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Say, "Sheese!"

I was excited when I saw Wildwood yogurt at my HFS.  My cashier volunteered that it's a new product because a customer requested it.  I told her they should also carry Sheese and she said if I called a certain manager they'd stock it upon my request.

O, the excitement!

So - y'all have talked in the past about Sheese.  My HFS is likely to want just one variety, so what should I suggest?

RE: melting it looks like on the site they use the creamy cheese and sprinkle a tiny bit of the harder cheese on top.

I found sheese in germany for 3.99 (euro)!!! that's like 5.50! which is way cheaper than the $9 + shipping i was going to have to pay online.
I still have to drive crazy far to get it but i am excited to try it!


I went to my HFS last night and they finally had Sheese!  They only had the smoked cheddar flavor; so that's what I got.  Wow!  It's really good.  Great texture and flavor.  Really quite unbelievable.  The only problem I had is that the flavor is mild and doesn't really stand up well to crackers.  I ended up just eating it by itself.  But then, my favorite real cheese was extra sharp cheddar; so I like a strong flavor.


I was just given a few packages of Sheese so I've been trying some flavours out.  Here's my take on them:

Mozzarella Style - reminded me of the cement my orthodontist used to take a mold of my teeth.
Cheshire Style - Not bad on crackers.  Fantastic crumbled in a salad.
Blue Style - Better than Mozzarella, but still... blech.

I have 1 or 2 other flavours I haven't tried yet.  I'll report back when I do!



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