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Rice Cooker

Mine always overflows! Basically, the water boils over and I have to lift the lid and stir. Plus the rice sticks to the sides and bottom and I have to soak it. Any ideas what is going wrong?

mine always works, maybe u r using too much water.


Yeah, I've had several different companies and never a problem.
Use the measure cup that comes with it and only add water to the correct line, ie if you use 2 scoops of water, only put in water up to the line that has '2'.  There's a lot less water needed when you use a rice cooker compared to stove cooking.  New users tend to fall back on what they're used to - stove top measurements.  :)

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Here are my tips for fool proof rice:

I would stay away from using the rice measure, or the lines on the rice pot... if you only use those and then lose the measure, then you won't know how to measure it with a regular one cup measure, also, the lines on the pots are sometimes difficult to read.

basmati rice is supposed to be fluffy and somewhat dry, always use a one to one ratio (1 cup rice to 1 cup water) plus maybe one or two tablespoons extra.
thai rice, jasmine rice and other shorter rices should be a little moister. In this case, I make it 1 cup rice to 1.5 water.
If you're making an unusual rice, or something like sushi rice, look at the package. In any case the ratio is almost always between 1:1 and 1:1.5.
ALWAYS rinse your rice before cooking!!! Two or three times in really cold water is usually fine. I just measure my rice into the cooker, fill with water, drain with my hand or the lid, and repeat.

With a rice cooker, you can check your rice about 15 minutes into the cooking time. If it has no more water and is still crunchy, add a half cup. if it is really soggy (some water, and already soft, take the lid off.) just DON'T stir it. just test a little off the top and don't disturb the rest. Soggy rice can be fixed by leaving it to "rest" after cooking (leave the rice cooker on warm, and take the lid off, and gently turning over with a rice paddle to release extra water). Dry rice can usually be solved by adding a little more water, and leaving the lid on. If you are cooking basmati or any other drier rice, take it off the warm setting immediately after it's done. The heat will dry and burn it.


The jasmine rice I buy in the 5 kg bag is always pretty "dusty" with millling starches, so I measure it, put it in a fine sieve and run it under the tap, stirring it around with my fingers, to wash. It's fast, less mess and fuss than the old hand-draining method. Then let it drip for a moment (I usually stand it over a big mug) and cook as normal.


if i was smart, i would have one of those, yabbit!! unfortunately, i'm not, so i always have to spend 5 minutes trying to keep it from falling into the sink... :S

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