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Protein Powders

Hiya Vegwebbers  :smileside:
I am looking into a proteien powder like vega, i tired vega and it just wasn't my thing. I also avoid the soy protein due issues with soy. I am not sure what to protein powders are good bysides soy , I am pretty new with the protein powders.

I saw their was a rice protein powder has anyone ever had this before ? Or what other options are their out their and how do they taste?

I am looking for a powder that I can mix into smoothies for workouts.

The rice protein I got was pretty chalky and noticeable in smoothies; I really didn't care for it. I don't remember the brand, but it was the only one at GNC. I've heard good things about hemp protein, though I haven't tried it yet myself. I've been using soy and spiru-tein (soy, pea, and rice protein combo I believe) lately, and like both of them.

I'd say give hemp a shot, there's quite a few to pick from on amazon if you can't find any in-store.


Sunwarrior Protein is Raw and Vegan. I love the taste of the vanilla. I haven't tried the chocolate or plain. It does use stevia as a sweetener. It blends easy in a shaker cup. It's made with sprouted brown rice and has an 83% protein ratio. I body-build so I need a good quality protein. It's a little pricy if you ask me but I haven't found anything vegan to compare.


My favorite is Hemp protein, I find it easier to digest than the others I have tried. Plus I've found that soy, rice and pea protein are chalky and don't taste particularly good. I mix it into smoothies with almond milk, banana, cinnamon, and berries.

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