get these again. There's definitely better vegan jerky out there. (fb)
Hot pastrami
I like these jerkys, and I think they're addicting. I don't know about "hot pastrami," but the flavor is kinda peppery and spice-y. I like how chewy they are. Not really eating soy anymore, but I'd still eat some of these. (AC)
Ok, last flavor ever of these things (I bought several flavors at the same time). This was saltier and smokier, but still not great. (fb)
I was really excited to find these in my local co-op. An awesome vegan treat to switch it up a bit. Pretty good texture and flavor, although not what I recall pastrami tasting like. (taintedlove)
Original mild
best flavor! (ponycakes)
Original wild

Peppy pepperoni
yummy, but after a while made me feel kinda sick. Still would recommend it, just not three packs in one sitting  (ponycakes)
Spicy chicken

Tandoori chicken
ew. Not sure what tandoori is supposed to taste like, but this was so weird. Peppery and egh. (ponycakes)
Didn't love the flavor, it was too...flowery? Tasted like roses. It wasn't bad, but I would enjoy a different flavor more. I like the texture, but it's almost TOO tough and chewy. I liked it enough to want more than the small package. (AC)
Teriyaki beef
some improvement... sweet, and has more of a citrus/pineapple thing than teriyaki (sure enough, those are towards the top of the ingredients). I feel like this stuff is essentially partially hydrated TVP. Anyway, speaking of cat food, my cats were all over this. (fb)
Channa masala naanwich
This is pretty good. The naan is kinda weird to me, but mine was cold. It wasn't really anything different than a regular flatbread. The masala was pretty good, nicely flavored. It was nice to be able to grab this for a dinner. (AC)
Garden vegetable frozen naanwich

Lean channa masala

Lean dal saag

Matar tofu with dal

Matar tofu with naan

Red curry tofu and vegetables

Spinach and tofu naanwich

Vegan chili chicken with naan bread
It's pretty good, actually, and I'm even picky. The flavor was excellent. The texture, however, was a little too squishy for my liking, but if I ate each piece with a bit of the naan it was okay. I did microwave it though, so maybe it'd be better cooked differently. (taintedlove)
Vegan channa masala with naan bread

Vegan mixed vegetable roti roll

Vegan samosas and chutney

I like all of them. They are the only gluten free veggie burgers that I've found! (awildfire)
Burgers-Garden herb
I like all of them. They are the only gluten free veggie burgers that I've found! (awildfire)
I actually forgot that these were different than the others we had (original). I don't think I could tell any difference. I like them both, but I didn't detect more herbs. I like eating them room temp more than hot, because they stay firmer. (AC)
Pretty gross. I loved the packaging, but took one bit and threw it out. (L2A)
They're mushy and taste gross. (hh)
4/5 I enjoy these.  The flavor is not 'burger' but it is tasty and stays together reasonably well all without soy. (Cali)
I take my poor review of Sunshine Burgers back. I had one the other day and it was delicious. I think it has to do with the specific flavor. I think the gross one was barbecue....and this one was just plain. Yum! (L2A)
I eat very little fake meat b/c its not gluten free but these are!!! (GFVegmom)
I like all of them. They are the only gluten free veggie burgers that I've found! (awildfire)
I thought I had tried/reviewed these before! You can't go into them thinking that they will be FIRM, but they taste good, are healthy, and are not exactly mushy. They have a good texture on the outside, but the inside stays kinda...not firm. They satisfy a veggie burger craving, and they are healthier than a Boca (only have like 5 ingredients, all whole). I had one that I cooked/warmed, and let set out for a few minutes, and it was much better/firmer. I think that's the key-to not have them when they are hot/just warmed.  (AC)
3.5/5  These are pretty good even if they are not traditional burger tasting. (Cali)
I definitely think the Southwest is the best flavor! I like all of them though. They are the only gluten free veggie burgers that I've found! (awildfire)
We liked these. They have good flavor, and they held together. They aren't as compact as some other burgers (they might crumble), but they worked well. I like the little bit of spice. I do think it's weird that you get 3 in a box, instead of 4. (AC)
Tasty bite
Bengal lentils

Bombay potatoes

Kerala vegetables

Mexican fiesta pilaf

Multigrain pilaf

Punjab eggplant

Rendang vegetables

Satay vegetables

Spinach dal
This is all right. It basically tastes like it's from a package, but it's not bad tasting. It does have some Indian spice flavor, and it's spinach-y..I heated up some leftover rice in a skillet, and just added the package contents to that. It warms up in a few need to boil it, and all that stuff. I don't think I'll buy it again. (AC)
Spinach dal and basmati rice

Spinach soy

Thai lime pilaf

Yellow curry
This was close to the borderline of being gross. The color was pretty weird, and the consistency was weird, and the flavor was lackluster. The vegetables were really skimpy, and WEIRD (little cubes of weird potatoes, weird cone green beans, little corns..). I made some rice, and added some zucchini, so it was a quick meal, just not worth the money, or saved time. (AC)
Tasty eats
Soy jerky-Cajun

