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Road's End Chreese Sauces

Has anyone had Road's End Chreese Sauce?

I buy their vegan mac and cheese--the kids ABCs cheddar version, because that alfredo one tastes like cardboard. the kids version is REALLY GOOD!

I know you can buy the kids cheddar chreese in bulk as a sauce, or "adult" cheddar chreese (or the cardboard aka alfredo flavor, if you insist) all at the above link.

has anyone tried the kids cheddar or the adult cheddar in bulk?

if so, how was it and can it be used to a variety of things like grilled cheese and as a sauce?

and is there a difference between the adult cheddar and kids cheddar?


We will use the Cheddar Chreese sauce on occasion. It really isn't too bad - I like the chreese sauce better than the mac and cheese, which I have found can be done a lot better using recipes on this site. I have made a grilled cheese or two with it... it can get kind of messy, but it's good nonetheless. It tastes great on some nice fries, too. It is fairly versatile when you're in a rush, or if you're looking to simplify what should be a quick dinner. I plan on drizzling some on our vegan tacos tonight.

Unfortunately, I have no clue what the difference is between the regular and "kidz" version is, as I've never seen the kidz version available at our local veg shop. I imagine the flavor wouldn't be as bold, to more closely mimic the cheese powder that's served with boxed meals. I get it for like 84 cents a pack or something, so you won't be out much if you don't like it. Give it a shot!


i tried it once for some mac and chesse and thought that it was pretty groovy. used it for a dip once too and that was also pretty groovy.

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