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Oh NO! Vitamins

I was reading the back of my vitamins (centrum chewables) and they have milk in them. All that time i thought i was being i good vegan i failed  :( I feel sooo bad i don't know what to do...

Any vitamin suggestions?

Don't say that you failed! You do what you can, and now that you know, just don't buy them again! :) You're still a "good vegan." ;) As for what to do with the rest of the Centrum, I'd say if you like them, finish up this bottle (or give them to a friend who will use them) & buy something vegan next time. The damage has already been done, and it's not as if throwing them away will take back the purchase, you know?

I started a thread about people's favorite vegan multivitamins about a week ago, and the one I chose to go with is by a brand named Deva. Check it out on They have other brands, too, if you want to look at other options! (I don't know how I like it yet, as I have yet to order the Deva ones. I want to check my local stores first so I can avoid the shipping cost!)


there was a thread recently 'favorite multivitamin'...


I agree with Jessa, you are still a good vegan.  When I went vegetarian (not to long ago) I totally forgot about the capsules for many supplements containing gelatin, as well as the use of magnesium stearate as a filler.  I was so concerned about animals in my food that I forgot they were in my vitamins and herbs too!  Don't beat yourself up. 


Trader Joe's has vegan fruit-flavored calcium chews... haven't heard of a multi-v chew though...

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