Soy jerky-Ginger

Soy jerky-Hot and spicy

Soy jerky-Jamaican

Soy jerky-Original

Soy jerky-Peppered

Soy jerky-Tandoori

Soy jerky-Teriyaki

The Pasty Oven vegan pockets
Back to our roots

Chipotle fiesta

Orient express

Taste of Italy

Trader Joe's
Beefless strips
I like these better. I wasn't huge on beef either back in the non-veg days, but these hit the spot, both taste and texture. I've used them in pasta and stir fries. They're pretty similar to Morningstar's "beef" strips, but perhaps less salty. (fb)
OK, I didn't really like them. Nothing I'll buy again, but ok. 2 out of 5. (chickiestripveg)
Kinda funky... Look like little terds... Taste legit, Morningstar's are better. (amymylove)
one of the main meals i eat is these with broccoli and brown rice and peanut sauce they are pretty  good in a sandwich or salad too i would highly suggest these i buy at least a couple packages every time i shop at tjs (brittanihill)
Black bean and corn enchiladas
I used to get these a lot. It's a nice, simple, small meal. The corn is sweet and tasty, and I'd probably be eating these right now if I didn't cook. Good amount of sauce. (fb)
Chickenless mandarin orange morsels
My family is in love with these. They're a little pricey at $3.99 a bag, but much cheaper and tastier than take out!  The sad part is we weren't able to buy any this week because they're sold out and don't know when they'll be getting more in. Definitely check it out. It is super yummy!! (abrimmer)
delicious!  I bake them in the oven, and then once cooked, mix with the sauce & put over rice.  Served with a side of veggies, these make a quick, tasty meal.  At my store, they're only $2.99 per bag. (willwolf)
YES THESE ARE BOMB!!! (amymylove)
Chickenless pulled chicken in barbecue sauce
I don't pay much attention to how much things cost, but I'm fairly certain it was under $4, possibly under $3. Slippery tasting like the chicken strips when eaten alone; sort-of spicy BBQ sauce (not hot, but a nice flavor). Tastes great with cornbread- sort of eliminates the slippery feel and you just taste more of the BBQ. I'm guessing it would taste pretty good as a sandwich/with bread. I will buy it again; it's a nice deviation from the "plain" fake meats I usually buy. (Meggs)
By itself it gets a negative 4, but in a good tomato sauce it's wonderful and gets a 4! (chickiestripveg)
This stuff is gross. The chicken is bland and the sauce sucks balls! Will never buy again. (sb)
Chickenless strips
I LOVE these! You just saute in soy ginger and it's ready to eat. I think it's better than chicken. (chickiestripveg)
I don't like these. I don't hate them, but I don't like them. They're... I don't know. It's hard to put my finger on it. They taste chicken-like in a way I don't want (I didn't really like chicken before, so maybe it's a sign that they do taste like chicken?). They have an interesting texture - kind of like how chicken/turkey is. I had them in soup and they're a little too smooth... if that makes any sense. Like slippery. (fb)
They're okay... I wasn't blown away. The box says they're lightly seasoned, and it's not kidding; they're very bland. I think they're a little overpackaged. (narcissus)
Texture is decent. Flavor is not really there at all, but it goes well in a sauce of any kind. I also put them in Enchiladas. The morningstar chik'n starter strips are WAY better. (sb)
Good. Morningstar's are better. (amymylove)
Chickenless strips-BBQ

Chickenless stuffed cutlet (with black beans and corn in a smoky tomato sauce)
$4.99 for two. A nice spicy sauce. I liked it; it's not like the chickenless strips or pulled chicken at all- not slippery or strange. Tasty. (Meggs)
Bought these for $4.50 and tried them out.  They had a great texture and flaked like chicken would but they were not the best flavor seitan I have ever had.  Almost bland and with a tiny faint chemical tint.  The sauce was good but the stuffing was unappetizing gray goosh. I would rate them a 3 at most and probably will not buy again.  BUT if you do not mind the very mild chickn flavor then give them a try. (Cali)
These were all right. The "chicken" part is sort of a unique blend of plant protein, and it was kind of like a blend of seitan and soy protein to me. No strong flavor, really. The filling was fine, but considering it's black beans and corn, it's something that's easy to make yourself and just as good (which is ok, it's just that $5 for two cutlets, I want something that's more unique). The sauce isn't really "smokey" just more like a marinara with a bit of spiciness. I saw this as its name brand (I forget what, but it was definitely the same product) at Whole Foods for the same price... it's too bad, because TJ's usually gets a better deal than WF, so I'd think it could be cheaper than $5 (fb)
Crinkled wedge potatoes

Garlic rice noodle soup bowl
The best one. The broth is a little salty, garlicky, and a little bit sweet. These are pretty low calorie, but it's usually all I need for lunch. Cheap, too! (fb)
Kung pao noodles and sauce
Least favorite here, but not bad. The sauce just isn't anything special, and it should be "OMG DELICIOUS" for the amount of calories in these things.  (fb)
Latin black bean soup

Meatless meatballs
Fantastic! they are cheaper than Nate's and taste the same. perfect in pasta or a meatball sandwich. (Brooke)
Really yummy! (Cap)
Great! Good balance of spices. (fb)
These are excellent meatballs, great for pasta with meatballs or stroganoff.  My nonveg boyfriend love them, as well. (willwolf)
Mushroom rice noodle soup bowl
The mushroom doesn't have a whole lot of flavor here, so the garlic variety is better. (fb)
Organic 3 grain tempeh
This is the tempeh I use and... it's tempeh. Sometimes awesome, sometimes not so much. Lot of variation in how blackened/not black it is, but that's tempeh I guess. (fb)
Organic black bean soup

