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Oskri products ... I just discovered their great vegan coconut bars

After grazing on a salad, while omnis feasted on animal carcasses at a recent dinner event, I headed for a nearby convenience store to respond to my grumbling stomach.

There I picked up a Coconut Bar with Mango added by Oskri. Good stuff. Vegan.

Anyone try this or any product by Oskri?

Additional product information if interested:
Ingredients: Coconut, Rice Syrup, Mango
Serving Size: 1 bar    246 calories, 14 grams of fat

Ooo that sounds so good. What kind of store did you get them in? Health food store?


I got them at a convenience store at the ground floor of a hotel in Los Angeles. I was surprised, as it wasn't even a health food store. They were there in the same aisles with the Clif bars, and other energy bars and snacks.


I've wanted to try those bars! I've had their barley "coffee" which I really like. :)


All the coconut bars look good!  Another thing to add to my HFS shopping list. 

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