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Ritter Sport Peppermint & Pfefferminz.....Disappointment...

I don't know why I do this but every time I visit Target or Fresh Market I look at their Ritter Sport Chocolate Bar options. I keep hearing wonderful reviews about the Peppermint one tasting like a York Peppermint pattie, oh how I've missed them....

I couldn't be more excited to see the Peppermint one at the Fresh Market :D.... I hold it in my hands in disbelief, even pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I turn the package over to skim the ingredients, and to my surprise, BUTTERFAT, is listed. :'( WHY! WHY! WHY!! When I checked the Ritter Sport site the Pfefferminz bar did not have butterfat... This whole switching of Ingredients from one country to the next is really getting annoying....

Just had to vent....

bummer  :-\ i hate when it's just ONE small ingredient that makes something not vegan. sigh.
theres a really great york-like peppermint patty recipe on here though! have you tried that?


That stinks.

I know the dark chocolate marzipan Ritter Sport is vegan. It is a constant temptation every time I go to the grocery store.


EatMoreGreens> I'm totally with you....

Ponycakes> Me too....I still can't believe it. I haven't tried the recipe yet, it's definitely on my to make list.

Wassernixe> I think the Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts is vegan as well and it's AWESOME!! So is the Marzipan one!!


I am pretty sure it is just a translation issue.  I just bought some from there with the same label, but when I checked it out on the web, that is not what it said.  I think they are vegan, and delicious.


I think I'm gonna email the company and get the truth....I'll report back with my findings...

There may be some hope yet......... :D


Just in case anyone is wondering....I have yet to receive a response from the company.... >:(


i found a vegan chocolate covered mint candy from the "Empress" company.. at least thats what the foil wrapper is printed with.  maybe thats the name of the candy.  anyway, i found em for like 10cents each at a store in atlanta but maybe they can be found elsewhere.  oh - and they taste like peppermint patties!


I forget what thread it was, but it was pointed out that the holiday Peppermint Crunch Jr. Mints are vegan (the regular ones aren't).  I saw them in the holiday section at Target. 


Propinecone & Humboldt> You have both made my day!!! I will be stopping by Target tomorrow!!! WOOHOO!!!!


Still have yet to receive a response from the company....I'm thinking it's a lost cause...

I did try the Jr Mint Peppermint Crunch and they are AWESOME!!! They so took care of my Peppermint Pattie craving!!!!



Finally got a response and here it is.....disappointing news.

Thank you very much for your email and your interest in our products.

Suitable varieties for vegans follow:

• Marzipan, Fine Extra Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate

However, we have to point out that for reasons of production, it is not 100% avoidable that milk-containing products remain in the production equipment and that therefore the smallest amounts of milk-containing products could be present in theoretically milk-free products.  We draw attention to this fact through labelling on the packaging that alerts of possible trace amounts of products.

Vegeterians can essentially use all of our varieties, since the only animal products that are added to the chocolate constitute of milk products.
Egg may also be contained in filling of filled chocolates (e.g. in chocolate with filling containing advocaat).

The nuts in our Dark Whole Hazelnuts variety are covered in the permissible glazing agent, shellac, from Kerria Laca insects. This impedes fat from settling on the surface of the chocolate.

We hope this information has helped you and remain at your disposal for any further enquiries.

Yours sincerely,
Mit freundlichen Grüßen 
i. A. Kathrin Hiegl

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