Organic chili vegetarian
Thick chili. I think it's kinda weird to just crumble tofu into chili, but it's hardly noticeable as tofu here - the rest of the chili flavors it. It's good, but I'm not sure if it's worth the price, versus homemade. (fb)
Organic split pea soup
Good, but a little watery? Kind of peppery, which I like in split pea soup. Also one of those things that's way cheaper if you make it yourself, but oh well. (fb)
Pad Thai noodles and sauce
I like the sauce a lot - tangy and delicious. It's kind of weird to have pad thai with non-rice noodles, but it's good. (fb)
Bought this in a pinch because I'm in a move and all my stuff is packed up. I doctored it up with a little peanut butter, rice vinegar and soy sauce. Actually.... delicious! Would buy again! (sb)
Pad thai with tofu
It's all right. The noodles are kind of mushy, but I'm not sure if that's a product of heating this up or it started that way. It's not really amazing, and it's a crime to not make amazing pad thai, 'cause that's how it should be. (fb)
Peanut satay noodles and sauce
Fatty deliciousness. Favorite one of the boxed noodles. Peanut greasiness omgggg. Worth the calories, even though the nutrition info is pretty terrible for the amount of food. (fb)
Penne arrabbiata
This is ok, quick meal, not a terrible price. But it's got nothing that is better that pasta + sauce in terms of flavor. In other words, I'd only get this again if I couldn't cook.  (fb)
Rice and vegetable bento box
Eh. So there are 9 things are here, and a couple are delicious, but overall underwhelming. You get a tiny amount of everything (except the rice portions are bigger), total of 10 oz. - pumpkin with shiso seasoning: some of the crappiest kabocha i've had. the texture is both watery and dry in places, and I couldn't taste any shiso. I guess maybe kabocha's one of those vegetable that doesn't freeze well, but I've used plain frozen kabocha before which wasn't as bad (though not as good as fresh cooked). - spicy long beans: the most plentiful thing here, but the beans were pretty tough. long beans are kinda like that though, but it was still 'meh' - eggplant with miso paste: this eggplant is oddly green, but omg so tasty. i think i like every nasu dengaku i've ever had, and this is no different. soft eggplant in sweet miso sauce. i wish they just sold this, and in sizes larger than an ounce. - soba salad with oyster mushroom: it's ok, but tiny amount of noodles, and kinda dry. - shiitake mushroom with edamame and carrot: cute cut carrot, shiitake was good, and i always like edamame. - baked tofu with teriyaki sauce: totally expecting to like this, and didn't. the tofu itself was kind of sour (?) and the sauce wasn't very plentiful (maybe a half tsp sat atop the tofu) and was just sweet. - brown rice with seaweed and sesame seed: i like rice with this seasoning, so i liked this. - curry flavored brown rice: eh. it's simple and not great. - teriyaki flavored brown rice with vegetable: ok, kinda sweet, nothing special. (fb)
Shiitake mushrooms and tofu in black pepper sauce with rice
This was ok. The sauce was pretty peppery, and there generally seemed to be more shiitake mushrooms than tofu. There was quite a bit of rice. Overall it was pretty decent, but I wouldn't get it again. (fb)
Soy chorizo
Really tasty.  It tastes just like the other brand of vegan soyrizo that I've had before, so it may be a relabel. It's a little spicy and works great in Mexican dishes.  Best of all, it's cheap--$1.99!  This is located in their refrigerated section, along with their Tofurky and tofu and so forth. (willwolf)
Works. Little spicy, very savory. Very similar to the chorizo product they used to carry (might be the same, who knows). (fb)
Same as the Soyrizo... Very good and cheaper! (amymylove)
Soy nuggets
I really, really love these. they do not taste quite like boca chik'n patties but they are very tasty. also i appreciate the list of ingredients which is all natural and pronouncable. i always make a mix of agave and yellow mustard for dipping. (Brooke)
Blegh. No attempt is made to taste like chicken (or anything). I'd rather eat breaded tofu. (fb)
These are just ok.  If you get them, they definitely need sauce for dipping.  They taste more like breading than anything--no chickeny or meatlike flavor at all.  From what I remember, these taste really similar to the Health is Wealth brand; perhaps they're a relabel.  The upside is they're pretty cheap at $2.99 for a 16oz box. (willwolf)
Spring onion rice noodle soup bowl
Least favorite of these rice noodle bowls. The spring onion doesn't lend much flavor, and the garlic variety is awesome, so... go garlic. (fb)
Sweet potato fries

Tom yam soup
So this is labeled "vegetarian" and not "vegan," but I can't see anything un-vegan in the ingredients: Maybe the sugar? Trader Joe's sure does seem thorough in their labeling of vegan stuff, which is awesome. But anyway, I took this to be vegan. This is kind of unusual for tom yum/yam in that there's coconut milk in it, but it's not as much or as creamy as tom kha, so cool I guess. Also, it's delicious. It comes with a separate packet of kaffir leaves, chopped lemongrass, and two bird chiles, which was so cool and smelled great when being heated with the rest of the soup. The dumpling things are cool, but not totally necessary (could just eat rice with this and call it a meal). The broth is tangy and a little creamy and spicy. (fb)
Trader potato tots
Tasty little nuggets of unhealthiness. I've heated them in the microwave, oven, and skillet, and they all work well, but I prefer the skillet probably. We had another type of tater tot (from Target), figuring they're all the same, and nope. The Target ones had a mushier texture and an odd sour taste (citric acid in the ingredients?), so these are better. (fb)
Vegetable burrito
i cant recommend them enough. they are tastier to me than the amys ones and bigger and you get two of them for only 2.50 cents. 1 is definitely enough to feed a hungry adult.  i added avocado on top of mine and it was awesome (brittanihill)
Vegetable fried rice
Too much uncooked green onion makes fb unhappy. (fb)
Love the stuff but always add extra veggies and stuff to it, good base for a quick meal. (amymylove)
Vegetable masala burger
Pretty good. Not really like a fake meat but a patty of samosa-type filling. A tad spicy, though. (fb)
Nice spicy taste, but texture is a bit too soft and potato-ey. Potatoes imo shouldn't be in a veggie patty. (emg)
I love these.  No, they're not what you expect from something with "burger" in it's name... but that's exactly why I love 'em!  I usually eat them  without the bun... topped with a dallop (sp?) of vegan sour cream and eaten with some steamed green beans.  The "sour cream" cuts down on the spiciness and makes it heavenly.  Plus, they're cheaper than just about any other pre-made veggie burger around! (wheresthebeets)
Vegetable panang curry
Strong, delicious curry. Delicious. Yes. (fb)
Turtle Island tofurkey
Deli slices-Bologna

