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I did some googling and found this too.  Apparently they once sent out a shipment of their producted contaminated with chlorine, and did nothing about it.  I also read about a contamination hoax, but this doesn't sound like it:

Is POM juice laced with sanitizers healthy for you?

I have been drinking POM pomegranate juice for some time – a year or more.

I buy the 16 oz bottles and then I started to buy the 46 oz glass bottles too – it was a better deal.

In late March 2006 I noticed the store that I frequent did not carry the 46 oz glass bottles. Then a 48 oz plastic bottle appeared the first week of April in the store that I frequent. So I bought some. When I drank it I got severely ill. It had the taste of some type of sanitizing chemical in it - CHLORINE.

I called the company in Los Angeles, CA and spoke to Darelee, Consumer Advocate and she told me that they were having a problem with the bottles coded 11 JUN, that cleaning solution was not poured out of the bottles during production, that in the past few days over 25 people have complained since late March early April, that everyone at corporate HQ tasted it and were fine and it will not hurt you, she did not know what the chemical was and to continue buying POM just do not but the 48 oz bottles coded 11 JUN.

A day later, Fiona, VP Corporate Communications called me and offered me coupons. I asked her what I drank? She said she did not know. I asked her what sanitizers they used in the production process – plumbing, holding tanks and bottles. She said she did not know. I asked her the name of the company that supplies POM with sanitizers. She said she did not know.

I have called Fiona several times and e-mailed her several times and she still says she does not know. Some VP of Corporate Communications. So I turned them into Poison Control, the FDA, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania and California and numerous other agencies.

The FDA is investigating POM.

I have an unopened bottle of that swell and I am currently having it tested by a lab. I am considering a legal remedy too.

My health and well-being were compromised due to the negligence of POM. They knew there was a problem and continued to sell their tainted juice when that swell should have been recalled.

Drink POM juice at the risk of your health!

Posted at 9:58PM on Jun 10th 2006 by Edward Guie


i read that peta article about a week ago...

the country invested enough money over a half a century ago to develop a way to split an atom in half and develop the atom bomb...

why, over a half a century after they developed a way to split an atom, can we not develop a way to test the affects/benefits of products without cutting open the head and picking the brain apart of baby mice?

glad to see the country has it's priorities straight  :-X


just out of interest, it was a NZer, Ernest Rutherford, who first split the atom  :)


thanks for the clarification!


just out of interest, it was a NZer, Ernest Rutherford, who first split the atom  :)


There's a lot of misinformation out there; Rutherford was not the first to split the atom, but, he was the first to split the nucleus of the atom.

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