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Organic produce, where are the best deals?

I have been going to Trader Joes and Henry's to get fruit, greens, etc...  I bought some org. peaches at Henry's for $1/pound once, but it is rare to see organic fruit for close to $1/pound.

Has anyone found other places in the San Diego area that consistently have reasonable prices for organic produce?


can you buy into a CSA? i'm really interested in doing this myself, have you checked that option out?


Yes.  I used to subscribe to Be Wise Ranch Organic Farm - which I highly recommend.  I am just not set up to handle the variety of produce and to be restricted by their delivery schedule.  From what I remember - it was heavy on vegetables and too little fruit.  The quality was awesome - so fresh.  And the variety - like the Russian kale - was my favorite.... and the strawberries were a treat.

I just ended up at the store supplementing it anyway - so I just stopped.

I don't know if it would work... but maybe this thread could also be used to post info on stores that are having a sale on a particular organic fruit or produce that week?  Because most of the ads I see are for non-organic produce.

I have been consistently getting org greens at Henry's and org carrots at Costco, but I have not figured out a good source for organic fruit and I generally have been buying non-organic because of that.  Also organic sweet and sometimes organic regular potatoes are a problem to find....


i dunno is the produce at those farmers market type things organic? you could check those out, i think they are open in different local places quite a few days a week... i live kinda close to you (like an hour north) so maybe SD has some farmers markets that would work with your schedule... i've never been to one though

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