Deli slices-Cranberry and stuffing

Deli slices-Hickory smoked
My most favorite!!! i love the bold, smokey flavor. also the texture of tofurkey slices is perfection. (Brooke)
Delicious. (fb)
AMAZING. Unbelievable. I'm pretty sure we are going to be addicted to Tofurkey slices now. (AC)
SO DELICIOUS! I don't know how they make these go good to put on anything!! (loopers)
Orgasmic! My new fave  I love making a kinda grilled cream cheese sandwich with them... It is heavenly... Recipe here: (amymylove)
these are really good! I wish I would've tried them sooner. Now I am going to make sandwiches with these slices often. They are even good by themselves (most fake meat slices aren't). (krista)
Deli slices-Italian deli
Delicious + spice (fb)
haha, these taste like Chef Boyardee ravioli!!! That might sound weird and off-putting...but they are goooood! (AC)
Deli slices-Oven roasted
Very flavourful, very tasty! Kind of realistic though, which freaks me out a a little. But I'd buy them again (on sale of course). (Laura)
Are very good! the ''oven roasted'' flavor is a bit light which is okay because it doesnt take away from other flavors/condiments. (Brooke)
SO MUCH BETTER than Yves. Really, really good...thinly sliced, and more of it!  Yum. (AC)
Tastes pretty identical to the hickory smoked. (fb)
These are a great staple to have in the fridge for basic sandwiches-- kind of bland but that's kind of a good thing. Nice texture (emg)
These are so thinly sliced its unimaginable, and they are $3 at Trader Joes.  They used to be my favorite until I tried the peppered ones. (babysgotsauce)
Deli slices-Peppered
Really good; the pepper isn't over done. (fb) are these so freakin' good? I think these are my favorite slices. My husband tasted, and said, "This stuff is pretttyyyy gooood!" (AC)
After much hesitation (i think i tried Yves deli slices turkey?) about trying vegan lunch meat again i tried this. i think i remember AC suggesting this in another thread... SO GOOD! i can have sandwiches again that don't involve mashed up garbanzo beans! (amymylove)
My favorite deli slices! So thin and the pepper gives them a great flavor, great with some Veganaise and mustard! (babysgotsauce)
I liked them. I made a really good sandwich. They have a nice taste and I'd eat them again, which I didn't expect because i never liked deli meat even as a child. Main difference? Not slimy. And they don't smell wierd either. (missrose)
Make a pretty mean sandwich with some "cheese" and spicy mustard. (taintedlove)
Deli slices-Pepperoni
best pepperoni (not that there's a lot of competition). Big, thin slices, worked great on pizza (i put them underneath the sauce, not sure if they'd dry out otherwise). would get again. (fb)
Deli slices-Philly style steak
These taste weird. They are not good, actually...they just have a weird taste...I guess it could be "steak-ish"..very weird "steak-ish" though. Meh. (AC)
Very steak-ish, but best eaten in a sandwich than alone (which is how I eat the others...)
I love the Philly-style tofurky slices! I put a couple slices in a pita pocket with Vegenaise and melted Tofutti Mozzarella slices. (both of which are delicous.) (skufgurl)
These are a bit softer/slimier than the oven roasted 'turkey' slices counterpart-- they are ok tasting, but also weird tasting, so definitely add bell peppers, onions, avocado...etc to the sandwich to mute out the strange taste. (emg)
We tried eating these alone (we love eating the hickory smoked alone), but they're kind of weird that way. On the other hand, they're pretty good on sandwiches. So, if you try them alone and don't like them, don't give up. I guess it would be weird to eat cold cuts of real steak by itself anyway. (fb)
BARF! Threw them out! Do not mess with these... Hickory Smoked or Peppered only peeps! (amymylove)
Deli slices-Roast beef
So far, these are not that impressive. They are less reminiscent of roast beef than other slices, and the flavor is off.. a bit strange. Texture is just like other Tofurky. (AC)
Franks-Breakfast links
Kind of sweet (?) but does the trick. (fb)
4/5  These are ok, a bit spicy and a bit gummy at times but generally a good 'dog' to have in your fridge to make into a chili dog or kraut dog. (Cali)
Good, liked them browned n the stove top and cut pepperoni- like on pizza (babysgotsauce)
3.5/5  These are just a bit more noticeably gummy in texture than the chipotle.  But they do mix well with Mac & Cheeze sauce or on toasted bread with veganaise as a sandwich. (Cali)
We usually get another brand (can't remember now..Smart dogs, I think). P likes the usual better, and I was indifferent, but then these grew on me. I don't think they are gummy at all, comparatively. I think the texture is a bit firmer than the usual veggie dog. The flavor was a bit strange at first. They don't have the usual hot dog taste, but something a little more...more sausage-y or something. That grew on me, and I think I prefer it. I like these, but they come fewer in the package, and are more expensive. (AC)
I *guess* I see what is meant about gumminess, but to be honest, if I tried them without thinking of that, I wouldn't have pegged them as gummy. They're a bit firmer than the Yves or Lightlife brand veggie dogs, and have a better hotdog flavor. There's a shreddy-ness to its texture that makes it more like hotdogs as well. (fb)
Ground-Beef style
This is fairly similar to other ground beef style products, but I believe it also has mushrooms added? If I remember correctly. It's already seasoned, so it's fairly tasty. Not something I'd buy, but it tasted pretty good. (AC)
greasier than other fake ground beef, and a little different in that it's not TVP but made from whole soy flour. I wasn't sure it would taste like considering that, but it was fine in that regard. The pieces are drier/firmer than the Yves ground round stuff. Good flavor. (fb)
Also similar to soyrizo, but not as good. I think this was a bit too mushy, with not as much flavor. (AC)
Holiday-Cranberry, apple, potato dumplings
do you know if it is possiable to to buy these separately .these little gems came with my tofurky last year and really stole the show, even better than than tofurky its self. (gabrielurmen)
I had one of the Tofukey feasts last thanksgiving and was very happy with the taste of everything! I feed it to my omni parents andthey too enjoyed it!! (Cap)
4.75/5 This excellent blend of soy, sietan and stuffing in a convenient ready to roast package make this a huge hit.  Tasty, shreddable texture and a great bite actually make this pleasing to omni's!  I like to roast mine with big chunks of veggies like onion, celery, carrot, garlic and potato in broth and sealed in a foil envelope. (Cali)
Very good, very heavy, but be careful not to burn the bottom! I always do... (fb)
When I was about 10 I remember my parents getting this bizarre turkey roll stuff for dinner. It was hyper-processed and tasted basically like cheap lunch meat heated up in gravy. I'd hate to say it, but... that's what Tofurkey reminded me of. I cooked it as recommended with the veggies and all--wasn't all that impressed. (Slight plus: my meat-eating husband liked it!) (Caroleena)
I actually like this for Thanksgiving, even though my family isn’t as into it as I am. I found that when you cook it, you have to keep it moist. I made a nice marinade that someone recommended to me and turned the roast often, so all of it would be in the marinade equally. The stuffing inside is pretty decent. It is also a good idea to make some gravy to go along with the roast.  (krista)
5/5 All the goodness of the original but spicier!  Another winner.  Now I need a supplier. (Cali)
Another looooove. (fb)
Yay! I liked this a lot. I really didn't think I would like it at all. Great high protein snack to keep on hand. At first it seemed too firm, but once you suck on a peice a bit it softens up & is easier to chew. I like to take 4 pieces out of the pack & put it on a plate with a cut up apple for an afternoon or mid morning snack. I don't know why WFs keeps it refrigerated though. It doesn't say anywhere on the pack that it needs to be refrigerated, so I kept on open pack in my desk drawer over the weekend to see if it would stay good & it did. I like the picture of the hiker guy on the front too (lisa)
5/5  If I had a source for this I would eat it daily.  Chewy, flavorful, filling and appetizing.  I actually do eat so much my jaw aches! (Cali)
Loooove. (fb)

