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playfood soy-free cheese alternative?

I am trying to find as many soy-free alternatives to my favorite things as possible. One of the most difficult is cheese. I found a company called Playfood on the Internets that seemed to be up and coming. But the most recent thing I found mentioning it is from 2008. And right now their web site is down. Did they go under? They seem perfect: soy-free cheese and cream cheese alternatives.

ive never tried it or seen it at any stores, i believe foodfight grocery in portland has a nacho bar thing that you can pump it onto your chips.  so maybe check their site to see if they sell it in packages as well.

have you checked out this thread?

theres tons of vegan cheese reviews to look thru.  have you tried tofutti cream cheese?  i think that stuff is great and it's pretty easy to find.


I wrote about play food on the dairy thread. Since you don't have a profile, az12345, I can't tell where you're from--but I can tell you that I always got the impression that play food was just sold in a few locations. I know that California and the Kansas City metro have it--hadn't heard about Oregon. So it could be that you're just not lucky enough to live in one of those locations.

However, I will also tell you that my local store (in KC) that has sold the stuff have been out of it recently, and I'm not sure why. I know the company's done some restructuring, so perhaps that has something to do with it. Or maybe it's just the economy that this one store is cutting back on some of the extra stuff like that. (It still carries tofutti.)

If by some chance you happen to be in KCMO, Eden Alley cafe uses it on tacos and in a veganized ultimate garlic grilled cheeze. YUM.

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