Pizza-Italian sausage
I'm sorry to report that I didn't love this.  It was 1) really light on the cheese 2) kind of sweet.  I couldn't really taste the sausage.  Ironically, I didn't buy it for the sausage but for the veggies,  which might have been responsible for some of the over-sweetness.  It's not really bad, but I don't really see buying it again. (veggydog)
well, it wasn't that good - definitely not worth $10 - thank god I got it for free! tasted just like a Tostinos from back in the day - cracker thin crust and an almost metallic taste - edible, but not worth the price. (erinmonster)
I was quite pleasantly surprised by this pizza.  I wasn't expecting a lot since I don't really like Daiya, but it was a frozen pizza sort of evening so I thought I'd give it a try.  The cheese was ok but still had a somewhat off-putting texture for me.  Luckily the toppings, sauce, and crust were pretty tasty and made up for any problems with the cheese.  The toppings had a good amount of flavor and spice, but I think I'd like them better if they were larger (and more identifiable) chunks of veggies and sausage. The crust was pretty good, but quite thin resulting in a fairly insubstantial pizza.  I ate half the pizza and was still pretty hungry.  Overall, I enjoyed it. Probably not something I would eat regularly, but I'm glad to have another frozen pizza option. (vegrunski)
very disappointed.  The taste of those fake pepperonis was very strong and strange.  Will try the sausage/veggie one next (papresq)
Pros: crispy crust, DAIYA, learning that tofurky makes pepperoni, good flavor. Cons: not a great value, toppings go all the way to the edge (good/bad because it means more toppings on this small pizza, but i like the crust on the edge), crust is very thin. like a flatbread pizza or something. I'm curious about the other types, but probably won't get this one again. I would, though, buy tofurky pepperoni if sold separately; that was good. (fb)
This was pretty good.  I think I like the sausage/roasted veggie one a little better, but I would probably buy this again given that there aren't a lot of vegan frozen pizza options.  Similar to the other variety, my complaints are that this pizza is too small and the crust is too thin which leads to an un-filling pizza experience.  The pepperoni is pretty tasty but a little dry.  I ate half the pizza for lunch and was definitely still hungry. (vegrunski)
I thought this was pretty good. A little pricy though. I normally don’t like the mozzarella Daiya (more of a cheddar fan), but the mozzarella tasted good on this pizza. The pepperoni was spicy and really good. I wish Tofurky would sell the pepperoni by itself in the stores. I would definitely buy it. (krista)
Sausages-Beer brats
The plainest of the bunch. I'd like them if I didn't know about the others! (fb)
Umm...these were not for me. Not enough flavor and just looked weird with the grayish color and all. Not appetizing (emg)
Yeah, these are bland, and a bit odd. They aren't gross, but they don't really taste like much except a "tofu dog." Wouldn't recommend them. (AC)
We had these again a couple years later, and enjoyed them. The actual sausage is still not super flavorful, but with good buns and lots of mustard, they are quite enjoyable. (AC)
4.5/5  I love these.  They do not taste like meat kielbasa so do NOT expect an omni to agree.  But they have a great flavor, good texture and hold up well to cooking with other foods.  Personally I love to either make a quick boiled dinner of potato, green beans and the sausage with a blend of spices for corned beef and breakfast sausage along with garlic, salt and pepper OR I shallow fry onions, peppers, potato and thin slices of the kielbasa.  Either way its amazing! (Cali)
Very good. To me they taste like the Italian except without the grease or tang of the sun-dried tomatoes. (fb)
These kind of had a weird taste for me, I didn't buy these again. (emg)
These are ok. Second to the Italian, but ahead of the brats. I haven't really been impressed with any of the Tofurkey sausages, and probably won't buy them again. They are not nearly as good as I remember the pregan Boca (?) kielbasas. (AC)
Sausages-Sundried tomato and basil sweet Italian
The best, but awfully greasy. Otherwise awesome! (fb)
These are fantastic! Very flavorful and full of protein. Tonight I enjoyed mine grilled on an Ezekiel bun topped with sauteed peppers and onions, vegan parm, and tomato sauce. So versatile, I Love these! (brooke)
they'd be good in spaghetti sauce, but i didnt care for them. too sweet. (ponycakes)
These are delicious and very versatile. I like the flavor and texture as well, great chopped up or sliced! They have a rich flavor and are great with seriously anything-- a must try!! FYI Best deal for these is at Trader Joe's!! (emg)
these r the most delicious sausages ever hands down (amymylove)
Very good! Probably my favorite packaged sausage, and we do enjoy the beer brats. These have so much flavor. I just steamed them a bit, then browned them whole. We had them in buns. Will get these again. I didn't find them too sweet, at all. (AC)

I had high hopes for these, but they're awfully bland. (fb)
Tempeh-Coconut curry marinated strips
I'm not usually crazy about pre-marinated tofu ot tempeh, but these are good! The strips are the perfect size to fry up in a lightly greased skillet for about two minutes on each side. The texture was slightly crunchy and light and the flavor was subtle, but very good. We ate ours with a vegetable yellow curry and couscous. Even though one package is $4 (not cheap), I'll be buying these again. Everyone from my seven year old to my omni friend ate them up. (mamaanna)
I don't usually like tempeh but thought I would give these a try.  They are really good.  It has a nice flavor with just a hint of heat from the curry. The texture is soft with some crunchy parts.  A nice splurge every now and then. (monkey7)
Tempeh-Five grain
We enjoyed this. It might take a little bit of getting used to the different flavor, but I can see the versatility of it. I liked the texture, too. (AC)
Tempeh-Lemon pepper marinated strips

Tempeh-Sesame garlic marinated strips

Tempeh-Smoky bacon marinated strips


Tempeh-Spicy veggie


Twin Oaks community foods
Soy tempeh

Vegetarian sausage
My favorite; however it's kind of a local item found around Richmond, VA. (crossarmant)
Upton's naturals flavored seitan
I used this to make a taco-like salad and it worked quite well.  I really liked the taste and texture, and it heats up in about 30 seconds!  It definitely has a spicy kick, so beware. (icephrosty)

Italian sausage

Vantastic foods
Jerky-Bacon style

Salami sticks

Vegan Dream rawhide jerky

Hickory pepper
Possibly the most jerky-like vegan jerky I've had. It's drier and a bit saltier than Tofurky Jurky, Tasty Eats, or Primal Strips, which makes it more "realistic" to me. It comes mostly as one big piece, and though it's the same oz as other jerkies, it's hard not to eat the whole thing in one sitting because it's not in separate pieces. It looks kind of unappetizing, like the texture of vinyl, but it's dry and chewy so only the looks are unsettling. (fb)
Hot chili pepper


Vegan soy steaks

Vegetarian plus (Vege USA, Verisoy)
Vegan black pepper steak
Savory, peppery, good. (fb)
Vegan chicken tikka masala
Little greasy, salty, but tasty. (fb)
Vegan citrus sparerib cutlets

Vegan half chicken

Vegan kung pao chicken
freaking delicious. i think they only sell these online and at whole foods. its super spicy but i like that and is crunchy and close to the real thing, atop a bed of brown rice with some added broccoli is perfect. (brittanihill)
The sauce just tastes like sweetened soy sauce... not worth it IMO. (fb)
Vegan lamb vindaloo
not awesome. First, the sauce stuff just kinda tastes like salty + chile powder. The lamb stuff (I have no idea if it tastes like lamb) is kind of tough, but flaky and "meaty," kinda like beef. However, there is very little per package. It's mostly the watery salty spicy liquid stuff, and there were 6 chunks (maybe 2x1") of "lamb." The chunk stuff might be cool in some other sauce, but there's only the one option here, and it's not worth the money. (fb)
As a sort of addendum to my non-stellar review of their "lamb," every other product I've had from them now has had more pieces of "meat" than the fake lamb stuff I tried. Maybe it was an error, or maybe the lamb is the only one so sparing in portion. (fb)
Vegan orange chicken
It's pretty good. A bit to orange marmalade flavored for my liking, but if you like that, you'd love this. (taintedlove)
Good! I had this side-by-side with the gardein orange chicken, and this totally won. Very saucy, good texture (same 'chicken' as sold by may wah , i noticed), and the sauce has orange peel in it which is extra tasty/pungent. (fb)
Vegan shrimp
These look and have the same texture as shrimp but don't taste really "shrimpy" i still love them and they come with sweet chili sauce (amymylove)
Great!  I really like these grilled with a roasted mango chipotle sauce, brown rice, and veggies. They don't really taste fishy, but as I recall they do have the proper texture/feel.  They are pretty pricey at $6-7. (willwolf)
Vegan tuna rolls
(read: plastic tubes full of tuna-like meat) and was really impressed. I was never a big seafood fan in my omni days, but I did love a good tuna sandwich with too much mayo on white bread. Once I added pickle relish and mayo to this stuff it was just as good as any tuna sandwich I'd ever had, but I didn't have to worry about nasty bones or disgusting stuff like that. It took me a couple years to get up the nerve to try these tuna rolls and I'm glad I did. I'll buy then again.  (jendiggity)
Vegan whole turkey

Vege sweet jerky
Really good! It is sweet, but not too sweet. The texture is VERY chewy, on the verge of being too chewy. I enjoy this, though. (AC)
Veggie brothers
Grilled vegan mahi mahi steak

Seitan medallions in garlic soy sauce

Thai chicken bliss

Vegan grilled flank steak au jus

Veggie Cevapcici

Veggie Chickin Fillets

Veggie Chickin Nuggets

Veggie Cowgirl Steak
really good comfort food. I serve them with plenty of steak sauce, mashed potatoes, and corn and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. (jendiggity)
Well, now that I've had these, I'm actually quite surprised by that above review ^! I wish I had that experience. I bought this because it was on clearance on VE, and it's very mediocre. It's like a big blob of..dense seitan type soy thing. The flavor is slightly bland, but not bad. Not really steak like. The appearance is kinda steak (weird steak...) like, but the texture is meh. It's just really dense, but not chewy and not...that good. Hard to describe. Would definitely not again. p didn't even finish his portion. Not even worth the $2, or whatever. (AC)
Veggie Gyros

Veggie Döner Kebab
I'm not familiar with the dish they're supposed to be mimicking, but it's pretty tasty comfort food - sort of greasy and well-spiced. I serve it in flat bread with shredded cabbage, tomatoes, onions, and a dill sauce (Vegenaise, garlic powder, salt, dill, and vinegar).  (jendiggity)
Wayfare foods
Pig out bacony bits
more intense flavor than soy bacon bits, a little cheesy, and best of all, doesn't have that TVP taste. Good stuff. (fb)
Seitan-Chicken style

Seitan-Traditionally seasoned

Seitan-Vegetarian stirfry strips
These are ok. My first packaged seitan. The texture is fine, but they didn't seem to absorb a lot of flavor, and even with flavorful sauce, they tasted very wheaty. (AC)
These are actually the only brand of pre-packaged seitan I've ever tried, so I don't have much to compare them to. However, I really liked them. They were perhaps a little bland? But you can season them however you want, and they're delish. (veganrun)

Meals-Greek style gyros kebob

Meals-Indian style Jaipur


Sausages-Bavarian style



Sausages-Country style

Sausages-Gran chorizo


Sausages-Hot dog

Sausages-Mini herby



Sausages-Tiny hot dog



Slices-Hemp style

Slices-Pizza style

Slices-Red bell pepper



Snacks-Spacebar chorizo

Snacks-Spacebar cumin

Snacks-Spacebar hemp

Snacks-Spacebar pumpkin seed

Snacks-Spacebar red hot chili peppers
Loved this! It reminds me of a "summer sausage" with a little spice. It really is like a snack sausage, and not a tough jerky. Flavor and texture were both great, and I'll try other flavors. (AC)





MMMMMM so delicious!  The come 2 per package and are in the refridgerated section. (L2A)
Very tofu-y (doesn't look it on the outside). Otherwise good. (fb)
I wouldn't buy these again-- they had a very distinctive 'grain-y' taste. Not very flavorful either (emg)


Worthington loma linda
Big franks


Little links
First time trying this brand's food. I always thought this stuff was weird, coming in a can and all. Anyway, these little hot dogs (smaller than a regular one, bigger than Vienna sausage things) are very soft textured, almost mushy. I fried them a little bit, which made the outside crispy but the inside still stayed soft. Fairly salty. They're ok, but there's better out there (especially in texture), so I probably won't get these again. They also seem a little pricey. (fb)
Low fat big links

Low fat vegetable steaks

Multi grain cutlets

Redi burger

Tender bits

Vege burger

Vegetable skallops

Vegetarian burger

Vegetarian chili

Vegetarian choplets


Brats-Veggie brats classic

Brats-Veggie brats zesty italian

Breakfast-Meatless breakfast patties
I like these ok. P really doesn't like them, though. They are not the best. I did cook them in the microwave, so I don't know if they have potential to be better. They have a different flavor that most breakfast patties..and the texture is ok. They are just meh. (AC)
These are palatable, but definitely not as good as Morningstar vegan sausage patties. (emg)
Breakfast-Meatless Canadian bacon
This is not really like Canadian bacon at taste or texture. The taste is pretty similar to at least one of the other slices, but not bad. I'm going to try some other preparations to see if it's any closer to what I was expecting. (AC)
Burgers-Garden vegetable
Of all "patties" that you can buy, I think these are my favourite. They're not supposed to taste like meaty burgers, and I really like the flavour. They're vegetables, so... yum. (Laura)
Burgers-Meatless beef

Burgers-Meatless chicken

Deli slices-Bologna
We've recently purchased several different slices, and these were our favorite! (AC)
Tastes very real...which is kind of eerie. but if you like bologna (which i dont) then you'll like it. (Brooke)
It's like that time I gave my mom some Yves sandwich slices: Me: Here mom, this one tastes like bologna. Mom: Okay...Me: And this one is like ham. Mom: That tastes like bologna, too. Me: Oh. Well, this one tastes just like salami! Mom: Nope, still bologna... Me: They don't make a bad sandwich, though, huh? Mom: Sure, if you like bologna. My mother is apparently a lunch meat connoisseur.  Go fig. (ninefatstalks)
Deli slices-Ham
These were good, but they weren't really like ham (which is perfectly fine). (AC)
Definitely resemble ham. I remember getting the Light Life version of "ham" a few years ago and being disappointed with its plasticky-ness. This one's a hell of a lot better! I used it for sammiches and to dice up for my "clam" chowder recipe (fb)
I would like to revise my review to say this does taste like ham! I think they might have changed it, I dunno, but it's better. It has good flavor, plus, it's ham-like. (AC)
Deli slices-Pepperoni
The best faux pepperoni I've tried! They don't taste great alone, but in a sandwich or cooked on a pizza, calzone, etc. they are really yummy! (Cap)
We liked these uncooked, and then even more when they were crisped on top of baguette pizzas. Good flavor, and great for pizza..or anything, I'm sure. (AC)
Meh.  I liked it on my pizza, but I don't think these are spectacular.  Has some kind of weird spices in it that I don't care for.  I do like the smokiness and the texture.  I could take it or leave it. (KMK)
I think these are best when they are sauteed in a pan (with a bit of oil). They do become a bit oily, but they are crispy, and very flavorful. (AC)
Not exactly like real pepperoni, but the best one on the market for a pepperoni substitute. I like to make sure it gets crispy when I put it on pizza. (krista)
Deli slices-Roast without the beef
This is good...but really doesn't taste that much different from some of the others. That's fine, though. I like it. (AC)
These were OK-- I seriously prefer Field Roast brand better (emg)
Deli slices-Salami
These are pretty good. Not my favorite, but P liked them a lot. They are more spice-y than other slices (not spicy). (AC)
Deli slices-Smoked chicken
Yeah, these are really good, too. (AC)
Deli slices-Turkey
These are our second favorite. Very good. (AC)
Eek i threw my package out..the texture is very thick and the color is not very appetizing. also i thought they tasted flavoress. (Brooke)
Entrees-Meatless chili
Not bad. The texture is good, but it's not like homemade chili - lacks the depth. The taste is different from what I expected - not a pungent tomato sauce, more of a mild and sweet flavour. As good as you could expect from something that comes out of a microwave. (Narcissus)
Entrees-Meatless lasagna
Again with the sweet tomato sauce! This isn't really a lasagna. It's more... frilly noodles in tomato sauce, with soy crumbly things. The noodles are surprisingly good, though. Most microwaved noodles end up either mushy or leather-hard. These end up like noodles. (Narcissus)
Entrees-Meatless penne
They really like that strange sweet sauce. Like, perhaps a little too much. This is kind of exactly the same thing as the lasagna. Just with differently-shaped noodles. But, uh, the different shape lends a different texture. They're slightly drier, and a little more al dente. (Narcissus)
Entrees-Meatless Santa Fe beef

Entrees-Meatless Thai lemon grass chicken

Entrees-Veggie breast in curry flavor vindaloo sauce

Grounds-Asian lettuce wraps

Texture is good, but I swear there's an odd flavor in there... chocolate? (fb)
Grounds-Taco stuffers
These are really good. They are pretty meat-like (I guess)..which might be weird..but they taste good, and could be used in numerous things-they aren't like really spiced or anything, so they don't HAVE to be used for something Mexican. (AC)
This is pretty good. I think mine could have cooked longer, but my pan was too small. The flavor is pretty good..not really turkey-like, and a tiny bit odd, but not too bad. An ok thing to try once (if you find then on sale, like I did)..Nothing special. (AC)
Heart's desire-Meatless beef strips

Heart's desire-Meatless chicken strips
SOOOO GOOD. Used them to make hot wings, but hell, even slightly crisped up and straight out of the pan they taste delicious. They have a very real texture-- like tender chicken. It's not overly chewy or stringy at all, which I like. They fry up nicely and really soak up flavour. I love these. (lolkrys)
Hot dogs-Meatless hot dogs
Smelled like many of my dogs' treats. After dousing it with rediculous amounts of mustard, it was edible, until I bit into a piece that wasn't swimming in mustard. (taintedlove)
Hot dogs-Good dogs
The most digestable fake dog I've found. I mainly buy them in the fall to cook over campfires. It's my favorite thing to do with them. (Courth)
These really are the good dog. The most edible veggie dog out there. (fb)
These are good! I just steamed them, and we had them on bread with mustard. Mmm! (AC)
Awesome!!!!! Good hot dog flavor, though the texture was the best part! Smart dogs are kinda rubbery and too smooth, but these were absolutely perfect! I just sliced them for mac and cheeze with hot dogs, so if they're good prepared in the crappiest way possible, I bet they'd be awesome on the grill! Only complaint is that they could use more salt, but that's how I feel about everything  (ponycakes)
Hot dogs-Tofu dogs
Um, really doggish. Boring, but how much can you do with a hot dog? I'm not really impressed, however, when they're on sale I'll get them and freeze them for summer when we cook out over a fire. (veganrun)
Meatless veggie meatballs

Veggie chorizo
I've never had meat chorizo before, so I don't know how authentic the flavor is. However, I think these are kind of gross and greasy. I don't like them. And around here, at least, they're really expensive. (veganrun)


all of the Turtle Island "tofurkey" products are vegan! They have roasts, slices, dogs, tempha, burgers, jerkey, sausages and holiday products!

I had one of the Tofukey feasts last thanksgiving and was very happy with the taste of everything! I feed it to my omni parents andthey too enjoyed it!!


Eh, I don't really buy prepackaged things, out of habit.  I guess I've eaten maybe two veggie burgers in my whole life, like if I was eating out somewhere and that was the only option.  I don't know.  I also don't really eat bread, so I don't really eat burgers.  Just happens that way.

You're strange.

Veggie burgers are expensive for what they are, so I don't buy them often.  When I do, I just eat them straight up.  Most of the time I don't like starchy foods, so I don't have buns or anything for them.


all of the Turtle Island "tofurkey" products are vegan! They have roasts, slices, dogs, tempha, burgers, jerkey, sausages and holiday products!

I had one of the Tofukey feasts last thanksgiving and was very happy with the taste of everything! I feed it to my omni parents andthey too enjoyed it!!

I was wondering where tofurkey was...

Ok, so my rating for Tofurkey Oven Roasted deli slices (I just bought a pack on sale): Very flavourful, very tasty! Kind of realistic though, which freaks me out a a little. But I'd buy them again (on sale of course).

Does anybody else get that way about faux meats? They're so much "like the real thing" that you find it freaky to eat them?


I dont think its on the list, but SUNSHINE burgers are pretty gross. I loved the packaging, but took one bit and threw it out.

The best veggie burger I have had is a Wildwood Tofu burger.  MMMMMM so delicious!  The come 2 per package and are in the refridgerated section.


all of the Turtle Island "tofurkey" products are vegan! They have roasts, slices, dogs, tempha, burgers, jerkey, sausages and holiday products!

I had one of the Tofukey feasts last thanksgiving and was very happy with the taste of everything! I feed it to my omni parents andthey too enjoyed it!!

I was wondering where tofurkey was...

Ok, so my rating for Tofurkey Oven Roasted deli slices (I just bought a pack on sale): Very flavourful, very tasty! Kind of realistic though, which freaks me out a a little. But I'd buy them again (on sale of course).

Does anybody else get that way about faux meats? They're so much "like the real thing" that you find it freaky to eat them?

I  get grossed out by the too real too! You know whats great are the gardenburger riblets...O. M. G. They are so fracking good--the first time I had them though I had to double check they were in fact vegan they tasted so real to me.


I agree about the Sunshine burgers.  They're mushy and taste gross - yes, I prepared them according to package directions.  I also don't like Dr. Praeger's.  They're both probably gross because they don't have as many artificial ingredients/preservatives in them, ha.


Laura, did you have the original tofurkey slices? Or were they called "oven roasted"? Oven roasted was not on the website....I put you under original..for now.

Cap, I added a couple of yours, but I dunno which crumbles you were talking about.

eta: Are you talking about original sunshine burgers, or which?


i love tofurkey slices! i eat them on a wrap/sandwich all the time.

tofurkey hickory smoked my most favorite!!! i love the bold, smokey flavor. also the texture of tofurkey slices is perfection.
tofurkey oven roasted are very good! the ''oven roasted'' flavor is a bit light which is okay because it doesnt take away from other flavors/condiments.
lightlife smokey tempeh strips fakin bacon i cannot express how much i love this, its my favorite vegan product. i make sure i always have a package in the fridge because its so easy to prepare (no more marinating!) a couple minutes in the skillet and its ready to eat. perfect TLT's! really though, i have turned onivores into loving this tempeh. try it!
yves veggie bologna deli slices tastes very real...which is kind of eerie. but if you like bologna (which i dont) then you'll like it.
yves veggie turkey deli slices eek i threw my package out..the texture is very thick and the color is not very appetizing. also i thought they tasted flavoress.


Laura, did you have the original tofurkey slices? Or were they called "oven roasted"? Oven roasted was not on the website....I put you under original..for now.

I just checked the package, and it says "Oven Roasted." Weird that it's not on the website... because it's definitely in my fridge.

eta: I just checked the website, and oven roasted IS original. Hm.


Amy's 1/4 pounder- My mother bought them for a family cookout. They are MUCH bigger than most veggie burgers. The texture was almost real, but still okay. Because they're so large, I felt just the same as the rest of my family, although maybe not so meat bloated.

Yve's good dogs- The most digestable fake dog I've found. I mainly buy them in the fall to cook over campfires. It's my favorite thing to do with them.


I am curious, has anyone else ever Soyarie products?  I think they might be a Canadian company...their stuff is amazing, I love their Teriyaki Tofu burger and their Nutty Patty!


I am curious, has anyone else ever Soyarie products?  I think they might be a Canadian company...their stuff is amazing, I love their Teriyaki Tofu burger and their Nutty Patty!

Sounds familiar... I think I've seen them before, but never bought them...


I am curious, has anyone else ever Soyarie products?  I think they might be a Canadian company...their stuff is amazing, I love their Teriyaki Tofu burger and their Nutty Patty!

They are Canadian, but I added them, anyway.  ;)


Aww, thanks.  It's nice to have some Canadian veggie products to be proud of.  Some of the American products sound so good, like the Gimme Lean sausage and the BBQ riblets.  I'm jealous!



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